How Instafeet Pays For Feet Pics? (Instafeet Review 2023)

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There are a couple of exciting ways to make online, and one of these is selling pictures of your feet. Okay, let’s be honest, selling feet pictures isn’t for everyone, but if you’re up for it, selling a couple of feet pictures can help you get some extra cash and could even become your next side hustle.

So how does Instafeet work, and how does it pay for feet pics?

Instafeet, now Feetfinder, pays for feet pics through selling subscriptions and selling feet pictures. Instafeet is a marketplace for feet. Users can sign up, create a profile and sell photos of their feet. Subscribers who are interested in feet pictures will then purchase them.

It’s easy to get started with Instafeet; you just need a good-quality camera or smartphone that takes good pictures. Also, you don’t need perfect feet to join Instafeet.

There are all kinds of weird and wonderful feet pictures out there and they are selling like crazy. So, if you want to try Instafeet to make some extra cash, we’ve got a guide on all you need to know about getting started and the best ways to sell feet pics.

How Does Instafeet, now Feetfinder, Pay?


Instafeet pays twice a month on the 1st of every month and then again on the 15th. Before depositing your earnings into your account, Instafeet deducts a 10% commission fee.

Instafeet pays through multiple payment channels, including PayPal, Venmo, and Cheque. Instafeet does not charge its users a monthly fee for selling feet pics but will only deduct a fee on your earnings. You may also need to pay a fee for bank charges for each transaction that Instafeet pays into your account.

Ideally, the platform you’re using to get paid from Instafeet should be separate from all your other personal accounts. However, if you don’t like platforms like PayPal and Cash App or don’t have an account with them, you can also get paid in gift cards like a prepaid Visa or Mastercard. You can even get paid with Amazon gift cards.

This only works when selling custom images. You can request that the buyer sends you an amazon or other gift card in exchange for a photo instead of paying into your PayPal or Venmo account.

With so many integrated payment platforms, anyone can join Instafeet, and its platform isn’t limited to those based in the U.S.

What Is Instafeet, now Feetfinder?


Instafeet is an online platform that lets users sell and buy feet pictures. Those who join Instafeet and want to sell their pictures online can earn money by getting subscribers to subscribe to their Instafeet account and can also set prices for individual photos and sell them.

Buyers on Instafeet are usually looking for specific content, and many are open to paying for subscriptions and once-off photos.

Instafeet is designed for anyone who loves feet and is a community filled with members with a unique interest in this content. People worldwide can join Instafeet, but Instafeet only accepts 10% of new applications to join their platform.

The most successful Instafeet models have regular subscribers, and the key to making cash on Instafeet is having a reasonably priced monthly subscription package. Pricing for subscriptions can be between $5-$10 but can be more.

The cheaper subscription options are usually more popular because subscribers stay consistent. However, if the subscription cost is too high, you’ll likely lose subscribers.

Instafeet works like most other social networks, except your content, is only available to your subscribers. Once your application is accepted on Instafeet, you must upload at least five pictures to attract subscribers.

Instafeet only accepts pictures of feet and isn’t a platform where you can sell photos of hands or other images.

How Does Instafeet Work?


Signing up for an account on Instafeet is easy. You can start by creating an online account. To create an account, you need complete Instafeet’s registration form and have a valid ID.

Unfortunately, Instafeet is a platform that only women are permitted to use. Most people who sign up for Instafeet are stay-at-home moms, college students, freelancers, and the occasional foot model.

Signing Up For Instafeet

Creating an account on Instafeet takes a couple of minutes. Once you complete the sign-up process, your account will be evaluated, and during this time, you’ll need to wait for approval.

  1. Sign up. Go to the Instafeet website and complete the application form by filling in all your details. Then, create a username and password that will be used to sign into your account.
  2. Await approval. Once your application is complete, Instafeet will assess your application and may or may not conduct a background check and verify your ID.
  3. Create an Instafeet profile. Once your Instafeet account has been approved you can start creating your profile. This will be your public profile that your subscribers and Instafeet users can view.
  4. Take and post feet pictures. Get out your camera and smartphone and start snapping a few gorgeous images of your feet. You should upload at least five, but Instafeet allows you to upload up to 10 photos when you first complete your profile.
  5. Decide on your subscription. Consider how much you’d like to charge for your subscription. Instafeet recommends you price your subscription at $5 if you’re a newbie to attract subscribers and then increase your subscription once you have a couple of loyal subscribers.
  6. Market your feet pictures. Once your account has been created, you will receive a unique link. This link can be used when you start marketing your profile on your social media accounts. This additional step will help you gain exposure and more subscribers.
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There aren’t many requirements to create a profile and start selling feet pics on Instafeet. To create a profile on Instafeet, you’ll need the following:

  • You need to be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid ID
  • Must be female

Rules And Agreement

Instafeet has a few strange rules and regulations, mainly regarding how you take care of your feet before uploading pictures of them. While these are mostly guidelines, it’s best to follow them to sell photos of your feet on Instafeet successfully.

