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Best Ways To Get Paid By Clicking Ads In 2023

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In 2023, millions of people commonly have some form of money-generating side hustle. While there are numerous popular and easy ways for anyone to make some extra spending cash, getting paid to click on online ads has recently become globally prevalent. While users will be exposed to various scams, this article will detail how to make money by clicking on ads.

Getting paid a small amount for simply clicking on a prescribed ad is among the best and most efficient ways for anyone to make their side hustle profitable. The amount of money you will make is directly related to the specific website, available time, and platform you signed up with.

While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to quickly generate cash online, most are difficult to master, leading to people pursuing other ventures. Getting paid to click on various ads is a relatively new concept, with globally revered companies such as Neobux, Swagbucks, and Inbox Dollars being the market leaders.

This article will detail how to sign up and instantly generate cash.

What Are The Best Ways To Get Paid By Clicking Ads In 2023?

Getting paid to click on specific ads is among the most effective, consistent, and reliable ways for anyone globally to generate some extra spending money monthly.

While, to the average person, it may seem counterintuitive to watch advertisements that are not relevant or interesting, it has developed into one of the most profitable online ventures over the last few years.

Using precious and limited free time-consuming irrelevant advertisements may waste time. However, this thinking is misguided as most western citizens are constantly exposed to various advertisements daily. You will be shocked if you evaluate how much time you spend scrolling social media, watching online videos, or consuming news.

Suppose you are willing to dedicate the same time to watching, interacting, and consuming appropriate ads prescribed by dedicated sites. In that case, you can make significant money without putting in too much physical, mental, or emotional effort. Most people are utterly unaware of the number and intensity of advertisements they are inadvertently exposed to daily.

Advertisements are permanently entrenched within most cultures, societies, and countries, with experts predicting they will be prominent in their various forms for centuries to come. Usually, advertisements are exemplified in physical billboards, television, online pop-up banners, social media, and even at the most notable shopping locations.

The undeniable prevalence of ads in every area of everyday life demonstrates their influence, importance, and profitability. Some claim that the number of ads the average citizen is bombarded with daily has a significant impact on the human brain, with can negatively or positively affect a person depending on their mental state.

It is crucial to note that consuming an advertisement takes a certain amount of time. The time it takes to fully consume the ad and how it might benefit a specific area of your life cannot be recovered, no matter how hard you try.

While the debate concerning the long-term impacts caused by subconsciously consuming a significant number of different ads rages on, any reasonable person will eventually attempt to obtain financial remuneration for their efforts.

 Despite getting paid to click and consume ads being a relatively novel concept, which most people are unaware of, it is a noble pursuit in modern society.

However, while the signing up and earning processes are easy for most modern people, generating a significant amount of cash during your pursuit is near impossible. Instead, people should consider the task as a profitable side hustle.

Receiving a small amount of cash each time you click on a prescribed ad is more straightforward than most assume, with numerous dedicated and reliable websites currently operational. If you want to earn money by consuming certain ads, continue reading this article to the end. It will detail the best approach to follow, the advantages, and the disadvantages.

Sites That Will Pay You To Click On Ads

The most vital step a user can take towards getting paid for clicking on certain ads is selecting a renowned and legitimate site, most optimal for their needs.

As with most online pursuits in 2023, users must be aware of the outrageous number of scams operating within the enormous online global industry. To avoid the horrific pain associated with being scammed, often resulting in wasted time, energy, and hard-earned money, it is recommended to undertake appropriate research or select one of the sites listed below.

In addition, committing to a thorough research process is frustrating and time-consuming; however, it is essential as it will directly impact the amount of cash you can make, ad availability, and your ability to withdraw instantly.

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The ten websites mentioned below are legitimate, with significantly more positive than negative reviews.

1. Neobux

neobux logo

At the time of writing, many consider Neobux to be the best site and industry leader regarding users getting paid to click on ads.

Neobux is a relatively novel site compared to others mentioned throughout this article, such as Inbox Dollars, My Points, and Swagbucks. Despite being new to the game, Neobux has rapidly disrupted the global online market, with its unique utilization of powerful artificial intelligence technology being its fundamental distinguishing feature.

