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Cash App Flip Scam Alert: How to Avoid It in 2023?

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cash app flip

The online world has blossomed with opportunities for making quick and easy money, and cash flipping may seem like one of them. Online cash flipping through Cash App can sound promising, but it is a complete scam that leaves you in tears and with an empty wallet. In 2023 we are saying no to Cash App Flip scams and yes to the safe use of the app.

To avoid the Cash App Flip scam in 2023, here are the things you need to look out for:

cash app flip

1. Is Cash App Flipping Real?

Cash App is a legitimate app that lets you send and receive money as you would on PayPal, but because it is lesser known, it breeds the opportunity for scammers to reel you into one of their money traps. Money flipping refers to turning a small amount of money into a big amount, and this is where the scam comes in.

Cash App and flipping money (depending on the context) are real separately, but Cash App Flipping is not. What is cash flipping? Flipping is any time you turn a small amount of money into a large amount, like buying and reselling something for a large profit.

Cash App Flipping happens when people on social media approach you, promising they can take your money and, multiply it, then send it back to you – all using Cash App.

There are countless stories they can spin to con you into trusting them and their ability to make your money grow, but no third party can ever multiply your cash magically, and it is a case of ‘too good to be true.’

The only true way to ‘flip’ money on Cash App is to use their inbuilt referral system. You can create a referral code that earns you $30 when someone uses it to sign up and sends $5 via the app within 14 days.

Cash App has a $5 sign-up bonus when you’re the referred friend who has joined, but you must send $5 within the first 14 days before you’re rewarded. You can send the initial $5 to a friend or family member who can send it back so that you don’t lose any money.

cash app flip

2. Cash App Money Flip Scam Examples

The Cash App Flip scam is always caused by a third party approaching you with a story promising to turn your small amount of money into a large amount. The main two social media platforms where Cash App scammers approach you are Instagram and Facebook. They either post something on their profile or message you directly.

Cash App scammers also send emails, texts, or even call you.

Some of these profiles may look legitimate because they’re often hacked accounts that fraudsters use as a trust basis because they have genuine posts and followers that would otherwise appear normal. They can also hack your friend’s account and pretend to be them, so be careful!

cash app flip

There are endless ways they turn the narrative. These internet villains approach you with their flip money scam, starting with a simple message saying ‘hello’ and then writing you a fairytale about how they can use Cash App to turn, such as a Cash App flip $100 to $800. They might also say you need to gain their ‘trust’ by starting with a small amount.

Sometimes people get tricked into this small sum of money and surprisingly get more back, but this is only their way of getting you to send them a larger sum before they disappear – But don’t try your luck, as these are rare cases.

Cash App Flipping scammers can get smart about how they approach you. They can trigger your fear points by appearing as someone who genuinely cares and is fully capable of making you money, but it’s far from the truth.

cash app flip

Some examples of a Cash App Flip story:

  • The person says it is part of a giveaway or sign-up bonus.
  • The scammer says they can hack the system and show you a fake video to prove it.
  • They show photoshopped images and videos of people they have made money for.
  • They approach you as a stock trader who knows the market and has exceptional abilities.
  • Scammers could pretend to be Cash App employees and ask for account details, only to log in and steal your money.
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Sadly, the Cash App swindle does not always end there…

The money-flipping scam often includes video links that earn ad revenue from you watching it, so avoid it like the plague! Furthermore, they could send you a dummy app to download, sometimes linked to a video they’ve sent, that installs malware onto your phone.

The malware can then steal and sell your information. Any info you put into the fake Cash App also gets taken and sold off. The other non-malware apps that you get prompted to download earn the scammer money through their affiliate link, which is not something you’d like to support.

cash app flip

3. How To Avoid And Keep Yourself Safe From Cash App Flip Scams

The best cure for a Cash App Flipping scam is prevention, and keeping your wits about you and trusting your instincts in the scary internet world will save you plenty of stress and keep your money and information safe.

Note that there is no such thing as a Cash App money flip; the same goes for other payment apps. Fraudsters are creative creatures that lurk behind every form of contact, from social media to phone calls, so be wary of all sources.