These guidelines include the following:

  • Content creators should moisturize their feet
  • All hairs should be removed
  • Feet need to have a pedicure or toenails should be painted
  • Photos should also include your face
  • You can only register a profile on Instafeet once
  • Stock photos are not permitted
  • Add jewelry like toe rings and ankle bracelets to your feet pictures

How To Sell Feet Pictures?


Once your Instafeet account has been approved you can start to sell feet pictures. There are a couple of tips and tricks that can help you get more sales, and although selling feet pictures is relatively easy, shooting the right pose and getting a good angle will take some practice.

Here are the best ways to sell feet pictures:

  • Take high-quality photos of your feet
  • Edit and upload your photos to Instafeet
  • Use social media and forums like Reddit to drive traffic to your Instafeet profile and attract subscribers.
  • Chat with buyers and offer custom photos
  • Make sure your subscription is affordable, so you keep subscribers
  • Get the most out of custom photos by charging a bit more for them

Taking The Best Feet Photos For Instafeet

One of the most critical factors in selling feet pictures is the quality of the photos. You have to have really good photos of your feet for them to sell, and you can get some inspiration from stock images and adverts and look at what poses other foot models are using when taking photos of their feet.

Basic photography knowledge can be handy, but it is not a requirement. You can still take good photos with a good camera or a smartphone. But if you want to commit to this as a serious side hustle, a DSLR camera would be your best bet for high-quality photos.

Once you have a good camera, you’ll need sufficient lighting, a suitable background, and accessories.

Natural lighting is best as it compliments any kind of photo. You’ll want to avoid taking pictures when it is too dark or when there is direct sunlight; this can cause shadows or washed-out images of your feet.

When taking feet pictures most people forget about the background and you’ll often see most amateur foot models taking pictures of their feet with a bedroom background. While this is somewhat acceptable, it may not look professional and can be off-putting to some buyers. We experience the world through our eyes, and buyers often look for attractive backgrounds.

A few backgrounds you can incorporate into your feet pictures are:

  • Grass (placing your feet on a patch of lush lawn)
  • Carpet (adding a fluffy carpet under your feet)
  • Tiles (placing your feet on marbled tiles for an elegant foot pose)
  • Sand (beach sand and a view of the ocean make an excellent backdrop for feet pictures)
  • White bedding (white sheets and bedding compliment your feet, and although it’s a simple backdrop, it looks impressive in photos)

These are just a couple of ideas of backgrounds you can use when taking pictures of your feet. There are lots more that you can incorporate to take a few stunning feet pictures.

Foot Poses For Your Instafeet Account

If you’re considering selling feet pics, you’ll need to know a few foot poses. Not all buyers may be interested in specific foot poses, but it’s always a good idea to have different shots of your feet so your photos will be more attractive to more buyers.

There are a few common foot poses that you can get started with on Instafeet. These include:

Scrunched Toes

Scrunched toes

The scrunched toe pose is a close-up of your toes curled. This can be taken from the bottom upwards to show a bit of the underside of your toes, from the top, above your feet, or even just a close-up from the front.

Top View

woman touching her feet

The top view pose is a classic and probably one you’ll use most often when taking pictures of your feet. This pose works well because it’s flattering for all kinds of feet, and it’s a great pose for showing off painted toenails.

Dirty Feet

dirty feet

The dirty feet pose is a bit strange but can be fun to incorporate into your Instafeet profile. You can walk through mud and soil or even place a foot mask on your feet to give them that dirty effect. The dirty feet pose is usually taken from an angle that shows the soles of the feet and not taken from the top where you can see the top of the foot.

Bottom View

girls touching feet

The bottom view is another classic pose, although it’s trickier to get the bottom of your feet if you take the photos yourself. You can curl your feet slightly to get in all the details of your feet and make sure it’s a good angle, so your feet don’t look disproportionate.

Spontaneous Selfies

woman feet on pool float

Spontaneous selfies of feet are one of the easiest poses to do. Whether you’re getting your toenails painted, trying on a new pair of shoes, or sitting by the pool, spontaneous selfies can be a great way to keep your subscribers interested in your content.

Spread Toes


The toe spread can be captured from the bottom or the top, and you only need to spread your toes slightly. You can play around with this pose to see how much of a toe spread you want to capture. You don’t want to spread your toes too much, which could make a very unattractive picture.

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Socks Or Stockings

long slim female legs

Feet pictures in stockings and socks are a creative way to feature your feet and you can do a few poses that show off socks and stockings.


woman's feet in yellow high heels

Heels make feet look attractive, and you can take pictures of your feet in heels from various angles. Side views and top views work well with feet in heels.

