typing online jobs at home

15 High-Paying Typing Online Jobs At Home (A Must Try Sidehustle)

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typing online jobs at home

There are various high-paying typing online jobs that you can do at home if you have good typing skills and some spare time. Most online typing jobs do not pay a lot, but if you have some specialized expertise, like a law background, you can make a good living from online typing. Online typing opportunities are becoming popular, especially for those looking for a side hustle.

Online typing jobs at home are a popular way to earn additional income. Experience, typing speed, skill, and accuracy are essential factors that determine earnings. Online typing provides flexible hours. Data entry, transcribing, and translating are some categories that pay well.

Online typing jobs will not make you rich, but it is a great side hustle, especially if you want to work flexible hours in the comfort of your home. Online typing providers have different application requirements, and being accepted depends on various factors. Thousands of people earn money typing at home, and if you can produce 60 words a minute, you should consider joining.

What Are Online Typing Jobs?

typing online jobs at home

Online typing is a way for anyone to earn money working from home using their typing skills. All remote or freelance typing opportunities require some measure of typing, although not all require 60 words or more per minute. Some online typing jobs are done on a mobile device, while others need a computer or laptop.

Various online typing platforms provide freelance typing opportunities in various categories. Some online typing involves transcribing and copying documents etc., but it is all done on a freelance basis and remotely with flexible hours. Some online typing websites pay hourly, and others per completed project.

15 Best Typing Online Jobs Sites

typing online jobs at home

Many people are looking to earn money from home. One of the best methods to supplement your income on the side or work from home full-time is to type. If you have good typing skills, determination, and free time, you will find typing online jobs a great opportunity.

Finding a legitimate online typing job that suits your hours, pays enough, and that you can do from home is not as difficult as you may think. Various online typing sites require skilled typists to transcribe audio files, capture data, and much more. There are numerous sites, and not all of them work and pay the same, but here are 15 sites that can help you make a more informed decision:


typing online jobs at home

According to REALSIMPLE magazine’s list of top 100 companies, Rev.com offers skilled locals the opportunity to earn money from home. With Rev, you choose your hours while having the advantage of selecting projects that suit you.

Transcript jobs like podcasts, interviews, and lectures are some projects they provide. If you are bilingual, you can earn more by transcribing and translating, and Rev.com pays weekly via PayPal. Basic requirements include a pc or laptop and stable internet.

How Rev.com Works

Registering at Rev.com as an independent transcriptionist requires a quick grammar test to evaluate your English language accuracy and complete a three-minute transcription. The transcript sample is a short audio file done on Rev.com’s online editor.



TranscribeMe provides online opportunities for part-time and full-time typists to transcribe video and audio files into text. With TranscribeMe, you only need a laptop or computer plus steady internet. Most of their jobs are short, with video and audio clips between one to two minutes long.

With TranscribeMe, transcribers can work in any country with access to PayPal as long as they are older than 18. TranscribeMe pays every week if your earnings exceed $20.

How TranscribeMe Works

First, fill out TranscribeMe’s registration page on their webpage. After registering, you must complete a brief training program, then take an exam. After passing the exam, you will be tested with a few short audio clips that you must transcribe using the guidelines you obtained in training.


typing online jobs at home

Scribie is a top online platform for anyone that wants to earn extra income via online typing. Scribie requires carefully listening to audio clips and accurately transcribing them. Applicants must complete a certification process before qualifying. Scribie has an automated transcript feature to assist and speed up performance.

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Scribie requires exceptional communication skills, including a strong command of the American, Australian, British, and Indian accents. Scribie pays an incentive after three hours of work completed, and top performers can qualify to become a reviewer.

How Scribie Works

Freelance transcribers must complete a certified transcriber test on Scribie.com. After certification, the approved transcriptionist can select and work on available files. Scribie pays by the hour and closely monitors each transcriber’s performance.



Upwork is the largest website for freelance typists and provides thousands of jobs on their site. Freelancers are paid a fixed hourly rate after completing the job. Upwork provides copy-typing jobs where you type from a typed or written draft instead of diction. Copy-typing is ideal for high-speed typists.

How Upwork Works

To become a freelance writer at Upwork, you must create a profile. Creating your profile is free but must be eye-catching with a good client-focused overview. An introduction video will give you an advantage and ensure you receive typing work that suits your skill. Upwork’s fixed price and billing per hour protection ensures weekly payments, including project milestones.



2Captcha pays users to solve CAPTCHA, and although it pays less than other typing jobs, it is one of the easiest. Captchas are usually easy phrases or words that need to be solved, and all you need is a laptop, computer, and steady internet. Typists can work flexible hours and choose their payment method, including WebMoney or Bitcoin.