Social Media Cash App Flips

To avoid Cash App Flip scams on social media, keep an eye out for the following:

  • Cash App and other flips involve someone promising you to make an unbelievable amount of money, like $100 into $800, in a short amount of time. Sometimes these scammers even promise instant rewards.
  • These scammers will create a sense of urgency to get you to act fast by saying things like the offer is only valid for a limited time. They will be pushy, very pushy.
  • If they show you ‘proof,’ then it is a swindle. That may sound counterintuitive, but the internet and software available to everyone make it incredibly easy to fake evidence.
  • Their social media posts have stories of how other people made money and show images of people advocating the flipping fraud.
  • Your friend or family member’s account may get hacked. The scammer will then approach you as them. Always call your friend before you send them money.
cash app flip

Email Cash App Flips

If someone approaches you via email, the only valid Cash App emails are:

  • (for brokerage accounts)

Even if a full stop is out of place in their email, the source is not to be trusted. You can always contact support via the app or phone call to verify an email from Cash App.

cash app flip

Text And Phone Call Cash App Flips

Cash App may contact you via phone or SMS occasionally, but there are some things they will never ask you to do, which scammers will.

These are the things that Cash App will never ask for on any platform, as stated on their support page:

  • They will never ask you to give them a sign-in code or PIN.
  • They will not ask for bank account information.
  • Cash App won’t ever ask you to make a payment or purchase.
  • There is no such thing as an app you need to download for ‘remote access.’
  • There are no ‘test’ transactions. Only scammers ask for them.
cash app flip

4. What To Do If You Fall Into These Scams

Unfortunately, falling for a money flip is a regular occurrence, and there isn’t much you can do once you’ve been scammed. After you’ve sent money via the Cash App, there is no way to reverse it, even if it is a fraud case, so you should always verify the receiver’s trustworthiness before you press send.

Once all is said and done, the only thing you can really do is report the scammer to Cash App to prevent them from being able to do it again. Cash App will do its own investigation once you report it and shut down fraudulent accounts.

How to report a fraudulent payment:

1. Open Cash App and tap on your profile icon on the screen’s top right corner.

2. Open support.

3. Choose ‘Report a Payment Issue.’

4. Select the payment you made to the scammer and follow the instruction.

If you want to report the entire account for fraudulent activity, you should follow these steps:

1. Open Cash App and tap on the scam account’s profile icon.

2. Scroll to the bottom and tap ‘report.’

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3. Follow the instructions.

If the money flip scammer has reached out to you via social media or email, you should also report their accounts on the platform to help prevent future scams. Instagram and Facebook take reporting seriously, which is a surefire way to protect other unsuspecting people. You can also report their account even if you didn’t make any payment.

5. Other Cash App Scams To Be Avoided 

Cash App Flip scams are not the only swindles lurking around out on the internet. Fraudsters take advantage of the limited knowledge of Cash App to exploit people and steal their money. Knowledge is power, and once you know what kind of trouble Cash App scammers cause, you will be safe from falling into their trap.

Cash App Money Glitch

The Cash App money glitch is a common mythical way to earn money with Cash App and should be avoided at all costs, or else it will cost you. The way this dupe works is that someone will approach you and tell you that you can earn money by doing a simple task.

They will ask you to delete the app and download a fake Cash App and do something simple to get a sum of money on the app. They will send you a video on how it works, which seems pretty convincing, but is far from the truth.

The video will give the scammer ad revenue, and if you download the fake Cash App, you could be installing malware that steals your information. Apps are easy to copy, and you’ll often need to follow a random link to download it off the internet and not an app store.

The money that gets loaded after finishing the task is also fake, with no way of withdrawing it because it is on a dummy app.

$750 Cash App Rumor

There is a slight truth to the 750 Cash App Rumor, which is why it blindsides many people. RewardZone USA offers $750 Cash App rewards for some tasks and verification processes.

Flash Rewards is also a site that offers users a gift card and monetary compensation for completing tasks, and you’ll need to qualify for their $750 Cash App reward. Flash Rewards can take 60 days to complete, and you must spend money to make money.

cash app flip

Since there are legitimate $750 Cash App rewards, scammers take their chances of creating fake $750 giveaways and prizes for Cash App because the advocacy for the actual programs supports that it is real and gets people to fall for the fake one.

cash app flip

Even the legitimate $750 Cash App rewards are dodgy, so you’ll need to research well before joining in on one of these programs for your safety. Truthfully, it is best to avoid these $750 Cash App rewards altogether as you have to provide personal information for verification which is unsafe and leaves you with spam.