Full Body With Feet

woman's feet on a table

Full body images with feet are an excellent way to show your feet and your face too. The best foot images usually display the foot model’s face as well. You could add a few of these per season and dress up in outfits to compliment the post. Autumn dresses, summer jumpsuits, and any other weather-appropriate attire.

Painted Toes

glitter painted toes

Toes with nail polish are one of Instafeet’s requirements when posting feet pics. You could change up your toenail polish, add nail art and even use multiple colors to create unique pedicured toenails. Painted toes look good from any angle, but the top view is the most popular.

Taking Care Of Your Feet For The Best Instafeet Pictures

Taking care of your feet is just as important as marketing your Instafeet profile and taking high-quality pictures of your feet. No matter how much editing you do on your feet pictures and which poses you choose, you’ll end up with very unattractive feet pics if you don’t take care of your feet.

You can go for regular pedicures to keep your feet in good shape, or if you don’t have the budget for pedicures, you can take good care of your feet by doing the following:

  1. Moisturize and massage your feet. Feet are prone to getting dry and your heels can become cracked easily. Regularly moisturizing and massaging your feet will ensure your feet stay soft and hydrated and your heels don’t crack.
  2. Trim and shape nails. Toenails need to be trimmed and shaped regularly to keep them looking pretty. You can use a nail file and clippers to get the perfect shape. Rounded nails usually look good on any foot shape. Avoid nails that are too long unless you have an artificial set of nails on your toes.
  3. Take care of your cuticles. Cuticles should be pushed back and trimmed if they are too long. Cuticles that aren’t taken care of can affect how your nail polish looks on your toes and make your feet look neglected.
  4. Foot scrubs. Regular foot scrubs can help remove rough skin on your feet and can help keep them soft.
  5. Paint your nails. Toes that are painted look cared for. While it’s always a good idea to give your nails a break from nail polish, when taking photos for your Instafeet profile, have your toenails painted.

How Much Can You Earn With Instafeet?

piggy bank

With Instafeet, it can be challenging to determine your earning potential since you set your rate for subscriptions and photos. Your success depends greatly on the number of subscribers you have and how many photos you sell.

That said, some people make only $100 monthly, while others earn $500-$1000 monthly. But, of course, these figures depend heavily on what you charge for subscriptions and personalized content.

The more subscribers you have on your profile, the more money you will earn. For example, new sellers generally set their rate at $5 for a subscription. If you get five subscribers, you’ll be earning $50 per month. As you gain more subscribers, you can slowly increase your rates. Some Instafeet members even charge up to $100 per foot picture.

Average sellers that make a few sales a day can make a little bit of extra cash selling feet pics. If you become a top earner, you can look forward to earning more than $100 per day.

Who Can Sell Feet Pictures?


Almost anyone can sell feet pictures on Instafeet as long as you are female and over the age of 18. You should also remember that only a few applicants get accepted, but anyone who meets these requirements can sell feet pictures, no matter what country they reside in.

Who Buys Pictures From Instafeet?


Instafeet isn’t just for those who love feet. There are many other people and companies who use foot pictures for different reasons like marketing campaigns, art, and modeling.

  1. Modeling agencies. Modeling agencies specializing in feet may be looking for models to add to their portfolio or use in one of their campaigns. These agencies may look at sites like Instafeet to find models for their feet.
  2. People who love feet. There is a large group of people who have a particular interest in feet. This interest is known as a foot fetish. While Instafeet is more geared towards the foot fetish market, there are other buyers on Instafeet that don’t have a foot fetish.
  3. Artists. Artists, sculptors, painters, and other creative people may purchase feet pictures to use as inspiration for a project they are working on.
  4. Advertising agencies. Advertising agencies may require pictures of feet for specific ads. They may use a photographer or look to purchase a few foot pictures. Advertising agencies may also look for people to use in campaigns requiring foot models.
  5. Stock image websites. Stock image websites regularly purchase or have people upload many different kinds of photos, these include feet pictures. So, if you have a few good pictures of your feet, the stock image website may be interested in purchasing them.

Is Instafeet Safe?


Whenever your information is shared online, risks are involved; however, Instafeet protects your personal information and is mostly safe to use. There are a few ways you can stay safe while using Instafeet, and if you are concerned about your safety, you can implement these safety measures.

Create A New Identity

When staying safe on Instafeet, it is crucial that you create a new identity or persona. Avoid anything remotely similar to your name, and avoid including details like street names or city names.

Usernames are a great option too because they can include letters and numbers and don’t necessarily have to be a fake name. When chatting with subscribers, make sure you have a well-thought-out persona that you can share with them without giving away your real identity.

