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15 Ideas Where To Sell Beanie Babies In 2023

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In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Beanie Babies were the most prevalent stuffed animal toy globally, with their unmatched demand reaching heights retailers previously thought impossible. Over the previous two decades, the Beanie Babies craze has subsided; however, numerous people are willing to spend significant sums on preserved collectors’ versions in 2023.

There are many places to sell your Beanie Babies but not all are reliable. The 15 best places to sell your Beanie Babies are:

Is Selling Beanie Babies A Lucrative Way To Earn Money?

In 2023, most Beanie Babies are not enough to be a lucrative source of income; however, numerous rare and collectible versions frequently fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction.

As with any product, Beanie Babies are exposed to the economic rule of demand and supply. Some exclusive Beanie Babies, such as the purple Princess Bear, are known to have sold for more than $100.000 on eBay in late 2019, indicating the intense demand for the archaic stuffed toys.

At the same time, most of the Beanie Babies people still possess are not worth any notable amount of money. It is usually not worth your time, effort, or money to list it on one of the marketplace companies discussed below.

It is worth noting that evaluating your Beanie Babies’ intrinsic worth is incredibly challenging at the best of times, as there is no standardized or accepted valuation method within the ever-increasing global industry.

In addition, there is a lack of official Beanie Baby appraisers, making it difficult for the average person to accurately determine how much their Beanie Baby is currently worth.

However, if you stumble across a well-preserved Beanie Baby, likely hidden in your attic for decades, there are several factors you must consider before concluding if it’s worth the effort to list and sell it or not.

The generation and release date of your specific Beanie Baby is the most important factor for any potential seller to consider. Suppose you own a fourth or fifth-generation Beanie Baby.

In that case, the likelihood of successfully obtaining an enormously high price at auction is substantially enhanced, as enthusiastic collectors will do anything to take your model home with them.

selling beanie babies

Secondly, the materials used to construct your Beanie Baby will directly influence the final selling price. If your Beanie Baby comprises polyethylene pellets, it will not be as valuable as a similar Beanie Baby constructed using significantly rarer polyvinyl chloride pellets.

While the utilized materials, the generation, and its release date are the most important factors to consider regarding your Beanie Babies’ intrinsic value, other characteristics such as the model’s current condition, limited editions, color variations, hype, trends, collector preferences, and supply limitations will directly influence the final selling price.

It is well known that most Beanie Babies will not generate north of $100 as their demand is substantially lower than some of their rarer counterparts. At the same time, current trends, hype, and differing global economic markets can result in your Beanie Baby being purchased for less than it is intrinsically worth.

Selling any unwanted Beanie Babies is an effortless process in 2023, with eBay, Etsy, Sell2BBNovelties, and antique stores currently being the most viable options. Amazingly, some rarer Beanie Babies can fetch thousands of dollars if they are marketed and sold correctly.

Despite Beanie Babies’ global popularity and demand being far below the level of the early 2000s, many enthusiasts are willing to buy collector versions for eye-watering money. Suppose you have a pristinely preserved Beanie Baby model you no longer use.

In that case, you can list it on one of the marketplaces mentioned throughout this article and generate some serious cash.

Buying and selling Beanie Babies can be one of the most lucrative business models in 2023 and beyond. However, to make money selling the widely popular stuffed toys of the early 2000s, you must constantly follow relevant online trends, indicators, market fluctuations, and global demand before listing your Beanie Baby on one of the marketplaces below.

selling beanie babies

15 Ideal Places For Selling Beanie Babies

Selling Beanie Babies for high prices is challenging for inexperienced traders; however, in 2023, numerous reliable, viable, authentic, and straightforward options will exist.

Industry experts and experienced Beanie Babies’ sellers recommend starting your lucrative journey by marketing your specific version through well-known online marketplaces such as eBay, Etsy, and Facebook Marketplace.

Online marketplaces are accepted as being the place where most serious buyers operate, meaning your Beanie Babies chances of being sold are high.

Conversely, suppose you cannot successfully sell your Beanie Baby on major online marketplaces. In that case, you can list your item on one of a few of the local selling sites mentioned below, such as OfferUp and Craigslist.

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If all else fails, selling your Beanie Baby at local antique stores, collectible retailers or flea markets will undoubtedly have a significantly positive outcome.

1. eBay

It is widely accepted that eBay has been the biggest, most popular, and most viable online marketplace globally for the previous two decades, making it the perfect place to sell Beanie Babies.

Utilizing eBay as a virtual store to sell, buy, or trade Beanie Babies is the obvious choice for most people in 2023; however, the digital marketplace’s sheer size, scale, and power are frequently underrated. The main advantage of selling your Beanie Babies on eBay is the website’s ease of use, familiarity, and having a specific Beanie Baby collectors section.

