BTCClicks: Definition and Detailed Review

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Fancy getting money for watching adverts? That’s entirely possible with BTCClicks, but there’s more to it than just watching adverts and making money, as some aspects make it complicated and may waste time.

Before you consider joining the BTCClicks train, you’ll need to understand the definition and evaluate its worth.

1. What Is BTCClicks?

BTCClicks is a middleman website that pays people to click on and watch adverts that clients pay to put on the site. This type of website is known as a Paid-To-Click (PTC) site, which often pays in cryptocurrency. BTCClicks pay you in milliBitcoins, a fraction of a Bitcoin that people hope one day becomes worth something – more math on that in a moment.

BTCC is well known for its advertising service, but its company is incredibly mysterious, as no one knows who owns it. The only real information on the company is that it started in April 2013, and the website-associated IP address was in Panama.

Are They A Scam?

BTCClicks is quite a shady company, with which many people face payout problems, but they haven’t been deemed scammers because they surprisingly follow all laws and rules. Being paid in Bitcoin is also a bit of a challenge, and you should research your local laws so that you don’t get defrauded.

Another reason that contributes to not being a scam is that the website has been around for many years and hasn’t changed its name, which most fraudulent sites do. BTCC clicks would have been shut down long ago if they were scamsters, but alas, they pay out, albeit an incredibly minimal amount.


2. Does BTCClicks Really Pay?

For the most part, yes BTCClicks do pay their clickers, but it’s such a small amount that it will take forever to get anywhere worth your time watching mindless adverts. Of course, there might be a way for you to make a decent amount one day if Bitcoin’s value gets high enough.

The minimum BTCClicks withdrawal is 0.1 milliBitcoin, which will take a while to obtain, plus they deduct 1.5%. Every ad you watch has the value of Bitcoin you will earn, which is 0.00002 up to 0.00008 milliBitcoins. 1 milliBitcoin equals $23.83. This means that in 2023 you’re earning $0,0004766 to $0,0019064 per advert.

As you watch adverts, your wallet collects milliBitcoin, and once you reach 0.1 milliBitcoin, you can withdraw it and make $2.38 without the withdrawal fee included. Before you get to that point, there are countless adverts to watch, but it’s free money for mindless work.

There are reviews on Trustpilot from clickers claiming that they’ve had withdrawal problems, and sometimes all their earnings disappear. There is no real customer support to fix the problem, which is truly sad if you’ve spent hours face-to-face with adverts when you could have done so many other things.

As proof that BTCClicks is not a complete scam, there are many people who have been paid and are happy with the service, but spending your time with this company is truly at your own risk.

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Unfortunately, the bad outweighs the good regarding whether BTCClicks pays out, as 74% of people on Trustpilot have had their say, and many of them report that there are problems when it comes to withdrawing.

Getting Paid In Bitcoin From BTCClicks

You’ll need a Bitcoin wallet kept on your phone or computer. They are free to download. Once you’ve set the wallet up, you get a Bitcoin address, which is the information you give to the site so they can pay out.

You can use the following platforms:

3. How Does It Work?

You’ll need to create an account with BTCClicks, and verify your profile via email, then all you need to do is log in. You’ll get to a dashboard where all the ads are available, and as you watch, you earn. You get a limited number of adverts every day. Every advertisement range from 10 seconds to 200 seconds or more.

On the dashboard, you click on the advert, it will pop up a new tab, and there will be a loading sign on the top left counting how long you need to watch for. As the timer finishes, a small Captcha will need to get filled in. You can then close the ad tab and click the upload button on the BTCClicks browser, which uploads your earnings automatically.

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How To Sign Up

Signing up is incredibly simple; all you need to do is fill in the requested details on the signup page and verify your email. Then, you’re ready to spend some one-on-one time with a bunch of adverts, clicking your way up to a Bitcoin.

Once you’ve made your account, you can start a membership that you pay in milliBitcoins, doubling your rewards for watching adverts and increasing payment for successful referrals who click.


If you want to use BTCClicks on your phone, you’ll need to access their website on a browser because they don’t have an app. Luckily their site is mobile optimized so that you can watch adverts on the go.


4. BTCClicks Pros And Cons

There are good and bad aspects to any online earning site, and BTCClicks is no different. Some people are huge fans of PTC sites in general, while others turn up their noses in disgust. This advert platform works beautifully for advertisers, as no matter what they put out in the world, someone will see it, but what about the people who click?

PTC fans like BTCClicks because it is simple to use thanks to a well-planned interface, and they don’t run into any bugs or issues. They’re happy to spend their time racking up the fractions in hopes of mega-bucks someday. There are people who’ve been with BTCClicks for years and don’t have anything bad to say.