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Watermark Your Pictures

All your feet pictures and videos should contain a watermark. This is to ensure no one else uses your content without your permission and if it does get leaked on the internet you could sue for infringement of your copyright material.

Remove Data From Images

Images and videos usually come with a list of details, including the date, time, place, and size of the video or photo. If you are sending these images and videos to your subscribers and the details of the pictures and videos are visible, then they have access to this information. It’s best to clear all the data from the videos and images before uploading them to Instafeet.

Open New Social Media And Bank Accounts

Since you are creating a new identity for yourself to use on your Instafeet, you should also create a separate account to receive payments and new social media accounts to advertise your feet pics. Just be careful when linking your personal accounts to any of these accounts, as you don’t want to share your personal information accidentally.

Stick To Your Boundaries

Some of your subscribers may have suspicious requests or ask a lot of questions about you and where you live. Avoid answering this, even if they offer incentives. You want to avoid getting stuck in a potentially dangerous situation. Keep things straight and to the point, and always act professionally.

Don’t Share Your Personal Information

Never share your real identity or personal information with your subscribers on Instafeet. Once someone has enough personal information about you, it could put your safety at risk. Instead, stick to the details of your new identity and avoid sharing anything personal.

Check The Background Of All Your Images

Make sure you check the background of your images. You don’t want to give away any information about where you live. Avoid places that have signboards or recognizable landmarks. If there are photos in the background of your home, these should also be removed.

The Pros And Cons Of Instafeet

woman presenting

Before you sign up to become a foot model on Instafeet, consider the pros and cons of joining Instafeet. Of course, joining Instafeet is an easy way to make money and is less time-consuming than other methods of earning online, but it’s not for everyone.

Here are a couple of pros and cons of joining Instafeet:

The Pros And Cons Of Joining Instafeet
Instafeet is a private platform, so your identity remains privatePotential to earn up to $500 or moreNo major equipment is needed to get startedNo sign-up or monthly joining fees for usersCan easily fit into your current work scheduleAvailable in most countriesNo minimum payout limitPhoto ID verification is required.Only 10% of applicants are accepted.Profiles are constantly reviewed.Mixed reviews regarding the trustworthiness of the siteInstafeet keeps your profile on recordOnly open to females

FAQs About Instafeet

groomed feet

Instafeet is one of the most popular online platforms to sell feet pictures and the most widely talked about. Besides setting up an account with Instafeet and how you get paid for feet pics, you may also have a few other questions like, is selling feet pics legal and if your feet pictures also need to include your face.

Do I Need To Use My Real Name On Instafeet?

When you sign up for an Instafeet account, they require your personal information and a valid ID. In this case, you will need to use your real name to sign up but do not have to use your real name when creating your Instafeet profile. Your real name will be kept private, and your subscribers won’t be able to see your real name.

Do Feet Pictures Also Need To Include My Face?

It’s not a requirement to show your face in your Instafeet pictures, but it is recommended. Buyers are more likely to purchase feet pictures if they can see your face. Most people are hesitant to do so as they want to protect their identity.

Whether your feet pictures include, your face is entirely up to you. Only those that subscribe to your Instafeet can see your photos, so there is a certain amount of privacy. You could always wear a wig and change your appearance slightly with makeup and other tools so you won’t be as recognizable.

Selling feet pictures are legal in most countries but there may be specific rules and regulations on what is acceptable in feet pictures. These restrictions will differ from country to country, and it’s best to check which laws are applicable in your country.

To sell feet pictures, the general guidelines are that you must be at least 18 years old, that your photos should not contain explicit content, and that you should be fully clothed in your photos.

Do I Need To Pay Tax On My Instafeet Earnings?

You will need to pay tax from any earnings you get on Instafeet. Depending on your country, there may be different tax implications. Since every small business owner is subject to tax, you’ll be subject to paying tax if you earn any additional income through platforms like Instafeet.

Is Instafeet A Legitimate Website?

Instafeet is a legitimate website for selling and buying feet pictures. Although it caters to a niche market, it is often perceived as a scam website, but this is not the case.

Because it is a legitimate website, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely safe, and while there are policies in place to protect personal information, it is up to the users to keep themselves safe.

The trust rating for Instafeet is relatively low but many people have had positive and negative experiences using Instafeet. If you would like to join Instafeet, it’s essential to consider both the positive and negative reviews and then decide if it’s a platform you want to join.

Wrap Up

Instafeet, now Feetfinder, is a unique platform that you can use to make money online. Getting paid is easy, and Instafeet pays through popular third parties like PayPal and Venmo.

With Instafeet, content creators can make up to $100 or more monthly. Although it’s not something most people would consider to make extra cash, it’s an excellent platform for those looking at a more adventurous way of making money online.




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