The amount of money you can realistically earn by clicking on relevant ads available on Neobux’s user interface is highly variable. In comparison, the different sums of money obtained by clicking on various ads can occasionally be a drawback if you are constantly exposed to low-paying renditions.

However, Neobux’s advanced artificial technology combined with a world-class and dedicated team frequently leads to users being able to access significantly higher-paying advertisements. It is worth noting that you will be reimbursed per the quality of the specific ad, how you signed up, and where you are located.

People residing in western countries, especially the United States and Europe, will receive more money for each ad they appropriately consume. This is due to the client that initially created the advertisement usually being willing to spend more cash for users in western locations to consume as they value their opinions highly.

After using Neobux’s website for a few days, the company’s numerous strengths become abundantly clear. First-time and experienced Neobux users have instant access to many relevant ads, meaning they can dedicate all their free time to their online pursuits.

Neobux has an incredibly low withdrawal limit of $2, significantly lower than most other businesses competing in the same space. Users can expect to earn between $0.01 and $0.1 for each ad they consume, which they can directly deposit using Neteller or Skrill advanced payment platforms.

2. Inbox Dollars

inboxdollars logo

Many frequently argue that Inbox Dollars is the best, most reliable, and biggest multinational company operating within the enormous global online economy.

No matter which side of the argument you favor, Inbox Dollars’ worldwide reach, scope, and size are unquestionable. Inbox Dollars has paid millions of dollars to thousands of independent users for completing various tasks best suited to their requirements.

However, many Inbox Dollars users are unaware they can generate additional monthly income by consuming various advertisements suggested by the company’s technologically-developed interface and platform. For each ad you watch utilizing Inbox Dollars’ website, the company will give you $0.02 in return.

Receiving $0.02 for consuming an individual ad is a fair amount of money compared to the minimal effort required. However, $0.02 is flat, meaning you cannot earn additional cash for watching relevant and expensive ads. While other sites can pay users more per ad consumed, they can also pay less if its relevance is slightly below average.

Signing up for Inbox Dollars is free, effortless, and straightforward. Once you have completed the initial onboarding process, Inbox Dollars will suggest various tasks you can complete for different financial incentives, such as filling out surveys, downloading apps, reviewing unreleased websites, and watching ads.

Inbox Dollars will instantly credit your in-app account once you have finished the chosen task, which can instantly be withdrawn into your PayPal, Visa, and Sephora accounts. Conversely, users can redeem their in-app accounts’ dollar amounts through relatable Amazon gift cards.

3. My Points

Mypoints logo

Over the last five years, My Points has experienced constant and exponential growth, leading to the company being considered alongside traditional big names such as Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks.

Singing up to My Points is an effortless and straightforward process. Interestingly, My Points offers any new users a free $10 as a signup bonus, which can instantly be withdrawn into your chosen bank account.

Once you have completed the initial onboarding process and received your signup bonus, My Points will allow you to make small sums of money in various ways. Previously, My Points directed most of their focus and resources on completing surveys, downloading games, and rating mobile applications.

However, the company shifted towards a modern and highly profitable approach over the last five years. The company’s streamlined approach is exemplified by users who can consume certain relevant advertisements in return for a tiny amount of cash.

Users can expect to earn between $0.01 and $0.03 for watching a prescribed ad. Despite the company’s associated financial incentive for watching ads being incredibly low, users can consume as many viable options as possible.

Experienced My Points users correctly claim that if they dedicate enough time daily to consuming ads, they can make a few hundred dollars over a month. Once your My Points account has crossed the $10 threshold, the company will directly deposit the cash into your bank, PayPal, or Visa account.

4. Swagbucks

Swahbuckks logo

Many experts have considered Swagbucks, the global money-making industry leader for the previous decade.

Swagbucks is a good way for inexperienced users to start, as the company is reliable, trustworthy, and continuously expanding. Signing up with Swagbucks is an effortless process, with users automatically receiving a $10 bonus once the onboarding process has been fully completed.

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While Swagbucks offers users numerous viable ways to consistently generate small amounts of money, clicking on appropriate ads is among the least time-consuming and easiest ways to make some extra spending cash.

