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10 Easy Ways To Earn Money Reading Emails

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Plenty of sites exist that could help stay-at-home parents, people in-between jobs, and anyone looking to make extra cash. The straightforward way to do so is to earn money while you read emails.

Here’s our 5-step guide to doing it and 10 sites to help you get started.

The 10 best websites to earn money reading emails:

How To Get Paid To Read Emails

1. Create A Work Email

You must create a new email account to earn money reading emails. That way, you can stop working anytime you want.

Imagine what would happen if you start registering on sites with your real inbox. It’d be flooded with emails until the end of time!

Make your new email sound as legitimate as possible. Use your real name if possible (or a pseudonym if you want), but make sure it looks like the real thing unless you want some sites to reject you.

Use a well-known domain like Gmail or Outlook for this side hustle. That’ll speed things up.

2. Do Your Research (Take Your Time!)

A quick google search will show you there are countless sites that promise you hundreds of dollars for reading emails. Those sites are probably scams.

There are tons of websites that’ll use predatory tactics to take money away from you instead of helping you to make it.

How can you find the best sites to get money by reading emails? Do your research! We’ll point you in the right direction by showing you 10 of the best sites we have found so far, though you can continue looking for more places to make cash this way once you understand how this opportunity works.

3. Sign Up To One Site At A Time (At First)

It’s easy to lose your mind when you start getting one too many emails. We recommend taking it slow at first. You probably want to make as much money as possible as soon as possible, but that’d be unlikely unless you learn the ropes first.

So, what should you do to start getting money by reading emails? Do your research, then look for the best site to register. It doesn’t have to be the best objectively, though it has to be the one you like the most.

Wait for a few emails, read them, and see if you have any questions. Register on another site and do the same. Register on all sites you want after a week, but always do a little research before doing so.

4. Turn Your Email Notifications On

We highly recommend turning your notifications on to make as much money as possible.

Doing so may make your phone buzz a lot more than usual, but you can turn the sound of email notifications off. That way, you can check the notification center for emails instead of having your phone drive you crazy.

You can also choose a specific time to you sit down and read emails on your computer. Keep in mind you won’t make as much money as you would by reading emails on your phone in your spare time.

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We believe it’s better to read emails five- or ten-minutes multiple times per day than one hour a day.

5. Make The Most Out Of Referrals

Another way you can make money by reading emails is to have friends and family do the same. We don’t want you to pay them to read the emails websites will send you! Instead, use the referral code most (if not all) websites have for people to register.

You’ll get money when someone registers using your referral code. That means you’ll get an extra $5 or $10 every time uses your code. You won’t get money right away, though.

The people that register using the link you give them probably has to read a fair number of emails before you get your referral payment, but it’s a nice way to boost your income.

10 Sites That Really Pay To Read Emails

1. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is one of the most popular sites to make money online. They pay you to read emails, complete surveys, play games, and a few more things. It’s so popular countless people have written about how to earn more money on this platform.

It’s a great place to start earning money by reading emails, so feel free to register here if you’re taking your first steps. Keep in mind you need a PayPal account to cash out.

2. InboxPays

InboxPays is a simple website that pays you to read emails. It doesn’t do much else, unlike other sites that may pay you to watch videos or shop with them. It’s a great starter site because of that.

You can read the emails InboxPays sends your way, accumulate $25, and cash out via PayPal. It’s as straightforward as that!

3. InboxPounds

Do you live in the UK? The guys that created InboxDollars decided to give you a special treat and founded InboxPounds. It’s the same site but for British people, and, as you can guess, it pays out in pounds rather than US dollars.

You can use this site to read emails and cash out your hard-earned pounds to your PayPal account soon after.

4. MyPoints

MyPoints pays you to read emails, complete surveys, and watch ads. You can get your money via PayPal, gift cards, and on a VISA card. They offer more payment methods than the average site.

What’s the best part about MyPoints? They give you a $10 VISA or $10 Amazon card as soon as you sign up.

5. Paid To Read Email

You can guess what Paid To Read Email is by reading the name alone. They’ll give you a $3 signup bonus, so you can get a headstart making money.

This website will also pay you quickly. You request payment, and they’ll send it your way in less than 24 hours. Few sites on this list have that feature. This site also offers surveys you can do to earn extra cash too.

6. Swagbucks

This website is the go-to place for most side hustlers to start. It’s among the most popular, ensuring a straightforward experience from reading emails to spending your hard-earned money.

Swagbucks pays you to read emails as well as do other things, such as completing surveys and watching videos. You’ll get $5 for signing up right from the get go.

Unfortunately, Swagbucks allows you to receive payment via PayPal alone. You can also use your points to redeem gift cards and work around the PayPal obstacle.

7. Quick Paid Surveys

This site will pay you to read emails and, as you can guess by reading their name, complete surveys. They have a $15 minimum payout requirement, but they pay $0.5 to $1 per survey completed, so you can quickly get there and cash out.

What’s the best part about Quick Paid Surveys? They take less than a day to process your payment. You make money, request a payout, and get paid how you want to in less than 24 hours.

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8. QuickRewards

QuickRewards offers you the opportunity to get paid by reading emails and doing other tasks, such as completing surveys, playing games, and more.

What’s the best part about QuickRewards? There’s no payout minimum. That means you can cash out as little as one cent ($0.01) if you want to. We don’t recommend cashing out every time you get one cent to your name, but it’s always great to see websites pay their dues whenever users want them to.