How 2Captcha Works

2Captcha requires typists to register on their website and pass training to guide them through the captcha-solving process. After completing the training, you can start solving captchas and earning money.


typing online jobs at home

Freelancer.com provides various typing jobs. Freelancer.com finds online typing jobs for freelancers, with more than 30 million freelancers registered. All typing jobs advertised provide the going rate, and freelancers can filter out jobs that do not pay enough. Freelancer.com requires that their users must be 18 and older and pay via Skrill, Payoneer, PayPal, etc.

How Freelancer.com Works

Freelancer.com outsource typing jobs depending on your work knowledge. Here is the registration process:

  • Please create a profile, ensuring it is 100% complete.
  • Go to the sites, Browse Categories, and select a category based on your knowledge.
  • The category page will display various projects to select. If you find one suitable, select it using the Bid button.
  • Bid on the selected project and write a related description.
  • Wait for a customer to reply to your bid.
  • Once the customer is satisfied with your bid, they will award the project.
  • Before accepting the project, ensure the customer has outlined the milestone.
  • Accept the project and start working.
  • Request the release of project milestones to confirm customer satisfaction.
  • After completing the project, the funds will show on your freelancer account.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Amazon's Mechanical Turk

MTurk source freelancers perform “HITs, ” categorized into research and data entries, data verification, and image processing. MTurk does not pay much, but it provides an opportunity to work flexible hours and from home.

How Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) Works

Sign up at MTurk on their Request a Worker account and look through the HITs until you find one you like. After accepting the HIT, follow the commands and submit your work. Once the Requester approves your work, your earnings will be available.



Clickworker allows freelancers to earn via data entry and other typing projects on their computer, laptop, and phone if they have steady internet. After registering, the site will assign work according to qualification and skill. Working hours are flexible, with earnings paid weekly or monthly.

How Clickworker Works

Signing up with Clickworker is free of charge, and earning money takes only five steps:

  • Go to Clickworker.com and sign up.
  • Fill out and create a user profile.
  • Complete the short evaluation.
  • Complete your project online.
  • Receive your payment.



Fiverr is a platform for freelancers where they can offer their services via a resume to advertise their typing skills to customers around the globe. Fiverr is ideal for typists that want to earn money transcribing, proofreading, editing, and other typing projects. Freelancers can set their rates based on skills and experience.

How Fiverr Works

Signing up at Fiverr is free on their web, which provides easy steps to set up your profile and resume. Fiverr notifies you when you receive an order and provides their system to discuss details with clients. Fiverr pays once the clients’ payment clears.



GoTranscript is a large translation and transcription company that hires freelancers to transcribe audio and video files. GoTranscript provides flexible hours that fit well with typists working from home, and the payment is competitive.

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Go Transcript provides a 10% lifetime affiliate commission bonus opportunity to freelancers who advertise their services that lead to a sign-up via their link.

How GoTranscript Works

GoTranscript has an application page for online registration, but applicants must pass a video assessment test that takes about 5 minutes. A GoTranscript representative will contact you within 14 days after passing the assessment test. After being hired, you will receive access to the dashboard that shows all the available jobs and how much it pays.



Babbletype hires freelance typists to transcribe market research documents. BabbleType focuses on transcribing audio texts and requires a minimum 1 hour per day commitment four days a week.

How BabbleType Works

Becoming a Babbletype transcriber requires a transcribing test after watching an introduction video, whereafter you will go through a complete assessment and interview. Once Babbletype approves your application, you will receive a daily list that provides transcribers to select open jobs.

The audio length and due date, including other info concerning the job, are attached to job files to ensure that transcribers consider the extent of the task.


SigTrack processes petition signatures and voter registrations using contract data capturers. SigTrack provides the training needed, but each contract worker must prove legal US residency. Applicants must also show they are qualified in MACOS 10.13 or higher, Windows 10 or higher, and have reliable, stable internet.

Accuracy is crucial, and you must maintain a 98% accuracy rate.

How SigTrack Works

Applicants must create an account on Sigtrack’s website and complete a 3-minute Skype interview to prove they are legal US residents. During the Skype interview, applicants must prove their identity by displaying their state ID or driver’s license.

Once you pass the Skype interview, your account is activated, and you will receive tasks assigned to you to start capturing.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions

Working Solutions hire freelancers who want to work flexible hours from home while earning money capturing data. You should sign up if you have good typing skills and love data capturing. Applicants must pass a 30-minute assessment to identify their data-capturing experience.

How Working Solutions Works

Working Solutions have a six-step application process:

  • Working Solutions requires a candidate profile where applicants are asked to provide basic information to determine their capability.
  • Working Solutions will assess the applicant with various behavioral questions to determine a personality match.
  • Within 24 hours after completing and successfully passing the assessment, login to Vyne invite is sent to the applicant via email to complete the final application steps.
  • The applicant must Install and run a Working Solutions technology scanner to confirm if their computer specifications meet the requirements.
  • Go to the client programs and select the one you feel suits your interest, availability, and experience.
  • After selecting the client program, Working Solutions will do a background check and video interview.