Unfortunately, Swagbucks pays users a flat rate of $0.01 per click, which they receive in the form of two Swagbucks tokens, the accepted in-app currency. Anyone experienced in getting paid to consume ads will attest that it is not a way to make life-changing money.

However, if you watch ads out the corner of your eye when working, consume ads between your busy work schedule, or leave ads to play automatically while you sleep, the $0.01 amount will compound quickly.

Users must remember that they are accustomed to watching hundreds of ads daily for free, meaning that consuming them at a time of their choosing while being remunerated is free money. Swagbucks users can withdraw their earnings into their personal bank accounts, PayPal accounts, or in the form of an Amazon gift card once they have reached the $10 minimum limit.

5. GPT Planet

GPTplanet logo

GPT Planet is a lesser-known company; it was introduced into the highly competitive global market less than two years ago.

Over the last two years, GPT Planet has significantly increased its market share due to its unique interactive website interface. After users have completed the onboarding process, GPT Planet will suggest various appropriate ads that can be consumed. In return, GPT Planet will pay users a flat rate of $0.01 per ad.

Despite the $0.01 offered for each ad being insignificant in the grander scheme of things, it can quickly compound into a decent amount of extra spending if users are dedicated and consistent in their novel online venture.

It is worth noting that GPT Planet makes it incredibly effortless for users to obtain paying ads to consume while simultaneously offering members various profitable affiliate marketing opportunities. GPT Planet does not have a minimum withdrawal limit, with the company paying its users through PayPal deposits, bank account deposits, and Amazon gift cards.

6. Ibotta

Ibotta logo

Traditionally, Ibotta was considered by many to be a cashback website while also offering users the opportunity to complete certain tasks in return for a small amount of money.

However, Ibotta has continued developing its product offerings, technology, and artificial intelligence, resulting in the company allowing users to generate some spending cash by consuming multiple ads daily.

It is worth noting that Ibotta’s payment scheme is not significant enough to rapidly enhance your financial situation. However, users dedicating a portion of their free time during the day to the website can build up a sizeable financial sum before they know it.

Ibotta’s minimum withdrawal threshold is $20. The company offers users the chance to watch relevant ads, in return for a $0.02 flat rate, before progressing through the website or completing a product purchase.

7. Scarlet Clicks

get paid $10 to click ads

Scarlet Clicks is relatively similar to GPT Planet concerning its fundamental applications and outcomes, with experts currently rating it among other big-name companies such as Inbox Dollars.

Scarlet Clicks requires users to complete a simple singing process before allowing them to choose from various ads to consume in return for a small sum. Usually, the company will pay users an industry standard flat rate of $0.01 for each ad they consume.

Once Scarlet Click members cross a $2 threshold, they can withdraw their money through PayPal, AirTM, Neteller, or Skrill, demonstrating the modern approach implemented by the pioneering company.

Despite Scarlet Clicks being one of the industry’s lesser-known companies, it is highly recommended for first-time users due to its ease of use, functional interface, and individual assistance and support.

8. ySense

get paid $10 to click ads

Since being introduced into the global online money-making markets, ySense has retained a stellar reputation for being a virtual community allowing thousands of people to generate extra cash.

ySense mainly operates as a platform seamlessly linking people from all four corners globally. While the company mostly offers users the ability to earn small sums of money by completing surveys, filling out online questionnaires, and consuming relevant ads.

It is worth noting that ySense will continuously suggest certain products, services, and downloadable apps to their users. While this can undoubtedly enable users to earn additional spending money monthly, it is recommended to stick to consuming ads while simultaneously receiving appropriate financial compensation.

ySense is the best choice for inexperienced users aiming to enter the industry without going through too much unnecessary stress. The company does not have a withdrawal limit at the time of writing and will pay users via direct deposit, PayPal, Skrill, and Cash App.

9. Rakuten

get paid $10 to click ads

Rakuten is among the biggest, most profitable, and most revered companies operating within the online money-making global industry.

Despite Rakuten traditionally functioning as a cashback website, the company has continuously expanded due to excellent management, outstanding long-term vision, and unmatched research and development investments.

While most online users automatically relate Rakuten with online shopping pursuits, the influential business has started offering people the opportunity to earn extra cash by watching or consuming suggested ads.