The automatically designated Beanie Babies section on eBay’s main website is a major advantage for anyone attempting to sell their forgotten popular stuffed toy from the early 2000s. In addition, it enables sellers to effortlessly and accurately evaluate their Beanie Baby by comparing it to other similar listings currently on the site.

Furthermore, the number of daily eBay users will likely increase your Beanie Babies’ final selling price while ensuring it is sold. Unfortunately, many of eBay’s main competitors possess a far lower daily audience, often resulting in intrinsically valuable Beanie Babies remaining unsold. 

However, it is worth noting that eBay is the most viable option for users attempting to sell Beanie Babies worth less than $150. Usually, sellers find it incredibly challenging to sell any product worth more than $150 or $200 as eBay retains most of its focus and investment on quickly flipping various small items for profit.

2. Etsy

Over the last decade, Etsy has developed into an incredibly popular, lucrative, and reliable online marketplace, so selling Beanie Babies on its platform is highly recommended.

Beanie Babies worth $50 to $200 should be marketed on Etsy’s enormous global platform as that is the financial sweet spot for most enthusiastic Beanie Baby collectors. While some Etsy list Beanie Babies worth less than $50 and significantly more than $200, their items do not sell as well as their cheaper counterparts.

Moreover, Etsy currently possesses hundreds of Beanie Baby listings, allowing you to easily obtain an indication of how much your specific item is worth on global and digital marketplaces. To sell your Beanie Baby on Etsy will require you to create a unique account before listing each product with accompanying pictures and as much relevant information as possible.

You must pay a $0.20 price tag for listing your item on Etsy, while a further 5% seller’s commission will be induced for each sale.

3. Sell2BBNovelties

selling beanie babies

Sell2BBNovelties is a modern and pioneering platform that has become additionally prevalent over the last few years.

Essentially, Sell2BBNovelties will purchase a Beanie Baby from you directly, meaning you are not required to list or market the item at any time during the selling process. Sell2BBNovelties exclusively specializes in novelty items, which include the most well-preserved Beanie Babies.

Due to the continued global demand for Beanie Babies, Sell2BBNovelties has a specific section dedicated to their various listings. Selling your Beanie Baby to Sell2BBNovelties is incredibly straightforward, requiring the user to obtain a relevant quote before shipping the product off the Sell2BBNovelties headquarters.

If your Beanie Baby is deemed appropriate, sufficient, and financially viable, Sell2BBNovelties will instantly transfer you the cash stated in the original quote. While it is worth noting that Sell2BBNovelties only purchases pristinely preserved Beanie Babies, you will automatically obtain a free shipping voucher for $30.

The main benefit of selling your Beanie Baby on Sell2BBNovelties is the ability to instantly search and obtain, using the last 5 digits of the accompanying barcode, the probable value of your item on the site’s unique lookup library. Sell2BBNovelties is the most viable option for anyone attempting to sell a well-preserved Beanie Baby in exchange for a few hundred dollars.

4. Collectible Stores

selling beanie babies

While local collectible stores do not offer an online platform to sell your Beanie Babies, they usually buy and sell most collectibles, no matter their present condition.

Usually, local collectible stores, its owner, and employees have sufficient knowledge and experience to assist you in selling your specific Beanie Baby. In addition, collectible store owners and employees are up to date with the latest market and industry trends, meaning they will offer you a fair price for your Beanie Baby.

Locating the most viable local collectible store will require a simple internet search. Once you have identified the most appropriate store for your requirements, you must bring the Beanie Baby in so they can inspect it before offering to take it off your hands for a fair market-based price.

5. Antique Stores

For the last few centuries, antique stores have been considered the best and often only place to sell unwanted household items in exchange for an appropriate amount of money.

Selling your Beanie Baby at a nearby antique store is the most viable option for most people in 2023. Most antique stores possess a major network of long-time enthusiasts and collectors that can fairly evaluate your Beanie Baby before permanently taking it off your hands.

Some local antique stores do not specialize in Beanie Babies or have little experience trading them, meaning getting a few alternative external evaluation opinions is vital before parting with your archaic product.

6. Flea Markets

Globally, flea markets have traditionally been associated with a casual and fun atmosphere, significantly enhancing the interpersonal price negotiations between potential sellers and buyers.

If you attempt to sell many Beanie Babies simultaneously as a whole collection, local flea markets remain your best option in 2023. It is important to display your Beanie Babies aesthetically pleasing, which will likely attract substantially more buyers to your store.