OneSpace provides various remote typing opportunities like transcribing phone calls, interviews, and focus groups audio files, and transcribers earn per completed task. Knowing a second language is a plus, including those fluent in Urdu, Mandarin, Portuguese, Malay, Dutch, Korean, and Thai.

How OneSpace Works

Applicants must create an account with their profile information and complete a qualification course to show their skills before accessing their first task. Once approved, you will get access to online tasks that OneSpace assigns based on proficiency levels.



SpeakWrite is a dictation and transcribing service specializing in Protective Services, Legal and Business Transcriptions, and Law Enforcement Transcription services. SpeakWrite hires workers to transcribe law offices, protective services, and police department audio files.

Applicants must type 60 words per minute and have Microsoft Word, a Windows-based PC, and a foot pedal. Anyone fluent in Spanish or with legal experience will enjoy an advantage in their application.

How SpeakWrite Works

SpeakWrite has a strict and vigorous application process, and here are the six steps you must complete to qualify:

  • Read SpeakWrite’s requirements thoroughly. Then press the orange icon and fill in your contact details with a username and password.
  • Proceed with your speed and accuracy typing test that must equal or exceed 60 words per minute with a 90% accuracy.
  • Before continuing, you must examine and sign a Confidentiality Agreement; whereafter, you must supply specified information regarding your work history and readiness.
  • Once you pass the work history assessment, you will receive access to instruction videos and tests.
  • Finally, download the software and complete some practice jobs to thoroughly understand the real job and fully comprehend the software, policies, and procedures.
  • Your final transcription will be assessed for adherence to SpeakWrite’s policies and procedures.
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Who Can Work On This Job?

typing online jobs at home

The great thing about online typing jobs is that just about anybody will find some online typing opportunity if they try. It is important to know that not all online typing opportunities require 60 or 80 words per minute typists, although it can be a great advantage.

Many online typing jobs have minimum requirements requiring 95% accuracy and a high typing speed, but other factors also need consideration. Factors like Good Listening Skills and a focused eye are just some of the things that can help you get the job.

Essential factors are having a computer with steady internet, and other factors like Word, QuickBooks, and Excel experience can boost your earnings.

What Is The Maximum Earning For This Job?

typing online jobs at home

One of the most asked questions from people about online typing jobs is, “How Much Money Can I Earn?”  The earning rate for online typists varies, and various factors can influence the amount. Some online typists earn $1 per hour, whereas other skilled and specialized typists earn up to $95,000 per year.

An important factor when considering how much you can earn doing online typing work is the company and what kind of typing work they specialize in. Some companies have government contacts, use freelancers to transcribe legal and security audio files and pay extremely well, but it has very specific requirements.

Typing speed, skill, and experience are the three largest factors that companies consider, and consequently, these three factors also determine how much you can earn. There are ways to increase your earnings as an online typist, but it requires determination, persistence, and innovation.

Typists that read and write more than one language are often paid much higher, especially with translation typing work that averages $24 per hour.

Other Workers’ Reviews

Before you consider becoming a freelance transcriptionist or doing other typing work from home, it is recommended that you hear from people currently in the trade. Not everyone has the same experience, but it does give a general idea of how the industry works.

Here are three reviews to help you make an informed decision:

Work Flexible Hours

The transcriptionist in this review highlights an important part of typing work from home. Remote typing will not make you rich or replace a salary, but it is a great option as an additional income.

Freelance typing work allows you to set your hours, a helpful feature if you have other priorities that need your attention. Most freelance typists love flexible hours and not having a boss looking over their shoulder every hour.

Self-Motivated Productivity

In this review, the remote typist is involved in various categories like transcribing and writing content to show that working from home allows you to widen your work skills. Working with informed companies makes freelance typing work a pleasure, and many eventually go on to do it full-time.

Earning And Payment Security

Many people want to try earning money from home by typing but fear not getting paid. In this review, the typist confirms that remote typing does not pay much, but the payments are reliable and stable.


Online typing is a great way to earn money, and here are some FAQs to better understand what it entails.

Do All Online Typing Jobs Require Typing Speed?

Some online typing jobs are done on mobile devices and do not require a specific typing speed. Data entry positions, transcriptionists, and customer service representatives focus on accuracy and speed and assess applicants accordingly.

How Can I Get A Typing Certificate?

A WPM Typing Test is the easiest way to get a Typing certificate. The online typing exam only takes a few minutes, whereafter, a certificate with your full name, typing speed, and accuracy is raised.

What Are The Best Online Typing Jobs?

Online typing jobs depend on the typist’s skill, preference, and experience, but transcription, data entry, captioning, content creation, and translation are all great options.

Wrap Up

Online typing jobs are a common way to supplement your income, especially if you have a few spare daily hours. Experience, typing speed, accuracy, and skill are important to make the big bucks. Online typing jobs have flexible hours, making it great if you want to control your day and have more time to spend on other priorities.


typing online jobs at home


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