On the other hand, there are many complaints from people who don’t understand the platform well and think the word Bitcoin automatically means lots of money. Still, sadly milliBitcoin is not all that grand for the wallet unless some divine miracle takes this cryptocurrency that’s based on nothing and transforms it into millions worth of dollars.

If that miracle happens, which hopefully it does, no one will laugh at the tedious task of watching ads and wish they had done the same. There might be more chances of Bitcoin gaining traction than it is for a person to win the lotto.



  • There are many positive things to say about BTCClicks compared to its competitors. The first one is the easy-to-use website, which doesn’t take much learning to understand how the interface works. A great feature is that it quickly collects milliBitcoin onto your profile. The site is easy to navigate, and you won’t struggle to find what you’re looking for.
  • BTCClicks does have a membership package, but it isn’t necessary for you to earn milliBitcoin, which means that you can experience gaining fractions for free because there are no signup costs nor website running fees to be a clicker. All BTCClicks’ money comes from advertisement clients, which they use to pay their clickers.
  • The company has been around for a very long time and won’t be going away anytime soon, so that builds a level of trust that other PTC sites cannot offer, which most of them are scams anyway. As this article has shown earlier, you can trust that BTCClicks is not a scam, but payment isn’t always guaranteed due to a buggy system.
  • One positive is that their membership allows you to double your earnings to make Bitcoins faster. If you plan on spending many hours watching adverts, a membership that doubles your efforts is worth looking at.
pros and cons


  • The first con about BTCClicks is that the earning potential is horribly minuscule. You literally earn thousandths of an actual Bitcoin, and it takes a lot more time and effort than you think to make decent earnings.
  • They only pay in Bitcoin, so not everyone can benefit.
  • The reviews prove that BTCClicks often has problems when people try to withdraw their Bitcoins. Sometimes they just vanish into thin air, meaning precious time gets wasted, which is incredibly disappointing for someone who went through one heck of an effort before they could even make it to the minimum withdrawal. Just note that some people try to withdraw too early.
  • Another issue is that sometimes BTCClicks sporadically deactivates an account by mistake. Sometimes they, seemingly on purpose, block accounts when the payment is requested. Yes, everyone makes mistakes, and they did rectify their errors after their system went rogue one time, but it creates a lot of stress which is a negative worth noting.
  • The other issue is that there is no proper support center when things go wrong. The company has no transparency, and no one truly knows how their management functions. They often leave their clickers lost and bewildered in a time of need, which is not fun and creates further distrust.
  • Clickers must watch out for potential threats to their computer, and have a strong firewall, because the ads they click into may stream in some hackers or system bugs. Avoid accepting ad cookies as much as possible, and scan your laptop or PC for viruses regularly.
  • The last negative on the list is that BTCClicks limits the number of adverts you can watch daily, which means that your earning potential is capped. It’s a silly strategy because people earn so little from the ads already that they deserve the opportunity to expand their earnings.
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5. How Much Does It Cost?

You can live your life without paying a cent to BTCClicks and still rake in milliBitcoins, but they do have a membership option. Buying a membership means you need to fork out some milliBitcoin to pay for the benefits.

The only addition that a paid experience gives you is double earnings from watching ads and referrals. A great feature would have been extra ads to watch, but unfortunately, that’s not in the cards.

btcclicks how much does it cost

The prices for membership are:

  • 90 days for 0.81 milliBitcoins.
  • 180 days for 1.62 milliBitcoins.
  • 360 days for 2.592 milliBitcoins

Spending more money to earn more isn’t the most genius idea when gaining Bitcoin, but it does help if you devote many hours to BTCClicks. Getting a decent income might take a few years, but a double-up will help you get there sooner.

Now, the true cost here is the time you spend earning milliBitcoin. If you had to do some math, here is a hypothetical scenario:

You manage to watch ads all for 0.00008 milliBitcoin, and your goal is to get 1 milliBitcoin. It will take 12500 adverts to get there! Imagine each one was 30 seconds long… that equals 104 hours and 10 minutes for a measly $23.83 worth of Bitcoin. Sure, if it becomes worth a lot more by divine luck, it would be fabulous, but you can’t quit your day job by watching adverts.

Coming up next is the passive way to earn milliBitcoins from BTCClicks, but unfortunately, it won’t be enough for a trip to the Bahamas. However, combining the two maximizes earnings, and with other Bitcoin streams, you will be better off than watching 12500 adverts.

Standard and Premium Membership Benefits

6. Other Ways To Earn In BTCClicks

BTCClicks isn’t only about watching adverts! They have a referral system that allows you to earn passive milliBitcoin on other people’s clicks. You can make a mission of your own referrals using friends and social media, but many people see it as a scam and won’t bother even opening the link, which means zero money earned.

Even if they do click through, they need to watch ads for you to get a kickback. Since your friends and family aren’t always your best option, BTCClicks allow you to rent referrals that can increase your Bitcoin. For rented referrals, they must watch 15 adverts in 5 days for you to earn anything.

