FlirtBucks Review: Can You Really Earn From Flirting? (2023 Edition)

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There are so many ways to earn good money from home these days, but it’s a pity that we can’t get paid just to chat or flirt – or can we? FlirtBucks promises just that! According to FlirtBucks, you are paid simply to chat. But how effective can a system like FlirtBucks be? In this review, we find out!

FlirtBucks can be a lucrative way to earn pocket money or even a decent full-time income if you meet the criteria. Any women over the age of 18 can apply, though preference is given to those in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia. With just a PC, webcam, and fast internet, you can earn money chatting.

On first glance, FlirtBucks might seem like the easiest way to start earning money, but it’s not that simple. There are some concerns, and you have to be mindful of some dos and don’ts. Let’s examine FlirtBucks more closely.

Is FlirtBucks Legit?

FlirtBucks has been around since 2010, which is a good sign. By all indications, the platform seems legit, but there are a number of concerns that you should be aware of:

  • FlirtBucks is not registered with the Better Business Bureau. Even though the BBB reached out to the company in 2019, FlirtBucks has not responded.
  • The Better Business Bureau also mentions that clients filed complaints that they feel at risk of identity theft. This is primarily due to women signing up and having to provide personal ID information, then sometimes hearing nothing back from FlirtBucks after registering.
  • There are no TrustPilot reviews (good or bad). For a company that’s been around since 2009, that’s slightly suspicious.
  • The FlirtBucks website uses very outdated technology. It’s not mobile-friendly and even uses Adobe Flash Player content right on the home page, which was discontinued in 2020. It seems that the website is no longer being maintained, which is cause for concern, especially for a platform that caters to online services.
  • FlirtBucks provides no clear indication of where its male clients come from. There are no sign-up or login options for chat clients, and in any business, it’s essential to know where the money comes from. There is evidence that FlirtBucks is affiliated with another platform that could be the source of new clients, but FlirtBucks does not confirm this anywhere.

So, as we review FlirtBucks, keep these concerns in mind. Though FlirtBucks seems legit in most ways, there are reasons to be careful. You don’t have to pay anything, so FlirtBucks won’t scam you out of money in that way, but if you’re concerned about the possibility of identity theft, you may be better off with another platform.

What Is FlirtBucks?

FlirtBucks is an online platform that offers women over 18 the opportunity to become Chat Hostesses. You get paid for chatting online with lonely men. Everything is done on the FlirtBucks platform, so nobody else will get your phone number or email address, and you can only share the information you’re comfortable sharing.

It is not a dating platform or adult entertainment system. The website offers two options: text chat and video chat. You get paid more for video chatting than text chatting. However, FlirtBucks clarifies that no graphic actions are allowed on cam chat sessions.

Though the topics of the chats can turn to an adult nature, Chat Hostesses are free to end a conversation if they ever feel uncomfortable.

The platform lets you choose your hours and level of commitment. If you keep your account active (more on that later), you can spend as much or as little time on it as you wish, and you will be paid accordingly. This makes it perfect for those on unpredictable schedules, like students.

How Does It Work?

To get started with FlirtBucks, all you have to do is create a Chat Hostess account on the FlirtBucks website. As long as you maintain an active hostess account, which means accumulating at least a few minutes of working time every two weeks, your account will remain active, and you will get paid.

According to FlirtBucks, it has an active community of male clients, so there will always be someone for you to chat with, meaning you can choose your own work schedule. There’s also no need to market yourself; simply log in, select your client, and start chatting.

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Who Can Join FlirtBucks?


The requirements for becoming a FlirtBucks Chat Hostess are as follows:

  • You must be an 18-year-old woman or older. Men cannot sign up, and due to the adult nature of some chat discussions, you cannot legally be younger than 18.
  • You must have a valid State- or Government-issued form of photo ID that you can submit to FlirtBucks. According to FlirtBucks, this is just for age verification, and examples include driver’s licenses or state ID cards.
  • You need to have access to a computer with a functioning webcam. Smartphones are not currently supported, and there is no FlirtBucks app, so you have to access the platform through the website using a desktop or laptop computer.
  • You must have a high-speed internet connection, especially if you’re going to do video chats.
  • FlirtBucks requires moderate typing skills. The company specifies approximately 40 words per minute with minimal typing errors and spelling mistakes.
  • Though English does not have to be your first language, you must be fluent in English.
  • You need good conversation skills because you’re the one who will often have to drive the chat.
  • FlirtBucks wants women with upbeat, engaging personalities to make the chats more fun.
  • Currently, FlirtBucks focuses on recruiting hostesses from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia only. However, you can apply from any country, and FlirtBucks will consider your application.

How Do You Get Paid?

FlirtBucks pays in check or through PayPal. It works on a payment period of roughly two weeks. The first payment period runs from the 1st until the 15th of each month, then the second payment period starts on the 16th and ends on the last day of the month.