The bad part, however, is that they only accept PayPal to cash out, which is far from the best option.

9. Uniqpaid

This website will pay you money for reading emails and completing other tasks, such as completing surveys. It’s not a bad place to make a little extra at the end of the month by doing simple tasks.

The best part about Uniqpaid is that they have a lot of payout options, such as PayPal, Bitcoin, and VISA, among others. That means this website is open to international gig workers too! It’s a great choice if you already registered at a couple of sites, though we don’t recommend starting here.

10. Unique Rewards

Unique Rewards is a tough nut to crack. They have an insanely high minimum payout requirement at $50, but they offer plenty of ways you can reach that number, though most of those options have nothing to do with reading emails.

For example, they pay you a $5 sign up bonus and another $5 every time someone uses your referral code. They also offer surveys, games, and other paid opportunities, and you may get up to $50 cashback after making purchases through links they send. You can game their system, but it may take too much effort.

Other Pay-To-Read Emails Sites You Should Not Visit

1. MyPoints (They Make You Purchase Products)

Are you looking to make money by reading emails? Then that’s what you should do! You read emails, you get paid, and you carry on with your day. However, that’s not how the people at MyPoints like to do business.

Sure, they’ll send you emails, and eventually, you’ll get paid, but you’ll get problems in between those two scenarios! They send emails with offers and discounts and expect you to purchase the products they market if you want to earn cash.

In other words, you won’t get paid to read emails but to pick the best discounts (and spend your hard-earned money there).

2. EmailCashPro (Designed For Users To Fail)

EmailCashPro is a legit site that works like a scam. It checks all the right boxes. They pay you per email read, they have proof of payment, and they are crystal clear about their payment guidelines.

The problem is the payment guidelines themselves. This website pays one cent ($0.01) every time you read an email, but you need to collect $11 before you cash out. The biggest roadblock to that $11 figure is that they send three emails per day at best.

So, in other words, it’ll take you a year to cash out $11 using this site.

3. Cash4Offers (It Comes With An Impossible Payout Rate)

Cash4Offers follows the same strategy as EmailCashPro. They provide you with crystal clear guidelines and an impossible payout policy. You haven’t seen anything if you think an $11 minimum at $0.03 per day is bad.

Cash4Offers has a whooping $35 minimum payout requirement, and they send fewer emails than the option listed above. At a maximum of 2 emails per day, it’ll take you at least four years to meet their payout minimum because they pay anywhere from $0.001 to $0.01 per email.

You could read a few books and get a college degree instead of reading emails and getting $35 in that timeframe.

4. Inbox2Cash (Most Likely To Be A Scam)

We have told you to do your research before you sign up to a website, and we have done the same before writing this article. After reading a fair number of reviews, we can tell you Inbox2Cash looks like nothing you want to do business with.

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They promise to pay up to $0.004 per email read and have a reasonable $5 minimum payout requirement, but most reviews claim this website will stop sending you emails as soon as you’re anywhere near cashing out. In other words, you’ll get to $3 or $4 and never hear from them again.

5. FusionCash (Worst Reviews)

FusionCash either has the worst business model possible or is in desperate need of a PR team. Most reviews about them are negative, and most users agree you should close your browser if you happen to visit this site by mistake.

They have a pretty high $25 payout minimum requirement and give you 180 days before your points expire.

In other words, they allow you to read emails in exchange for points, then change those points to cash. However, if you don’t have enough points to cash out after 180 days, you go back to zero. It’s far from a user-friendly experience and close to a scam.


Can It Be A Substitute For A 9-5 Job?

Earning money while you read emails will never replace your 9-to-5 job. It’d be awesome to make enough to pay the bills that way, but chances are that will be forever a pipedream unless you can live with less than $100 per month.

You’ll get a couple of cents every time you open an email. You won’t be making a lot unless you’re opening thousands of them every day. Is it possible to receive that many emails? Yes, it is. Will that happen? Truth be told, you probably won’t get a single day like that.

Why Do Companies Pay You For Reading Emails?

A handful of websites pay people to read emails for several reasons, including clicking on ads and helping with market research. There are dishonest sites too.

Every time you click on an ad, the company that sent you an email gets paid. They give you a cut of their profits for your efforts. Marketing companies will pay for each survey you complete (so they can better improve their marketing efforts), and you get a cut for helping.

Last but not least, certain websites use predatory tactics to scam people out of their money. They promise huge return rates for reading emails, but they’re hoping you pay them to do so directly or indirectly (e.g., they won’t give you any money unless you purchase something from the emails you get, thus losing money for your effort).

How Much Money Can You Make From Reading Emails?

You can expect to make 1 to 10 cents ($0.01 to $0.10) for every email you read. It’s not a huge payout, but you can make beer money each month without much effort this way.

Most people make anywhere from $10 to $100 monthly, though you’ll probably make $20 to $50 most months.

We’ve explained above that reading emails will not replace your job. This opportunity is a side hustle at best. In other words, you can read emails in your free time to pay for a hobby, but it won’t pay your rent.

Wrap Up

There are plenty of sites that’ll pay you to read emails, and getting started it’s easier than it sounds. It’s a simple, straightforward way of earning beer money, though you shouldn’t expect it to replace your day job. It’s a good side hustle to do during your free time.


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