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Usually, you should attend the most popular local flea markets as they have the largest number of potential buyers. The most viable flea markets are advertised on social media platforms and through flyers at most local supermarkets.

7. Craigslist

Craigslist has been considered among the biggest and most popular online marketplaces, although the listed products are exclusively local.

Posting your colorful Beanie Baby listing on Craigslist is an effortless, free, and straightforward process, automatically enabling you to reach an incredibly broad local audience. It should be noted that buyers on Craigslist are open to negotiation, which can be a positive or negative element depending on your current requirements.

Creating a striking, unique, and attractive advertisement is essential due to the intense local competition and the enormous variety buyers are exposed to daily.

8. Pawn Shops

While pawn shops will not pay you as much money for your Beanie Baby as some of the other marketplaces listed in this article, you can guarantee the sale of your product.

Selling your sentimental Beanie Baby for less than its worth is not ideal for anyone; however, if you are facing severe financial difficulties, selling your Beanie Baby to a local pawn shop is the most viable and reliable option.

9. Plush Collector

Plush Collector has recently emerged as a competitor to other online marketplaces such as Etsy, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace.

It is worth noting that Plush Collector’s online platform allows users from anywhere in the world to advertise, sell, and trade their Beanie Babies without any sales or listing costs. To sell your Beanie Baby on Plush Collectors’ enormous online platform will require you to create a new account, obtain a quote, and receive your money if the item’s assumed condition is acceptable.

Unlike Sell2BBNovelties, Plush Collector will purchase your Beanie Baby despite its unappealing condition, although the company does not pay as much for the item as most of its direct competitors do. Furthermore, Plush Collector will cover your shipping fees entirely if it is less than $30.

10. Sell4Value

Sell4Value is a unique online marketplace platform allowing users to sell their unwanted Beanie Babies for a fair market price.

To sell your Beanie Baby on Sell4Value’s global platform, you must complete an application form before receiving a quote from the company. Once you have accepted the quote, your product will be shipped to their headquarters, and you will receive the agreed-upon amount of money in your chosen bank account.

11. Mercari

Mercari is not as well known as most of the other digital marketplaces mentioned on this list, although it should not be overlooked as a potential place of sale.

Selling your Beanie Baby on Mercari will require you to download their modern mobile application before listing your item with appropriate accompanying information, pictures, and anything else worth noting.

While it is free to list your Beanie Baby on Mercari, the company will charge a 10% sales commission fee.

12. Facebook Marketplace

While many underrate it, Facebook Marketplace is among the best, most lucrative, and most attractive places to sell unwanted Beanie Babies.

Facebook Marketplace has a global and significant audience, meaning the likelihood of selling your rate Beanie Baby for a large sum of cash is dramatically enhanced. Despite the tedious negotiation process, selling your Beanie Baby on Facebook’s Marketplace is the most viable and assured way to make money in exchange for your preserved yet unwanted item.

13. OfferUp

OfferUp is an online marketplace platform many consider similar to Facebook’s Marketplace’s current offering.

Users can sell almost anything on OfferUp, including valuable yet unwanted Beanie Babies. While users can create multiple listings for free, OfferUp, unfortunately, charges a 13% commission fee on any sale generated from their digital marketplace.

14. Bonanza

Bonanza is a modern alternative to many of the major online platforms mentioned throughout this article.

You can list, market, and sell almost any product imaginable on Bonanza’s enormous global platform. However, it must be noted that Bonanza charges significantly reduced selling and listing fees compared to its main competitors.

Bonanza allows seamless integration with other online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. The company charges a negligible $0.25 to list any item and a 3.5% seller’s fee, making it among the best places to sell your Beanie Baby for significant cash.

15. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is the most viable online marketplace option for vintage Beanie Babies. If you cannot sell your Beanie Baby on the major international platforms discussed above, Ruby Lane is your best bet, as it exclusively specializes in high-quality vintage products.

Ruby Lane usually lists Beanie Babies with a price of between $25 and $50. However, if requested, the revered marketplace will allow users to push their unique Beanie Baby products to a significantly higher price point.

What Beanie Babies Are Valuable For Selling? 

While each Beanie Baby may hold a special and sentimental place in our lives, some are worth more than others.

The most reliable and efficient way of determining the value of your Beanie Baby is by searching online for a similar item. The current average online prices accurately indicate how much money you could generate by selling your valuable and sentimental Beanie Baby.

Experts recommend obtaining the year your Beanie Baby was produced, its generation, condition, and materials. Once you clearly understand the most crucial factors, you can decide if selling your stuffed toy is worth the effort. It should be noted that well-preserved Beanie Babies with a small error can fetch more online marketplaces than ones in perfect condition.