To qualify to get paid and maintain an active Chat Hostess account, you must log at least a few minutes of chatting in each payment period. At the end of the period, FlirtBucks will calculate how many minutes you spent in chats and pay you accordingly. This happens approximately five days after the end of each payment period.

How Much Can You Earn From FlirtBucks?


FlirtBucks works on a pay-per-minute basis with no minimum payout amount, and the rates increase the longer you keep your account active.

When you’re just starting, for the first three months of your active account, you will earn 10 cents (US) per minute that you spend on text chats and 40 cents per minute for video chats. That’s around US$6.00 per hour for texts and US$24.00 per hour for video calls.

Once you’ve reached the three-month mark, your rates will go up to 12 cents per minute ($7.20 per hour) for text chatting and 45 cents per minute ($27.00 per hour) for video.

After maintaining your active account for six months or more, your rates will increase to 15 cents per minute for text chatting ($9.00 per hour) and 50 cents per minute ($30.00 per hour) for video chats.

So, as a scenario, a beginner who’s uncomfortable with video chats and spends 1 hour per weekday texting can expect to earn about $30 per week, $60 per payment period, or $120 per month. It’s not much, but it can be some nice pocket money for college students.

However, once you’re experienced, have been working the system for more than six months, and you’re comfortable with video chatting about 4 hours per day, five days a week, you can earn $120 per day, $600 per week, $1,200 per payment period, or $2,400 per month. Now your earnings become a bit more substantial.

Because there’s no minimum payout amount, you will receive your payment every payment period, even if it’s only a few cents. Furthermore, you get 100% of your earnings (except for PayPal or bank fees) since FlirtBucks already earned their profit before paying you.

FlirtBucks Dos And Don’ts

There are a few crucial things you must keep in mind when you join FlirtBucks and start working on the system.


  • You should always try to keep your account active. If you log in and work for only a few minutes each payment period (approximately once every two weeks), your account will remain active, though FlirtBucks does not specify how many minutes that must be. Aim to work for about 30 minutes every two weeks at minimum to be safe. That should be more than enough.

If you don’t, your account will reset to the rates of a beginner, so your earnings will lower considerably. Sometimes you need some personal time, or you may have upcoming exams. But try to fit a quick 30 minutes in there somewhere. It’s worth it to keep your account active.

  • Respect yourself. Know who you are and what your boundaries are, then respect yourself to enforce those limits. If you’re chatting with someone who wants something you’re uncomfortable with, like getting too steamy or meeting up, be firm enough to say no and end the chat if they don’t accept your refusal.
  • Be sure to read FlirtBucks’ terms and conditions properly, then abide by the principles the company sets out in the document. It’s crucial to follow the rules if you want to keep on earning from FlirtBucks.
  • Be friendly and engaging with your clients. Remember that they are paying good money for the privilege of talking to you. Never look at them as weak or insecure individuals. Some are highly successful professionals who don’t have time for a relationship in their lives, so your FlirtBucks chats fill that gap in their lives with no long-term commitments.
  • Maintain professionalism. It’s easy to think that this is just a short-term way to earn some pocket money, but there’s a legit company behind the system with a reputation to uphold. If too many Chat Hostesses lose their professionalism, the company’s reputation fails, and all the Hostesses will suffer because of it.
  • Check your background and environment before doing video calls. People can figure out your location or personal information from some basic details, like a view from a window. Usually, this shouldn’t be a problem, but you are talking to a stranger, after all, and you never know what type of person they really are.
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  • Don’t disrespect your clients’ privacy. They will share the information they choose to share, so don’t be pushy or try to get them to tell you more about their personal lives. There’s a reason why they’re using a chat system rather than a dating site, so respect that.
  • Don’t violate your client’s trust. Sometimes you may get a deeper look into a client’s personal life. They may have something in the background of a video call that gives away their true identity, or they might let something slip as they talk to you. Maybe you end up chatting with a celebrity; you never know.

These clients trust you to be professional by upholding their trust and keeping their information private. If it is a celebrity you’re chatting with, don’t go out and tell everyone you know. Honor them, their privacy, and their trust.

  • Don’t share explicit content with your clients. Flirting can be adult by nature, but you should maintain strict limits about how far you’re willing to go with it. If you are more into adult-related content, there are other platforms that you can use for that, and FlirtBucks does not allow such content on its systems.
  • Don’t share your personal information with clients, no matter how “nice” they seem. FlirtBucks says this is entirely up to you, and you may do so at your own risk, but that’s the point: it’s risky. Getting your personal information out there could lead to stalking or worse.
  • Don’t make promises that you cannot fulfill. While flirting with someone, it’s easy to say things you might regret later when you’re in the heat of the moment, so steer clear of any such things. If you’re not entirely willing to follow up a promise with your actions, don’t make the promise in the first place.
  • Don’t pressure clients into giving you gifts or making donations. It can be tempting when you see that someone’s wealthy and really into you to ask them for things, and some clients may even offer it of their own accord. But you are being paid to deliver a service, so don’t try to upsell. This is unprofessional and in violation of the FlirtBucks Terms and Conditions.

