Does Feetify Still Pay Money In 2023? (Full Review)

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One little piggy went to market; the next little piggy stayed home – the smart little piggy posted some feet photos on Feetify and made some extra cash! Whether you have gorgeous feet or love looking at beautiful feet, we have rounded up all the information you need to use this popular site to sell feet pics or enjoy the offerings confidently.

Feetify is a legitimate website where sellers can earn cash for pictures or videos featuring feet. Members must be over 18, and sign-up is free. Premium membership allows buyers and sellers to communicate freely but still stay anonymous. Feetify has received mostly positive reviews so far.

Type anything related to ‘feet’ into your search engine, and you are sure to come up with Feetify near the top of your results. If the thought of earning money by posting photos of your own feet sounds too good to be true, read on!

Everything You Need To Know About Feetify


With a rapidly growing membership of over 285 000 active, feet-loving members, you may, quite literally, be standing on a great way to earn some extra cash. Although Feetify has only been around since 2019, it turns out that there are plenty of highly appreciative feet fans who are more than willing to pay to receive images of beautiful feet.

While Feetify sounds a little kinky to some, it is not only a playground for people with a foot fetish but also a valuable resource for agencies needing gorgeous feet pics. The site has strict guidelines and offers foot connoisseurs a plethora of high-quality images from willing sellers who know how to market their feet.

Is Feetify Legit Or Not?

It may come as a surprise for many to find that Feetify is 100% legit. Feet models (both female and male, although most of the featured sellers’ feet pics we saw were feminine) are making real money, and there seems to be no shortage of appreciative foot fans.

Reviews of Feetify on Trustpilot are overwhelmingly positive. Out of 324 reviews, Feetify received an overall rating of 4.4 which is excellent. Buyers and sellers that have reviewed the platform indicated that it is legit.

The most commonly received negative feedback is about the Premium membership fee. Some sellers felt that the outlay was too high upfront. Although Feetify lets anyone join up for free, and sellers can start posting high-quality pics of their feet immediately, receiving private messages from potential buyers and being unable to access them can be frustrating.

There is enough freedom for sellers and buyers to enjoy privacy and have fun sharing while keeping everyone as safe and anonymous as they wish to be.

The platform may not offer free members the same perks as those who sign-up for a premium membership. But for serious sellers who actively post and follow up with customers, the potential income will soon exceed the initial sign-up fee.

Signing up and paying the premium membership fee may feel a little scammy for sellers. Realistically, unless members are committed to posting quality pics regularly, Feetify may not be worthwhile. However, it does offer a safe way for committed foot models to get exposure and market their assets.

Feetify does not guarantee that members who post pictures will sell any of them, so the best way to approach this platform, like any other, is cautiously. Familiarize yourself with the free version, practice taking and posting sample pics, and go from there once you feel confident.

What Is Feetify?


Selling feet pics is nothing new. Feetify has simply managed to channel a scattered market and placed everything foot-related under one convenient umbrella for everyone. They are not alone, and competition to entice sellers and buyers is fierce.

Whether you are a shoe company searching for new foot models, need stock pics, or are someone who really loves seeing naked feet, you can find it all on Feetify. It is a safe platform where people willing to sell photos and videos of their beautiful feet can meet up with buyers – regardless of their motivation.

Feetify is a one-stop foot website that gives sellers the protection to post and sell their feet pics confidently. Money is exchanged through the platform, so there isn’t any possibility of strangers phishing to get access to your accounts or personal information.

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How Does Feetify Work?


Think of Feetify as a highway between willing buyers and sellers. It allows both parties to remain completely anonymous, which is a massive safety net for anyone blessed with beautiful, sexy feet but who feels uncomfortable selling their pics privately.

Once you realize that beautiful feet are a marketable asset, you may start looking around for places to sell photos. There is no shortage of places to sell photos online, but going at it alone can be risky for sellers and buyers.

Feetify has created a safe place for people with attractive feet to interact safely with buyers who want to appreciate and indulge in their foot fetish privately. The concept is straightforward, and its simplicity is proving to be a winning recipe:

  • Members sign up for free
  • Post pics of your feet – or enjoy scrolling through the thousands of sample feet pics
  • Connect with buyers who may request customized versions of what you posted
  • Get paid through a safe in-house payment system

Although membership to Feetify is free, premium membership is recommended to increase your earning potential. Premium sellers also receive a share of cash awards, so even if they don’t sell any photos, as long as they post regularly, it is possible to earn a few dollars.

Is Premium Feetify Worth It?


The site continually prompts freebie members to upgrade. This is not only to drive subscriptions, but most of the benefits of being on the platform are only unlocked with the paid upgrade. The premium membership fee is $49, which provides sellers with a 12-month subscription to use the beneficial features that make meaningful trade possible.

