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Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth 2023 + Facts And Bio

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He is one of the most profound people teaching financial management and has shown that it has worked throughout his life. Robert Kiyosaki is a millionaire, and even though he had it tough, he stuck to his principles and came out on top.

Robert Kiyosaki is a multi-millionaire with a net worth of $100 million. He is an expert advisor in financial knowledge on how to get to a place where your money works for you. He owns many real estate, businesses, and resources and is a successful author.

Robert Kiyosaki is an icon in the financial world, and whether you have heard his name before or not, most people know his top-selling book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad. So what is Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth, and how did he generate this sum?

Robert Kiyosaki’s Net Worth in 2023

Not many people can say they have a net worth of $100 million. Robert Kiyosaki, on the other hand, is one of them. His net worth shows that he is passionate about business and knows the tricks to get rich. Although he had endured many difficult times, he has never given up and risen to the top each time.

He owns two significant companies, Rich Global LLC and Rich Dad Companies. Apart from his businesses, he invests in real estate and natural resources like silver and gold. He is also a fan of Bitcoin. As a 75-year-old, he had great success in his lifetime, and his net worth shows it.

Robert Kiyosaki’s Bio

Robert Kiyosaki is an American citizen, born in Hilo, Hawaii, on the 8th of April 1947. He went to school in Hilo and graduated in 1965. After that, he became a Navy Seal for the U.S. and participated in the Vietnam War.

He got an MBA from Hilo college after his Marine service. He said being part of the Marines gave him the character and endurance to continue his entrepreneurial quests later in life.

We don’t know much about his family life except that he married his college sweetheart and has no children. His wife, Kim Kiyosaki, is also a successful investor and entrepreneur with a net worth of $40 million.

Together they discovered the secret to getting a passive income from investments and real estate. They own multiple golf courses, houses, hotels, silver and gold mines, oil drilling companies, and other businesses.

Full NameRobert Toru Kiyosaki
Birth DateOn the 8th of April, 1947
Birth PlaceHilo, Hawaii
ParentsRalph H. Kiyosaki and Margorie O. Kiyosaki
SiblingsEmi Kiyosaki, Beth Kiyosaki, and Jon Kiyosaki
Graduated High School1965
U.S. Marine in the Vietnam War1972 to 1973
First business “Ripper”1977
MarriedKim Kiyosaki, 1985
First book release1993
Launched Cashflow Technologies Inc.1997
The most famous book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, he released 1997
ProfessionInvestor, motivational speaker, financial educator, and author.
Net worth in 2023$100 000 000
Monthly income$1 500 000

Robert Kiyosaki’s Way of Life

robert kiyosaki net worth

He started his first venture in 1977 with Velcro wallets. These were new at the time, and although he managed initially, the company called “Rippers” soon went bankrupt.

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The bankruptcy did not stop him from pursuing his passion, and in 1980, he started a new brand where he sold rock band-branded products for which he got licenses. Unfortunately, this business, too, went bankrupt.

After trying to sell merchandise, he quickly realized he should focus on his love for education around business instead. After working for Xerox as a salesperson, he got the confidence he needed to start his first successful endeavor in the business education front in 1985.

The accelerated learning institute focused on educating interested students on social behavior. He sold the successful company in 1994. He found his passion and destiny and started writing books that would lead him to a booming net worth.

His first book, “If You Want to be Rich and Happy, don’t Go to School,” took the media by storm as the unconventional title had people wondering what it was about. In this book, he took on his dad, who had a Ph.D. and still died poor and unsuccessful in providing for his family.

This book was the fire that ignited a new world for Robert Kiyosaki. He started a business named “Cashflow,” which provided children and young adults with a board game and later software game for better managing their finances. This business went on to own the later famous brand “Rich Dad.”

He became a famous author when he sole-authored his “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book in 1997. The book tells a story about two dads’ lives, a wealthy entrepreneur dad and a poor dad like his father with a high degree but no sustainable income to provide for his family.

Shortly after the release of this book, he signed with professional publishers. He went to the top ranks of New York’s Bestseller list and stayed on this list for six years in a row. Since its release, it has sold over 40 million copies. In addition, the book has been translated into more than 50 languages.

Since this book, he became the brand “Rich Dad,” and everything pointed to this. Book names, motivational talks, and they even sell franchises for these Rich Dad talks worldwide. He also released follow-up books for Rich Dad Poor Dad; many have the book series as a guideline to help them manage their finances and businesses.

Many people claim that his books, now over 30 books he has written, help them simplify business and understand the concept. He co-authored a few books with Donald Trump and funded his presidential campaign in 2016. These two look eye to eye when it comes to business management.

What Is His Monthly Income?

It is pretty difficult to sum up Robert Kiyosaki’s monthly income as he states in most of his teachings that you should get to a place where you don’t work a 9 to 5 and earn a salary. However, we can look at all his assets and determine a rough monthly income.

Watch this short video of Robert explaining the top 4 assets to invest in for success.

Regarding real estate, we can see that Robert practices what he preaches, as he has over 8000 properties. His best advice is to invest in real estate, which is precisely what he does. Robert uses a tactic where he investigates areas for potential. If an area expands, he invests there, as the job opportunities and renters will increase.