Renting comes at the risk of costing more money than it brings in, as rented referrals don’t always work out. BTCClicks have a calculator on their site to help you determine how much you’ll make if all goes well. Make sure to input realistic data, as not all rented referrals will click. All referrals who watch ads leave you with 18% of what they earned.

7. Other Platforms To Earn Free Bitcoins

Now that you know how tedious BTCClicks can be for minimal rewards, you can have a look at some other options you can use in conjunction or instead. These options will help you rake in more Bitcoin for a decent payout beyond what BTCClicks offers.

btcclicks earn free bitcoins

1. Pionex

Pionex is a trading site that will help you earn more Bitcoin. It uses a trading bot to help those unfamiliar with how trading works and who don’t have the time to watch the market 24/7. The stats are that bots have been able to convert 85.17% APR in Bitcoin.

Trading Bitcoin is a great way to get the ball rolling and a fast way to earn more for not doing much. It has 16 free trading bots to get you started.

2. is a wonderful, trustworthy website that can pay you in Bitcoin for taking surveys and taking part in contests. The interface will take a bit of getting used to, but the earning potential is useful and will take you way less time.

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You can also get paid in other ways than just Bitcoin, including PayPal, Skrill, and Wise. You’ll need to earn $30 to withdraw in Bitcoin, which may take some time, but the rewards are still better than BTCClicks.

3. Pawns And Honeygain

Do you want to earn Bitcoin passively? Pawns give you free money for simply downloading the app. Pawns provide you with cash for using your unused internet bandwidth, so if you have unlimited internet, and bandwidth to spare, you can earn money by letting Pawns use it. Honeygain is another website that does the same.

Depending on your country, Pawns has surveys to earn more. Whichever way you gain from these passive sites, BTCClicks takes so much more effort when you could be doing absolutely nothing and raking in Bitcoin thanks to Pawns or Honeygain.


If you’re looking for the quickest way to earn free Bitcoin, Freecash will be your go-to. They work with other cryptocurrencies too. The website is easy to use, and there are multiple ways to earn, such as completing surveys, signing up on websites, playing games, and other small tasks. Freecash is so much better than spending hours watching adverts!

The other benefit of Freecash is that it doesn’t end at crypto! You can get paid out in cash via PayPal, gift cards for things like Amazon, and video game benefits like skins for Fortnite. The diversity and speedy earnings on Freecash are worth looking at.

5. Idle-Empire

Another survey site that pays in Bitcoin and other crypto is Idle-Empire. If you are set on watching videos to earn, you can do that too, but at a much higher payout rate, along with other small tasks. You can withdraw when you’ve reached $0.10, which won’t take you too long.

6. Cointiply

Another easy way to earn is through Cointiply. You have the option of playing games, completing surveys, watching adverts, and through crypto mining. They also have the amazing feature of earning interest once you’ve reached the $5 mark – who doesn’t love passive earning?

7. Timebucks

Timebucks have the typical earning method of surveys, adverts, and games, but they also pay you to follow people on social media and watch video content. This legitimate site has a sweet referral bonus if you can get friends and family to join.

Besides being a faster and more entertaining way to earn Bitcoin than BTCClicks, you can also enjoy withdrawing in other currencies, including other cryptocurrencies.

8. GrabPoints

People in most countries can join GrabPoints to earn some free Bitcoin. Grabpoints pays pretty well for surveys, ad watching, app downloads, and other small tasks and offers compared to other sites. Their payout threshold is $10, but that will happen sooner than you think. Note that Bitcoin from Grabpoints is not available in all countries.

9. RealPoker

Playing online poker might not be considered a free way to earn Bitcoin, but with RealPoker, you get 0.0015 Bitcoin upon signup and often have free rewards when you play. Gambling Bitcoin is the same as any normal gambling, but you’ll surely be smiling if you win a decent amount from a good payout.

There are other Bitcoin gambling sites out there, so if you’re willing to take the risk, you’ll earn quickly. Although gambling isn’t a foolproof way to get Bitcoin, and you lose some along the way, the time it takes to actually get somewhere is miles better than watching 12500 adverts.

Wrap Up

BTTClicks is a simple way to earn Bitcoin for free by watching adverts and making a commission off referrals. The company is anonymous, and no one truly knows how they work, but they aren’t a scam, even if some people have had a negative experience. You’ll need a minimum of 0.1 milliBitcoin before you can cash out, and it will take quite some time to get there.

The pros of BCC clicks are that they’re easy to use, and there is a membership that can double your earnings, but it will take you years before you can say you’ve earned a decent amount through ad-watching and referrals. There are many other faster ways to earn Bitcoin, so you might want to skip BTCClicks for something that pays more for less time.




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