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50 Legit Ways To Get Paid By Reading Books In 2023

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Reading books is very popular, especially for those who want to widen their knowledge or escape to another world for a while. Reading a book is relaxing, but what if you can enjoy a good book and make money?

Earning money from reading books comes in various forms. Numerous websites, publishers, and magazines require freelancers to review, edit or translate books. Earnings from reading books vary depending on the company, time spent on the project, your skill level, and the quality of work.

Earning money by reading books is one of the most rewarding ways to earn some extra money, and for many people, it provides a passive income. In some ways, reading books is more rewarding than the money you get, but some review writers, translators, and editors earn large amounts. If you love reading and can use the extra cash, you must continue reading.

Can You Really Get Paid By Reading Books?

paid books

Few things substitute a good book if you want to relax and take your mind off everything else. Books are a source of entertainment for millions worldwide, but now you can put your reading skills to good use and earn some money.

Earning money from reading books is not new; many people have made it a profession to read and review books over the years. Like movies are reviewed before they hit the mainstream, so are books, and those readers are well compensated for their time.

There are many other ways to get money while reading books, including narrating audiobooks, proofreading, etc. Many people assume that books are only in hard copy, but the fact is that various books are found in digital form. Books available in digital form provide more opportunities for people to make money reading them.

50 Ways To Get Paid By Reading Books

Turning your love for books into money is easier than you think, and thousands of readers worldwide earn an income through the various book-related jobs available. Making money from reading books comes in various forms, and here are 50 ways you can turn your passion for reading into cash.

Get Paid To Review Books Online

paid books

Reading books and earning money is becoming a regular occurrence for many who want a side hustle or a career change. Websites employ freelance readers to do reviews or narrate books etc., and pay them per hour, per word, or completed task. Readers receive their earnings via bank transfers or PayPal and, in some cases, a copy of the reviewed book.

Book review websites do not necessarily want someone to compliment a book or to become such a critic that nothing satisfies them. Review websites pay to get your honest opinion while insisting that you respect the prosses and the authors.

Various new authors and publishers use reviews to get independent readers’ feedback before spending too much time and money publishing a book. Reviews are also important since they inform readers about what to anticipate from a book before purchasing it.

Here are websites if you are interested in doing a book review:

1. Online Book Club

paid books

A popular review site is the Online Book Club which provides thousands of authors with a platform to have their books reviewed. As the largest online book-reading community, Online Book Club provides the opportunity to read books and network with other passionate readers.

You can apply to the Online Book Club to review books to earn money while reading. Online Book Club book reviewers report that some earn up to several hundred monthly dollars in pay.

2. Kirkus Media

Kirkus Reviews is a website and magazine that reviews self and traditional-published books of various genres. This fantastic website offers to earn prospects to all book enthusiasts, and all you must do is supply a resume, including a sample of something you have written when you apply. As a result, after selecting you, they will provide you with a book for review.

Kirkus supplies books for review in hard and digital copies, and reviews must be around 350 words and done within two weeks.

3. The US Review Of Books

The US Review of Books website uses independent authors to review books. Reviewers must produce a review between 250 and 300 words and provide information about the book. To become a book reviewer for The US Review of Books, applicants must submit a sample of their writing, and two professional references, including a CV, to the editor.

4. Reedsy Discovery

At Reedsy Discovery, authors submit their books to have them reviewed. Review earnings come in the form of a tip. Readers who buy the book are given a tip that goes towards the review and varies between $1 and $5. If an author likes your review, they may use you again or promote you to other writers, and you can grow a customer base that, in turn, will increase your earnings.

5. Booklist Publications

Booklist Publications use reviewers with the talent to suggest the right audience for the book, give a good description and layout, etc. The review must be between 150 and 175 words. To become part of their review team, applicants must provide sample writings to the editor for approval. Booklist Publications pay their reviewers about $15 per book review once published.