Anything you see on social media of these $750 rumors is a scam 99% of the time. There are many people who claim that they’ve received the $750 reward, and some may be true for certain sites, but fake profiles are in the mix, and trusting this potential scam is too risky.

cash app flip

Fake Cash App Giveaways & Sweepstakes

Cash App often has legitimate giveaways and sweepstakes, but swindlers like to make up their own in hopes of getting you to send them money to secure your spot to verify your account. They post these on a fake social media profile, and they will contact you once you give them interest.

The only real Cash App social media handles are:

  • Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok: @CashApp
  • Twitch:
  • Reddit: u/CashAppAndi
  • Facebook: SquareCash

The scammer will request that you pay them a small amount via the Cash App to prove that your account is valid or to secure your position on the sweepstake or giveaway. They might even tell you you’ve won and that your account can only be verified if you pay a fee. Once you do pay them, the scammer will disappear without a trace.

Cash App team hosts sweepstakes on their official Twitter account. Only US residents can participate, and if someone wins, they never ask you to do anything funky and get sent straight to your account via Cash Apps verified $Cashtag.

Cash App representatives will never ask you to pay them for any reason, no matter the circumstances, nor will they require a PIN or password.

Fake Cash App Payment Generator

A forged cash app payment screenshot generator is a tool that allows scammers to fake screenshots that looks like they paid someone through Cash App. There are even websites that can make a fake screenshot video that looks like the scammer is scrolling through the payment history.

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There are many websites that anyone can use to generate these fake images and videos for a fee, all someone needs to do is tell them what payment information they want on the graphic, and then it’s made quick-sticks and sent to you.

These generated images and videos give people enough trust that the payment a scammer promised is pending, which may lead to more tricks up their sleeve, asking for more money. The bottom line is that anyone can use a payment generator to fool you, so you can not ever trust a screenshot or video.

How to identify a fake screenshot from Cash App:

  • If there are any alternating sharp and blurry images, then it is fake.
  • Make sure the green color is exactly the same as on your Cash App.
  • Make sure the shadows all face the same direction.
  • Look at the font accuracy.
  • Look at spacing.
  • Compare the visible icons to your Cash App.
cash app flip

Cash App Referral Lie

As mentioned earlier, Cash App has a $5 sign-up bonus for those who use a referral code and send $5 to someone in 14 days. Sometimes Cash App offers up to $15 for a sign-up reward, but it mostly remains at $5.

Those with a referral code can earn up to $30 for each person who uses it and fulfills the 14-day condition, which is where scammers get greedy. The referral hack lie is when someone approaches you with a genuine referral code, and paints a pretty picture by saying you will get a higher sign-up bonus than what Cash App will actually give you.

These scammers may promise you $50 or something incredulous or play it modest and say you’ll get $20. Whatever they’ve pledged to you, you get what you get, and that’s $5. Once you have signed up with the code, you’re locked in, so there’s no going back, unfortunately. Now that you know this cheeky swindle, ask a friend or family member for their referral instead!

Puppy/Pet Cash App Scam

People like to cheat the system and take people for an unwanted ride, and one of the payment apps that fall part of their scam is Cash App. If you’re looking for a pet, especially an expensive purebred, you might search Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace and find a sweet deal that’s too good to miss. Unfortunately, you may have stumbled upon a deception.

These sellers are scammers who will show you photos of the animals and tell you that you need to secure the pet by paying them a fee via Cash App, only to disappear with their fake images and block you afterward.

These scammers do not usually communicate outside of their platform, and their low prices will tempt you. You should never pay someone for something without seeing them in person first, even if it is for something you’ll only receive later. Ask the person if you can visit the new litter of puppies before paying them.

Apartment/Home Rental Cash App Scam

It is incredibly typical to pay for accommodation before you arrive there. Still, unfortunately, this won’t work for home rentals because scammers will set up fake profiles and share pictures of a building, which you’ll never see because they’re fake.

Your interest in the home or apartment will have the scammer ask you to pay a deposit via Cash App to secure it. They will then disappear with your money, and you will not have a place to stay. You should always visit the rental before making a deposit.

cash app flip

Wrap Up

Although cash flipping can be tangible, Cash App Flips are a complete scam, and you can never trust it. Scammers will approach you or advertise on social media, promising you the world, but once you pay them via Cash App, all is said and done, and they will disappear. All you can do if you fall for their trap is to report it.

You must keep yourself safe from Cash App scams by being wary of what’s out there. Never trust screenshots, click on videos, or download fake apps. Cash App scammers are creative and can go about swindling you in many ways, but now that you know what to expect and the way to avoid it all, you are safe!


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