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Another way he makes money through investments is by investing in businesses and natural resources like oil, silver, and gold. He also believes in cryptocurrency. Although he cannot predict its actual value in the future, it performs better than the dollar.

Apart from his investments, he sells his “Rich Dad” brand franchises, bringing in a monthly passive income. In addition, his website sells products such as Cashflow clubs and books, talks, and teachings in your area where you can go and experience his lessons, and merchandise. These bring in a considerable amount of profit.

Furthermore, the world sees him as a celebrity. He gets invited to talk on television and on financial and social shows to help regular people manage their finances.

Robert believes in giving to charities and areas in need. He once said that giving away money will help you get money. Robert is not rich because he keeps all his money to himself. In addition to donations, he has a 10% charity giveaway on the income of his Cash Flow game, which is pretty steep.

From all these business ventures, it is sure to say that he earns $1.5 to $2 million per month. Of course, the amount is not precisely known, but it is possible, knowing that he has over 8000 pieces of real estate.

He teaches about living on the fast track, where rich people live and have extravagant lives without working for their money. This teaching shows that he might have mansions he lives in and expensive cars he drives because he can.

Yet, we know he had a beautiful 4 room house in Oahu on the beach that he bought for around $2 million, upgraded and lived in it, and put on the market in 2022 for about $7 million.

He is not shy about the fact that he likes sports cars. He owns many cars, with a yellow Ferrari, Porche 911, Lamborghini, and McLaren being part of his car collection. His wife loves cars as well and owns a few cars of her own.

Kiyosaki’s Best Work

Robert Kiyosaki had many successes, but some stand out and are primarily responsible for his popularity and net worth today.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Series

Robert Kiyosaki’s best work would be his Rich Dad Poor Dad book he released in 1997. Although he was already successful, this was the starting point for hitting global markets for years. Twenty-six years later, he built almost everything his brand is about on that specific book.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is the perspective of a rich dad regarding that of a poor dad and how their thoughts and deeds lead to financial success or failure.

The rich dad character was initially unknown, but later it came to be that Robert’s school friend’s dad was the inspiration for the rich dad character. He learned many lessons about how to make money passively and make your money work for you.

The poor dad resembles Robert’s dad. He was clever, a lecturer, got high degrees, and earned a monthly salary. Nevertheless, he sees his dad as poor, having to work for his money and having insufficient funds to provide for his family.

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The moral of the story shows that even if you have all the best grades in school and all the certificates, that does not mean you have the financial intelligence to make your money work for you.

Although he brought out many other books and co-authored unique and insightful books, it all came from the exposure of that second book he ever wrote. The book was so successful that he even wrote a series on it.

  • Book 1: Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • Book 2: Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing
  • Book 3: Rich Dad’s Retire Young, Retire Rich
  • Book 4: The Business School for People Who Like Helping People
  • Book 5: Rich Dad’s Who Took My Money?
  • Book 6: Rich Dad, Poor Dad for Teens
  • Book 7: Rich Dad’s Prophesy
  • Book 8: Rich Dad’s Before You Quit Your Job
  • Book 9: Rich Dad’s Increase Your Financial I.Q.
  • Book 10: Rich Dad’s Success Stories
  • Book 11: Rich Dad’s Rich Kid, Smart Kid
  • Book 12: Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant
  • Book 13: Rich Dad’s Guide To Becoming Rich Without Cutting Up Your Credit Cards

Social Media Responses

Apart from his books, his podcasts, YouTube channel, and motivational talks are equally impressive and helpful for those listening to and attending them. He has a way of making business concepts fun and easier to grasp.

He appeared on many T.V. and radio shows that boosted his brand and made him known worldwide. He spoke on many broadcasting stations and hosted his own T.V. show, “Rich Dad’s Guide To Wealth with Robert Kiyosaki,” advising on how to get to the fast track without getting high degrees.

He appeared on various live shows such as Fox and Friends, Larry King Live, The Alex Jones Show, Glenn Beck, The O’Reilly Factor, Your World with Neil Cavuto, and the one and only Oprah Winfrey Show. In addition, Oprah significantly boosted his Rich Man Poor Man book, increasing the sell rate after the show.

Robert starred on financial advising shows and business networks such as Fox Business and CNBC. In addition, he was featured in a magazine article with Time magazine. He shared the “Jetset” magazine cover with his wife in 2011.

The Cashflow Board Game

The third best thing that Robert Kiyosaki invented, which made his net worth today, was his Chashflow Technologies Inc. board game release. Robert and his wife decided to create a game in 1994 that can teach kids and people how to manage their finances.

The game differs significantly from monopoly, with two tracks on the board. The one called “the rat race” signifies the ongoing job, home, and kids cycle most people follow daily. Then, the second track is the “fast track,” where rich people usually end up. Another part of the game is the financial statement template each player has.

The game tries to put the most boring subject of all time, accounting, together with the scariest part of business, investing. However, the game helps make it fun and teaches the players how to marry the two for success. He recommends that you play it repeatedly, as making mistakes help you learn and, as a result, helps you with practical applications in your finances.


Robert and his wife solemnly believe that you should make your money work for you and not the other way around. With an impressive net worth of $100 million, we can learn a financial trick or two from them.


robert kiyosaki net worth


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