6. BookBrowse

The BookBrowse website provides reviews of about 300 words for non and contemporary fiction books with the help of independent reviewers. To qualify, applicants must produce a sample writing of 300 words for revision. Once approved, you will receive one assignment every month with a modest payment after publication.

As part of the review, BookBrowse expects you to write and give some personal insight about your experience reading the book.

7. Women’s Review Of Books

paid books

Women’s Review of Books is a feminist magazine with over three decades of publishing experience. Women’s Review of Books constantly seeks new skilled reviewers to join their team. The magazine reviews contemporary novels, including graphic novels, literary fiction, romance novels, etc.

Review earnings are about $50, but it depends on the book’s length, and the review writer is paid within 30 days once the review is accepted.

8. Publishers Weekly

paid books

Publishers Weekly, often called the holy grail of book reviews, is a magazine that produces articles surrounding international book publishing and publishes about 8,500 reviews yearly. The magazine hires freelancers to write self-published and traditional reviews. Writers are paid $25 for a review; applicants must send a resume with a sample writing of 200 words.

9. New Pages

paid books

NewPages is a website that reviews books. The website’s digital library provides writers with thousands of books to read and write reviews on it. Writers can earn money by submitting a review on their websites or blog. Review writers are expected to write between 100 and 200 words, providing readers with good insight into the book.

10. Writerful Books

Writerful Books pay writers to read books published in the past ten years and write reviews for their bookstore. Review writers are expected to provide a review of about 400 words. Writerful Books also give a free e-book for each completed paid review.

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Writerful Books prefer writers who want to review current titles, including American, British, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, and Irish authors. Writerful Books pays between $10 and $50 for every excepted and completed review.

11. Moody Press

Paid books

Moody Press do not pay review writers in money, but they compensate their writers the ARC of the book title. Moody Press is a nonprofit publishing house for Christian books and provides non-fiction Christ-centered books, including Christian fiction. Review writers must complete their book review within 60 days of reading it.

12. NetGalley

NetGalley links book authors to review writers and welcome media professionals, booksellers, and librarians to sign up. This website allows book lovers to enjoy a good read and write a review on NetGalley before it is published.

The books are digital, and authors and review writers use the platform to improve their craft. NetGalley has no signup fees and only requires that you fill out an application to start reading and writing reviews.

Get Paid To Translate Books

paid books

Earning money from reading books comes in various forms, and translating is one aspect that provides a good opportunity, especially if you want to work from home. Publishers require freelancers to translate books, and if you are fluent and well-versed in another language, you may be a good candidate for such an opportunity.

Another option is to edit and proofread translated literature if you speak another language well.

Some various opportunities and places need book translators. Here are companies that pay well to translate and edit books:

13. UpWork

Upwork is an online company that provides freelance work for review writers and charges a service fee. Joining Upwork is free, and all you must do is create a profile in their ‘Hire Me’ section, where clients can find translators and editors. Translators, editors, and writers are paid up to $100 per hour, depending on your skill and qualifications.

14. Babelcube

The Babelcube website translates into more than 15 languages and uses freelance translators for their projects. Babelcube allows book authors and publishers to find writers to translate their books for global distribution. Translators receive a share of the royalties as compensation.

15. Guru

The Guru website specializes in freelance writing and the translation of books but mainly focuses on highly skilled writers. is a leader in translating and pairing freelancers and clients on projects. Applicants must create a profile and outline the service they provide to clients, but they can also apply for Translation opportunities.

16. Freelancer

Freelancer provides a platform where anyone can advertise their services, including freelance transition jobs. Publishers and authors can browse through freelancers and get a translator or editor to translate their books. The client will bid on your service, and you can accept or decline.

17. FlexJobs

The FlexJobs website is a popular platform for review writers and translators to advertise their services. If you are a translator or editor fluent in another language, consider using the Flexjobs website. To find a freelance translator job, you only need to visit their website, type in translator, and view the opportunities available.