Interestingly, Rakuten does not allow users to select the ads they want to consume. Instead, the company forces users to watch an ad before completing any online purchase. Despite it being infuriating for most people to watch unnecessary ads, Rakuten will appropriately reimburse you for your time.

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Rakuten members can withdraw their account balance once it has reached a $10 threshold. However, it is crucial to remember that the company pays its users every three months through direct deposit, PayPal, or Amazon gift cards.

10. Offernation

get paid $10 to click ads

Offernation is the newest website mentioned throughout this article.

Despite its relatively recent entry into the highly competitive global online money-generating market, the company has made significant inroads. The onboarding process is as straightforward and seamless as expected, with the company automatically giving users a free $0.25 sign-up bonus.

While Offernation has faced criticism from various corners of the internet, with many claiming the site is a scam. However, this narrative could not be further from the truth, as Offernation has dedicated an entire webpage to educate people about how it works, pays out, and obtains clients.

Offernation members can make additional money by filling out questionnaires, completing surveys, and downloading certain mobile applications, although generating a small yet constant amount of money by consuming ads is the easiest way to significantly enhance monthly cash flows.

Pros And Cons Of Getting Paid To Click On Ads


  • Incredibly easy to instantly make a small amount of money.
  • Does not require any significant effort.
  • Clicking on ads is not significantly time-consuming.
  • Getting paid to watch ads, which most people do hundreds of times on an average day for free, is a good way to utilize time usually spent mindlessly scrolling social media, watching tv, or playing various online mobile games.
  • Signing up for a legitimate company will take less than five minutes.
  • Getting paid to click on ads is a non-invasive way to generate spending cash.
  • Getting money for consuming ads will enhance your daily productivity and earning potential, removing most of the unprofitable time usually wasted doing nothing.
  • Generating a small amount of cash regularly throughout the day, in your spare time, or while you are waiting around is easy.
  • Getting paid to click on ads does not require any upfront investment.
  • Signing to one of the legitimate sites mentioned above does not come with any hidden or overt risk.
  • There is no age limit.
  • You can instantly access paid ads from anywhere worldwide with a stable internet connection.
  • Requires incredibly little effort to sign up and start making money with one of the sites mentioned above.


  • The industry is highly competitive, with the competitiveness predicted to continue increasing.
  • You will only receive between $0.01 and $0.03 for consuming an ad, no matter how long or tedious it may be.
  • There is minimal opportunity to scale your earnings.
  • Generating enough money to fully replace your full-time job is near impossible.
  • Continuously watching ads can be draining and tiring.
  • It often takes months of daily dedication to generate enough money to reach the withdrawal threshold of most sites.
  • Difficult to withdraw money in the first month or two.
  • Progress is slow
  • It can induce severe boredom.
  • Will require the consumption of significant amounts of expensive mobile data if users can’t locate a reliable Wi-Fi connection
  • Requires users to spend even more time than usual on their mobile phones.

How To Get Paid By Clicking On Ads?

The entire process involved with getting paid to click on ads is straightforward, with it usually taking between five and ten minutes to have an account with multiple websites.

1. Identify one of the sites mentioned above or a separate one of your choosing.

2. Ensure the site is legitimate and perfectly suited to your requirements.

3. Sign up or become a site member by entering your details, such as age, gender, email address, and cellphone number.

4. Link your bank, PayPal, Skrill, or other accounts with your chosen website.

5. Orientate yourself with the website and its accompanying interface.

6. Click on an ad the website suggests or allows you to select.

7. Consume the entire ad, commonly presented in a video format.

8. Repeatedly consume suggested ads until you have generated sufficient cash.

9. Withdraw the money you made directly into your bank or PayPal account while initially ensuring you have more than the website’s stipulated threshold.

10. Sign up with multiple legitimate websites, watch as many ads as possible, and watch your free spending money multiply in front of your eyes.

Wrap Up

In 2023, getting paid to click on suggested ads has become one of the most reliable, consistent, and easy ways to generate extra cash as a side hustle. While remuneration rates associated with getting paid to consume ads remain relatively low, the process is incredibly effortless and straightforward, with the lack of effort required to attract countless new users.


get paid $10 to click ads


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