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Currently, the 10 most valuable Beanie Babies are Princess the Bear, Piccadilly Attic, Bubbles the Fish, Jolly the Walrus, Righty the Elephant, Lefty the Donkey, Valentino Bear, Millennium Bear, Hope Bear, and Brownie, the Bear. If you have any of these editions in a well-preserved condition, you will be guaranteed to make substantial money in exchange for your stuffed toy.

How To Sell Beanie Babies? 

Selling Beanie Babies has never been easier than in 2023, with various online marketplaces presenting the biggest opportunities to everyday sellers.

Simply placing a bland advertisement on one of the major global marketplaces such as eBay, Etsy, and Facebook Marketplace will not result in much interest from buyers.

However, if you submit an appealing photo and vast amounts of appropriate accompanying information, the online marketplaces will suggest your advertisement to millions, leading to a positive selling outcome.

Furthermore, it is vital to thoroughly research and analyze competing products, as this will allow you to accurately indicate how much you should list the Beanie Baby for. The condition, rarity, and global demand for your specific Beanie Baby will determine how much you can sell it for.

The most viable option for selling your Beanie Baby is on eBay’s gigantic global platform, followed by Etsy and Facebook Marketplace. By selling your Beanie Baby on one of these major international platforms, you can make a life-changing sum if you are fortunate enough to own one of the most highly demanded-iterations.

Selling Beanie Babies Dos and Don’ts

For experienced online buyers, sellers, and traders, selling a Beanie Baby should be straightforward; however, there are a few crucial aspects to remember if this is your first attempt.


  • First, determine the value of your Beanie Baby by finding similar listings currently advertised on the world’s biggest online marketplace platforms.
  • Determine how much you want to sell your Beanie Baby for
  • Create a colorful, enthralling, captivating, and accurate advertisement.
  • List your advertisement on one of the platforms recommended above.
  • Ensure you obtain the price you are satisfied with during the negotiation phase.
  • Ensure you have the customer’s cash in hand before parting ways with your Beanie Baby.


  • Do not list your Beanie Baby for less or more than its intrinsic value.
  • Do not list your product without a sufficient product description and accompanying picture.
  • Do not list on a site with exorbitant sales fees.
  • Do not list your product on an untrustworthy website.
  • Do not part ways with your Beanie Baby unless you have received your money; unfortunately, there are numerous scams online sellers have to navigate before the sale is finalized.

Beanie Babies Sellers’ Reviews

The online sellers’ reviews on Reddit and Quora are overwhelmingly positive, as most have obtained an obscene sum of money in exchange for their unwanted Beanie Babies.

The only issue visible throughout an extensive analysis of appropriate online forums is the number of daily scams sellers are exposed to. It is tricky to constantly navigate through these challenging waters.

However, if you list with a trustworthy site such as eBay and Esty, you usually receive automatic seller protection, meaning you will not lose your money under any conditions.

Moreover, some reviewers state that they face significant difficulties selling their items, mainly due to listing them without a sufficient description, photo, and initial pricing.

If the reviews can be trusted, selling any Beanie Baby online is a guaranteed way to make some additional money. However, it should be noted that some are worth significantly more than others.


Which Beanie Babies Are The Most Valuable? 

While any well-preserved Beanie Baby is valuable in its own right, some models are worth an incredible amount of money. The 10 most valuable Beanie Babies are Princess the Bear, Piccadilly Attic, Bubbles the Fish, Jolly the Walrus, Righty the Elephant, Lefty the Donkey, Valentino Bear, Millennium Bear, Hope Bear, and Brownie, the Bear.

How To Determine If My Beanie Baby Is Valuable? 

If you have a limited edition Beanie Baby or a later-generation model that remains pristine, your stuffed toy is as valuable as possible. However, if your Beanie Baby is a prior model or has minor imperfections, you will still obtain a decent sum of cash.

While there are many ways to determine the value of your Beanie Baby, the final price will be determined by global demand, meaning you could make life-changing overnight if you are willing to take the risk.

What Is The Most Expensive Beanie Baby Of All Time? 

In early 2010, an anonymous online buyer purchased a Beanie Baby labeled Large Wallace and a few other models for more than $600.000, demonstrating the global demand for the archaic stuffed toy.

Wrap Up

Despite Beanie Babies being pulled from global production in the early 2000s, the popular stuffed animal toy has retained much of its appeal to thousands of collectors and enthusiasts. If you have an unwanted Beanie Baby, list it on eBay, Etsy, or Facebook Marketplace; you never know, you could make hundreds of thousands of dollars overnight.


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