18. Today Translations

Today Translations is a website that specializes in translations and regularly uses freelancers. Today Translations cover every spectrum concerning publishing translation, including fiction, academic, textbooks, encyclopedias, training manuals, and much more. Today Translations work with various publishing houses and authors on proofreading and translations.

19. Fiverr

Fiverr Online is a website where book editors and translators can advertise their services and pricing to publishers and authors. If you want to expand your reading and writing services to translating and editing, consider Fiverr‘s platform, which supports freelancers from every skill level.

On their marketplace, you decide the rate you are willing to work for, and the potential is endless.

20. Ulatus

Ulatus is a translation services website with more than 200,000 clients and 3000 language experts constantly needing translators. Ulatus‘s biggest priority is to effortlessly communicate the essence of a book to readers worldwide in their language. The website’s Book Translation services use the best translators and editors to ensure client satisfaction.

Careers For Book Lovers

paid books

Having a passion for books can open various doors and job opportunities. Many people make money reviewing, translating, and editing books, but there are other ways to turn your love for books into a paycheck. If you’re one of those people who books must always surround, think about making a career out of it.

If sitting behind a desk pushing a pen or slamming away at a keyboard is not your thing, and your interests and hobbies are books, you must consider making books your career. There is a big misconception regarding books and whether it is a sustainable career.

You do not have to be an author to earn a passive income from books. Here are career options to consider if you love books.

21. Librarian

If your best friends are books stacked on a shelf, you will likely love a career in a library. Most schools, universities, colleges, and city libraries employ librarians to help patrons find the right book with the needed information. Librarians also help sort and maintain books; if you are a bookworm, you will find it a satisfying career.

22. Bookseller

Selling books is a great career choice if you love books. There is a certain satisfaction in helping a customer find their next best read. If you love books and interacting with people, then selling books in a bookstore is a good option for a career. Selling books online is another way to earn money, or if you have the means and a little drive, opening a bookstore is another great option.

23. Illustrator

Becoming an illustrator is a great choice if you have a knack for designing, drawing, and love books. Illustrators are the visual creators behind the art found in publications and books. Authors and editors use illustrators to design visual ideas via painting, drawing, and digital.

A good example that entails being an illustrator is the pictures and illustrations found in children’s books.

24. Digital Publishing

The cost of printing a book is not something that every author can afford, and the digital publishing market is an affordable and quick way to get your book to the public. Digital publishing is in high demand, and creating a platform where authors can showcase their books can be lucrative.

25. Literary Agent

After a book is written, it needs to get into the hands of readers, and that is where the assistance of a literary agent is essential. Literary agents negotiate with publishers, and they are an essential link between the author and the business side of things. If you love books and are a people person with good business skills, you must consider becoming a literary agent.

26. Proofreader

You will enjoy and benefit from becoming a proofreader if you enjoy reading and have a solid grasp of grammar. Proofreaders search text for syntax, grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. There are various job opportunities for proofreaders; if you do not mind reading for hours, you will find it pays well.

27. Publicist

Book publicists promote books via media, websites, social media, and press releases. Publishing companies use publicists to introduce authors and books to the public and generate interest. A publicist must be innovative and creative to be successful; it is a bonus if they have a few contacts in the media.

Publicists are responsible for press releases, arranging book signings, and promoting the book on TV and radio. You must love books to sell books, and successful publicists use their love for books to generate enthusiasm.

28. Editor

Book editors are like proofreaders and use their expertise in grammar to read books before it is published and ensure that there are no mistakes in the text. Proofreaders only look for mistakes, whereas editors fix them after finding them. Editors also look for ways to improve grammar, word choice, and other textual inconsistencies.

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29. Publisher

If you are fascinated with books, have good managerial skills, and know how to spot a good thing, you must consider becoming a publisher. Publishers are the big decision makers and control all the contractual and approval decisions. Publishers play an essential role because they must ensure that everything runs smoothly from beginning to end.