Feetify Premium membership includes the following perks for sellers: 

  • Receive 100% of the sales made.
  • It allows you to connect and interact with buyers directly. While it is not their primary focus, if you do connect with a customer, you can arrange to meet up by private arrangement.
  • Premium membership awards some active members an occasional monthly dividend even if they don’t sell any of their photos.
  • You can upload an unlimited number of feet pics and videos.
  • All buyers will be able to view your profile.
  • You will be able to receive messages from all buyers and be able to contact them directly.
  • You can safely receive cash gifts from appreciative admirers or buyers.
  • Member profiles and photos rotate on the site’s feature page.
  • The feet pics you submit may be featured on Feetify-ads. That increases your exposure dramatically and can potentially land you new clients.
  • Protection from possible sugar daddies and scammers. Since all payments can be made through the in-house payment system, sellers never need to reveal their banking details or identity.

How Do I Sign Up With Feetify? 

Feetify offers feet picture sellers the chance to test the waters with their gorgeous, groomed toes before jumping in feet first. To get started, head to Feetify.com.


The landing page is well laid out, and tabs along the top toolbar are self-explanatory and let you explore the site. It is a wealth of information for potential foot models. Anyone can look through it for free to see if it is a platform that suits their style.


Feetify Application Process

To join Feetify, you need to sign up as a potential seller or buyer. Take note that you will not need to pay anything unless you opt to become a premium member.

Signing up is simply a verification process to ensure you meet all the criteria to be active on Feetify. You can sign up for Feetify HERE.

The information required on the application form to create an account is very basic and non-invasive. The only absolute necessity is an active email address.

Signing up Feetify

Applicants will be directed to complete a registration page. You need to click on a verification link sent to the email address you entered. Once you have your username and link, you will be able to log in to Feetify successfully. (Don’t forget to check your spam folder if you don’t see the link in your inbox)


The only requirements to join Feetify are that you are 18 years or older and have a valid email address. Once you have completed the registration form and created a username and password, a link will be sent to your email address, and you will receive basic membership to Feetify.

One of the features that sets Feetify apart from some other feet platforms is that males can also post and sell feet pictures. If you are over 18, stick to the rules, and have feet you want to share and make some money from, Feetify will welcome you.

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Rules/ Agreements

One of the reasons that Feetify has managed to stand out from the crowd is that the site is carefully managed and moderated. They have an established list of rules that aren’t overly restrictive yet ensure they receive quality, legal images from sellers.

There are 11 membership rules which are pretty simple and understandable: 

  1. The minimum age is 18
  2. No fake profile pics of anyone else’s face or feet and claiming they are yours.
  3. No posting of anyone else’s feet pictures or videos and claiming they are yours.
  4. No posting of celebrity feet or videos – this is almost the same as number 3. In short, Feetify only wants authentic photos of the feet of the seller.
  5. Only post high-quality pics or videos.
  6. Photos can’t be overly watermarked or blurry.
  7. No repulsive or disgusting pictures.
  8. Mass messaging members is prohibited.
  9. Members may not harass each other. This includes hounding potential buyers.
  10. No public posting of personal details like email addresses or bank details. Premium members can contact each other privately if they wish to and exchange whatever information they feel comfortable sharing. 

It may seem like a long list of rules, but Feetify takes its job of providing a platform for authentic feet lovers to share, mingle, exchange, and get paid very seriously. Non-adherence to the rules can result in members being banned.

How Much You Can Earn From Feetify

How Much You Can Earn From Feetify

The amount you can earn on Feetify depends on quite a few factors. It is not only about who has the loveliest feet with the highest arches and beautifully sun-kissed smooth skin.

There are plenty of sites and platforms where people can show off their feet, and potential buyers can scroll through a limitless number of photos. Feetify offers sellers an opportunity to stand out, get noticed, and build a fan base.

There is no set rate per picture. The amount sellers can charge depends greatly on demand for their photographs and factors, including quality and specific personalization that buyers may request.

Feet photos can range in price from $5 to $100, and premium Feetify sellers receive 100% of payments. The entire selling process is open to negotiation between the seller and the buyer.

Using Feetify makes the transaction safe since a shield of anonymity can protect both parties if they wish. If you follow the rules and do it right, selling images of your feet can become a lucrative, fun hobby.

Premium sellers on Feetify who post actively also stand a chance to receive a share of daily cash awards even if they haven’t sold any pics. This is another initiative that Feetify uses to encourage subscriptions and drive feet to their website. So far, it is a formula that is working.

How Do I Get Paid For Foot Pictures?