Other People’s Reviews

Reviews from actual people can be a great way to know if a business opportunity is legit and suitable for you. However, as we go through these reviews, keep in mind that people often tend only to review a service when they’re unsatisfied with it.

It’s also possible they did not abide by the terms and conditions, which is why they had a bad experience. We don’t know the whole story.

There aren’t many FlirtBucks reviews online. TrustPilot and HelloPeter have no reviews at all. The only places we can find actual reviews are on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website and Reddit.

Reddit user arlene29 posted that she applied to become a Chat Hostess on FlirtBucks more than a year earlier and never received a response. This is a common problem, as the same happened to another Reddit user called monstersinsideus.

We see the same trend on the BBB website. All the reviews written there, dating as far back as 2020, are from ladies who signed up, submitted their photo ID, and never heard anything back from FlirtBucks. This led to the BBB flagging FlirtBucks on suspicions of identity theft, and even though the organization reached out to FlirtBucks, they never received a response.

Unfortunately, there are no positive reviews from someone claiming that they were actually approved and received payment. However, we have to consider these reviews in context:

  1. FlirtBucks and its parent company Swurve Media Corp (SMC), are both based in Florida, USA and owned by Ms. Michelle Pendenza, according to the Better Business Bureau. Scamming companies would not typically last this long in the United States.
  2. Despite all the online reviews being negative, there are only two on Reddit and seven on BBB. That’s a minimal number, so it’s possible (if a bit unlikely) that people who use the platform successfully just haven’t bothered to post a review.
  3. Since FlirtBucks is only available in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, while approving select applicants from other countries, those nine reviewers may not be based in any of the supported countries. We don’t know where these reviewers live, and they didn’t state it in their reviews, so it’s possible that they were disapproved based on that.
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Reviews are essential, but we should always keep the balance and understand that we will never get the full story from only one person’s perspective.


Is It Free To Join FlirtBucks?

Signing up for FlirtBucks is completely free. There are no training fees or other hidden costs, and the entire platform is provided to Chat Hostesses free of charge. The only fees that could take away from your earnings are potential PayPal and bank fees.

What Is The Payment Method Used In FlirtBucks?

You will get your FlirtBucks payments via check (especially in the United States) or PayPal. You can specify your preferred payment method on your account dashboard after signing up.

FlirtBucks will pay you approximately five days after the close of every payment period, which lasts around 15 or 16 days, at which time you will be paid for every minute you spend chatting on the FlirtBucks platform during that period.

Is FlirtBucks Legit?

The business seems to be 100% legit. There’s no proof that any of the identity theft allegations are true, and even though there are no statements online from anyone who managed to get paid from FlirtBucks, that does not mean they don’t exist.

The fact that FlirtBucks has been around for more than a decade and makes no secret of who owns it shows that FlirtBucks is not intended to be a scam.

Is FlirtBucks An Adult Chatting Service?

FlirtBucks is not an adult chatting service. Though it’s possible that your flirty chats can go into the slightly adult-oriented territory, FlirtBucks’ terms and conditions prohibit the sharing of any hardcore or adult-related content, especially over video chats.

You can decide how steamy you would like the chats to get as long as no adult content is shared.

How Does FlirtBucks Make Its Money?

FlirtBucks does not make any statements about where it gets its money from, but we can conclude that the clients you chat with must be paying customers. However, we can learn more when we dig a little bit deeper.

FlirtBucks’ website states that it is an “SMC property.” When we look more closely at FlirtBucks and SMC on the website of the Better Business Bureau, we see that both companies are registered in the United States and belong to Ms. Michelle Pendenza.

SMC, which is short for Swurve Media Corp, has its primary website as, and when we look at this site, we see it offers hook-ups for singles. When we add one and one together, it seems that Swurve gets the paying customers that pay for chatting with FlirtBucks’ Chat Hostesses.

Is FlirtBucks A Dating Site?

FlirtBucks is not a dating site, and for your own safety, you should avoid making it one. The only purpose of FlirtBucks is to chat. However, it’s possible to share personal information and arrange an in-person date with someone that you meet on FlirtBucks.

This is dangerous, and though FlirtBucks doesn’t ban it entirely, the company does warn against it. It could go very well, and you could meet your soulmate. But it can just as quickly turn out very bad for you. Not everyone is as trustworthy and honest as they seem, so using FlirtBucks to meet new people is not a good idea.


FlirtBucks seems to be a legit business opportunity for women over 18 to earn money through online chatting. It pays well enough to become a source of some pocket money or even a full-time income if you have the time.

Though there are some questions about the company’s business practices, it seems there is no actual harm in applying. Maybe you can earn some good money by flirting online.




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