30. Blogger

Successful bloggers earn large amounts of money, but some struggle and do it as a side hustle. To become a successful blogger, you must be well-informed, which means spending a lot of time reading, plus it requires a lot of work and dedication. Producing accurate information on a blog is essential, but if you love reading, you will find being a blogger very satisfying.

31. Book Scout

Some of the best movies come from books; scouts scour every corner to find the next Hollywood hit. Some book scouts work for film agencies, and their job is to find books with the potential to become movies. Book scouts also work for publishers, searching for unpublished books that may become bestsellers.

Get Paid By Reading Books Aloud

paid books

Not everyone is good at capturing an audience, and there are good opportunities for people with that talent. If you love books and have the voice, confidence, and talent to read aloud, you are a good fit to become a narrator.

Many authors write brilliantly but lack the confidence and voice to narrate their book or prefer someone else to do it. Narrating books are popular, especially when authors want to produce an audio version.

32. ACX

ACX is one of the largest book narrating websites in the US. The website offers narrators an opportunity to earn money reading books; the only requirement is to have a clear accent and an audible and clear voice. Narrators provide quality voice samples for clients to listen to on ACX‘s website, and the more samples you upload, the greater your chance of getting a project.

33. Bunny Studio

The Bunny Studio website allows the narrator to earn by reading books. Bunny Studio connects narrators with possible clients for job opportunities releasing you of the hassle of finding clients. Narrators are advertised as professionals but must provide high-quality voice samples and have proper audio equipment before they consider joining.

34. Voices

Voices is an audiobook narrating company with big clients like The History Channel, Microsoft, and Shopify. Voices offer narrators with clear and high-quality voices the opportunity to earn money reading books. Applicants must provide audio samples, and Voices will match your voice with customers that may want to engage your services.

35. Findaway Voices

Findaway Voices find narrators for new and established authors and connect the narrator directly with the writers. Narrators must complete Findaway’s requirements, and after approval, they must create a profile. Once the profile is created and the basic requirements are met, you can bid on a project.

36. Voice 123

Voice 123 is a platform allowing freelance narrators to work with large companies, but they require several years of narrating experience. Narrators have two options: one, they can narrate audiobooks, or two, they can do voiceovers for movies, cartoons, radio stations, commercials, etc. Voice 123 works with large companies like Coca-Cola and The New York Times.

Although there are stringent qualifications and a rigorous clearance process, Voice 123 offers one of the best chances for narrators if accepted.

37. Brilliance Audio

Becoming a narrator for Brilliance Audio is an opportunity no narrator should miss. Brilliance Audio produces some of the best audiobooks, and Audible and Amazon publish them. Whether new to narrating or more experienced, Brilliance Audio will allow you to build your career and earn good money.

38. Audible

Audible is a large platform that sells directly to Amazon, making it one of the largest narrating companies in the world. Narrators have endless opportunities to shine at Audible while improving and honing their skills. It may take some time before you earn enough for a permanent source of income, but the exposure and experience make it worth considering.

39. Spoken Realm

At Spoken Realm, narrators can read podcasts or provide a voice for graphic novels. Becoming a narrator at Spoken Realm is a great opportunity if you have a high-quality and clear voice, plus the ability to captivate an audience with your voice. Spoken Realm pays their narrators per hour or via royalty share.

40. Voice Jungle

Voice Jungle provide voiceover work to narrators, but they require that you have high-quality recording equipment, and you must finish projects within 24 hours. Applicants must fill out Voice Jungle‘s application form on their website and provide an mp3 demo.

41. Backstage

Backstage is well known in the art and film industry, but they also allow narrators to record audiobooks. Narrators can choose horror, science fiction, or mystery audiobook genres. If you want to become a narrator at Backstage, you should know that they charge a monthly fee on their website.