Once you have managed to attract a potential buyer with your sample pictures, getting paid is quick and easy. There are two ways of being paid for your feet submissions on Feetify, and premium members receive the full amount with no deductions:

  1. Sellers can provide clients with their details and receive payment directly to their Crypto, CashApp, Venmo, or Paypal accounts.  
  1. Sellers who want to protect their privacy can request payment through Feetify, which will facilitate the transaction. This does not cost any extra and is a perk of premium membership.

In addition to being paid for feet pictures that you manage to sell, Feetify premium members can earn Ca$h Awards simply by being active and posting high-quality images regularly, being interactive and polite to other members, and recommending the site to others.

Is Feetify Free To Use?

Feetify is free to use … up to a point. Registration and membership are entirely free. Sellers can post feet pictures, and buyers can scroll through the sample snaps and videos.

For sellers new to the world of marketing their feet pics, Feetify free version is an excellent tool to explore and learn. However, most aspiring sellers quickly become frustrated at their inability to communicate with premium members – some of whom may be buyers wanting to make contact.

How Much You Can Earn From Feetify

Feetify requires members to upgrade to premium membership to unlock all the features, which costs around $50 for 12 months. If you are a committed seller, that works out to less than $5 a month, and a single pic can usually be sold for more than that.

One of the most noticeable limitations we found with Feetify is that you can only upgrade to a Premium membership using Cryptocurrency. If you don’t have a CashApp or Coinbase account, you will need to get one before you can upgrade.

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Feetify claims it is to protect its member’s identity,  but it can be a real obstacle that hinders enthusiasm when you want to start selling feet pics.

Before spending the money for Feetify premium, take some time exploring the free version to see if you can stay committed to taking and sharing foot pics. Members who remain active and attract a following are more likely to make money.

What we like about Feetify is that you can cancel your membership anytime. Canceling will also erase any photos or videos you posted on the site. Of course, that is only a good option if you didn’t sign up for the 12-month premium version, as you won’t be refunded for any months you didn’t use.

Where Is The Best Place To Sell Feet Pics?

Feet are big business, and high-quality images of beautiful or unusual feet are in hot demand. There are a surprising number of places where you can sell feet pics. The trick is to find one where you will feel safe and, at the same time, be able to tap into a large client base.

The best place to sell cute feet pics for most sellers are sites that provide anonymity, secure payment options, don’t charge a lot of commission, and have a large following. Feetify ticks all those boxes, but there are plenty of alternatives to explore, and this niche market has plenty of healthy competition.

Some of the most popular exclusively feet-pic options for sellers to check out include:



  • No free version is available.
  • Sign up of $9.99 allows three months of selling.
  • Sellers can remain anonymous.



  • Boasts over 1000000 users.
  • It may be a little overwhelming for novice sellers.
  • Free for buyers, but sellers pay a monthly, yearly, or even a lifetime subscription. 



  • A monthly subscription-based platform.
  • A relatively new feet photo platform that has limited reviews on Trustpilot.



  • A UK-based platform where feet pictures are extremely popular (it also allows any other sort of legal content).
  • Sellers receive 80% of earnings from sales of their submissions.
  • Onlyfans has a large following, and subscribers pay for photos, videos, and live streams via a monthly membership.


You may see references to Instafeet online and not be able to find it. All links to the once popular feet-photo sharing platform now direct to Feetfinder. (We thought we would include this in case you are confused)

Some Feedback And Reviews About Feetify

From what we could determine, Feetify offers sellers and buyers of feet pictures a hassle-free, safe platform. Although the $49 premium membership fee may seem higher than many other sites that allow users to sign up and cancel monthly, Feetify is unrivaled in its added offering to active users.

To get both sides of the story, we looked at some online user reviews about Feetify.

Positive Feetify Review From A New Seller: 

Lacie gave Feetify a 5-star rating. Her overall experience is positive, and she feels motivated and exhilarated about using the platform. 

Review From A Frustrated Potential Feetify User: 

The limitation of only being able to upgrade using Cryptocurrency is peculiar. It doesn’t seem to be holding Feetify back, but it can be confusing and annoying if you are rearing to get started and have another hurdle to jump through before you can unlock the premium version.

Review On Quora From A Hesitant Subscriber

The high Premium is again the main feature that puts this Feetify seller off. It is entirely possible to purchase the upgraded membership and not make any money back. Feetify responds that they share a daily prize with users who stay active, post regularly, and refer others to the platform.

Wrap Up

Although the FREE version of Feetify is an excellent way for novice sellers to familiarize themselves with the market and test the waters. The $49 premium subscription fee lasts for 12 months, so it is actually cheaper than many other month-to-month sites – as long as you use the platform for the entire length of time that you have paid for.

Feetify is one of many online platforms for people wanting to make extra cash selling photographs of their feet. It offers safety for sellers and buyers and is one of the few websites that pay sellers the full amount on each sale.




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