Get Paid To Read Books On Apps

paid books

Getting paid to read books using apps is easy, and you get paid for the words you read. There are various apps for iOS and Android devices where you can earn extra cash reading books, but the apps require you to rate and give a small review after reading the book.

42. Goodreads

Goodreads is a great website with an app for your mobile device that lets you review your favorite book. Goodreads regularly allow proofreaders and in-house reviewers to earn extra money. Applicants must send an updated resume, a published article, and a writing sample.

43. Scribd

paid books

Scribd provides audiobooks and E-books for readers on their app, and they hire readers to narrate pages or proofread. After being selected as a reviewer, you are expected to produce an honest and thorough review of the assigned book for which they pay handsomely.

44. Wattpad

Wattpad is a global multi-platform entertainment company with an app to download and review books. Wattpad allows you to get exposure on their dashboard to community members, which can lead to brand collaborations with Wattpad Books and Wattpad Studios.


paid books

If you love a good quiz, consider downloading Booksta‘s app. Users get rewarded by answering five questions for each book they have read. After completing the quiz, you receive coins that you can exchange for gift cards at Delta Air Lines, Amazon, or eBay.

Get Paid To Read Books For Amazon

When you learn that Amazon will pay you to read, you will be thrilled if you enjoy reading and want to make money simultaneously. Amazon content authors pay proofreaders to identify errors in the descriptions of their products, and they require no specific qualifications.

46. Amazon Product Listing

Amazon’s product listing webpage lists all the items they sell with their image, title, description, and price. Amazon hires proofreaders to ensure that the product’s description is properly written and has no grammatical mistakes, and they can earn from $20 up to $50.

47. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle provides users access to various newspapers, e-books, and magazines, which allows proofreaders to ensure that e-books are corrected and maintained if necessary. Proofreaders can select any genre to proofread and earn up to $1,000 monthly.

48. Amazon Affiliate Blog

Amazon’s associate’s program aid creators who experience challenges with their blogs. Amazon provides proofreaders to assist creators who need help with their blogs, and blog proofreaders can earn up to $125 a month and more. If you enjoy reading, being a proofreader for Amazon’s associate program is a terrific way to make additional money.

Get Paid To Summarize Books

paid books

Book summaries are helpful if you want to get a short overview of a book to see if the content will interest you or if it contains the information you need. Writing summaries are like writing reviews, except summaries provide information regarding the book’s content and not one person’s reading experience. Just like reviews, writers can earn money writing summaries.

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49. Instaread

paid books

Instaread only requires a summary of the book’s main content and insights but must contain between 1000 and 1500 words. Writing summaries for Instaread is difficult compared to writing a review, but the $100 you earn per summary makes up for the extra time spent writing. Applicants can download Instaread’s app for information on how to apply.

50. getAbstract

paid books

getAbstract has summarized more than 18,000 books, each into 10-minute clips. getAbstract regularly needs freelance writers specializing in science and technology to write summaries of books and magazine articles. Applicants must visit their website for details regarding the application process.

Who Are Qualified To Be A Reader?

paid books

Becoming a reader seems simple, and for the most part, it is, although if you want to take it on as a job opportunity, whether freelance or permanent, you must consider a few factors. You must be passionate about reading to make money as a reader.

To become a reader, you must consider what avenue of reading you want to pursue before you can establish if you qualify. Let us examine some factors indicating whether you qualify to become a reader.

  • The first factor to consider is a passion for reading. If you do not love reading, you should probably reconsider becoming a reader. Reading is time-consuming, and having a passion will keep you focused.
  • There are books written in every language in the world, so you must be fluent in the language the book is written in.
  • There are various reasons to become a reader, and you must consider why you want to become a reader. One example is if you want to become a reader to write reviews, you must hone your writing, reading, and reviewing skills.
  • You must have broad literature and word knowledge to fully understand the book, especially if you review or narrate it.
  • Having enough time available is essential if you want to become a reader.
  • Although it is not a must, having a good reading speed makes becoming a reader much easier.

Most publishing companies and websites require applicants to provide a short writing sample as part of the approval process before they are accepted to write reviews. Some publishers have additional requirements, but it varies between publishers.

It is important to know that there aren’t any specific educational requirements if you want to become a reader. However, many book readers, especially reviewers, have some form of special literature background or degree. Your reading success will increase if you have excellent literary abilities and a solid grasp of the subject.

How Can You Get Paid By Reading Books?

paid books

If you love reading books, you may get paid for doing it. The most common way to earn money is by doing book reviews for magazines and other reviewer outlets. Companies pay people to read a book, write a summary, and provide an informed opinion to promote it.

Some companies pay readers to take a hard copy and put it into an audio form for those who want to read but lack the reading skills or want to enjoy a good book while driving etc. Some book writers outsource freelance readers to provide feedback before the book goes into print, and some publishers do the same.

Another form of reading for money is to review content and ensure that it is factual if promoted so or to identify harmful content. Various websites employ permanent and freelance readers to read books for money, and some review companies have openings for good reviewers.

Another route you can explore is to do your own reviews and publish them online or send them to a more established review company.

Can It Be A Passive Income?

paid books

Like any job, the money you earn depends on your skill, time, and performance. Similarly, reading books can provide a passive income if you are dedicated and work hard. Freelance readers earn anything from $20 up to $2000, depending on the task and what it entails.

Anyone who wants to earn money as a reader must know that reading books is time-consuming and you will not necessarily get paid thousands from the start. Producing quality work and completing tasks in a timely fashion will cause companies to pay you more.

Thousands of readers read books for money full time and earn good money in the prosses. The nicest part of reading books is that you can do it at home in comfort while making money simultaneously. You must work with reliable companies to earn a passive income from reading books.

Rates paid to readers vary based on certain factors. Experience, job complexity, client type, and whether you read as a specialist in the field all contribute to how much you earn. For readers who charge either by the word or the hour, the above parameters can produce earnings of anything between a few to hundreds of dollars.

How Much Can You Earn From Reading Books?

paid books

Earning money from reading is one of the best-paid side hustles available today, and it can also generate a passive income. You won’t get rich reading books, but it is a satisfying job opportunity once you get the hang of it and establish yourself with reputable companies.

Before earning money from reading books, you must decide whether to charge per word or per hour. The reading industry pays either per hour or per word. Other factors influencing your earnings depend on the company, your skill, and what kind of reading you choose.

Getting a precise earning average is difficult because many variables impact a reader’s earnings. Some readers are paid $10 per hour, but the average reader makes between $25 and $45 per hour, although it depends on skill, job complexity, and many other factors. Here is a list of the highest proofreading rates in the US to better indicate how much you can earn.

  • New York ($27.69 per hour)
  • South Webster ($26.83 per hour)
  • Los Angeles ($26.49 per hour)
  • Tampa ($21.49 per hour)
  • Kansas City ($20.20 per hour)


After the pandemic, many people prefer to work from home, and reading books for money is a subject that draws many questions. Here are some FAQs from people who consider reading books for money.

Can You Earn Money From Reading Books At Home?

You can consider proofreading books if you want a side hustle or a passive income working from home. Before you consider reading books for money from home, you must research and know what it entails.

How Can A Become A Book Reader?

Most companies that use freelance book readers do an evaluation test to see if they qualify before adding them to their list. Some online courses help individuals become readers, and some companies provide additional courses.

How Do Proofreaders Get Paid?

Some companies pay their readers per hour, others per word, but others pay per completed task.

Wrap Up

Reading books is a great way to earn money, and there are several avenues you can explore. Various websites, publishers, and magazines use independent book reviewers, editors, and translators. Earnings from reading books depend on the amount of time put into the project, your level of expertise, and your linguistic ability.


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