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12 Easy Steps To Get Money For Downloading Apps

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If you enjoy downloading apps and then using them regularly, but you’re not getting paid for them, stop! No, seriously, stop. Many websites will pay you to download and use apps, so why not get paid to do something you already do?

Below we will tell you the easy steps to download apps for money.

These twelve apps will pay you money if you download and use the app:

1. App Karma

The AppKarma Review 2020 - [Money App Scam?] New Update

App Karma is downloadable to Android or iOS devices and is a mobile-only platform. It pays you to complete app offers (e.g. install apps and games and meet the offers’ requirements), Earn Scratch Cards, Complete Playtime requirements, and Earn through a referral program.

App Karma is a membership platform with a VIP program allowing you to earn more based on your standing. You can also earn points and bonuses while using the app.

App Karma allows you to accumulate points which can be redeemed for cash on PayPal or in gift cards once enough points have been accumulated.

To top it off, App Karma is available to anyone in the world with a PayPal account.

2. App Nana

AppNana - Gift Cards – Apps on Google Play

App Nana is an Android and iOS app that allows you to earn virtual points (called ‘Nanas’) and then redeem these nanas for gift cards or paid apps.

You do this by downloading free apps on ‘Nana Offers’ and using them, gaining extra points when you refer friends, and getting 400 points each day just for signing in.

The ‘nanas’ you gain can also be used to buy paid-for apps, making this a great way to get paid apps for free if you do not have the cash to buy them.

3. App Trailers

App Trailers is designed for those people who have spare time to kill and are interested in watching videos and adverts. This app allows you to watch short videos for points, usually about five points per video. When enough points are collected, these can be redeemed for gift cards or converted to cash.

App Trailers is a longstanding company that has been paying out to users for years. They are trusted as an app that you can legitimately make money from.

This is a great app if you prefer not to complete tasks. All it requires is selecting the next video and watching an advert.

4. Boom Gift

Boom Gift APK (Android App) - Free Download

Boom Gift is an excellent app that allows you to earn ‘coins’ for completing tasks. It also gives a referral bonus of 30% if you go beyond just downloading apps. You earn’ coins’ as you complete playing games, taking surveys, watching videos, or downloading other apps.

This app is great if you are looking for freshly updated content and a way to keep busy in your downtime that will pay you to pass the time.

Boom Gift is available on Android and iOS. It allows you to redeem ‘coins’ to Apple iTunes, Google Play Store, PayPal Cash, Amazon, and Steam. A referral code will also give you a signup bonus.

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5. Cash For Apps


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Cash For Apps allows you to earn money and cash it out via PayPal, Visa, Gift Cards, and in-game currencies. The main focus of the app is to download other apps (and a special set of offers is opened up once you have downloaded at least 4 other apps), but you can also do other tasks like watch videos, and complete surveys and offers.

Cash For Apps also allows you to earn commissions by sharing an invite code.

The app has been running since 2015 and has been downloaded more than 300,000 times with a very high rating on Google Play.

6. Cash Pirate

Cash Pirate download apps for money

Cash Pirate (also called Cash Pirate Buzz) allows you to earn rewards by completing available offers. It is a mobile-only app that cannot be used on other devices.

Cash Pirate rewards users for running other apps, taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, and inviting friends. Completed tasks earn user coins redeemed via PayPal cash, Bitcoin, Prepaid virtual visa, and Gift Cards.

7. Feature Points

FeaturePoints: Get Rewarded – Apps on Google Play

Feature Points is an app that allows users to collect points using a website or mobile application. Feature Point is available on both iOS and Android. Feature Points give developers a platform for exposure for their products, apps, and mobile games.

Users of Feature Points earn points for testing new software, answering surveys, downloading apps, completing offers, watching videos, shopping, and referring friends.

Payout options for Feature Points are to exchange accrued points for PayPal cash or a number of gift cards (Starbucks, Amazon, Xbox, and others).

8. Inbox Dollars

InboxDollars Help

Inbox Dollars is an app that allows users to complete tasks for cash. Tasks include downloading apps, taking surveys, reading emails, and playing games. Completed tasks earn actual money that accumulates in an Inbox Dollars account.

Money in this account can be swapped for gift cards or deposited into a PayPal account. A $5 signup bonus is used as an incentive when you first download the app.

9. Grab Points

download apps for money

Download the Grab Points app to get rewards for completing tasks, such as watching videos, taking surveys, downloading other apps, and referring friends. The app is free and available on Android and iOS.

Points earned on Grab Points for completing these tasks are exchanged for cash via PayPal, gift cards, and other rewards.

The app is user-friendly and gives users a variety of rewards to choose from. These range from Amazon to iTunes gift cards.

Grab Points is a fun and easy way for users to earn rewards and extra cash for completing simple tasks.

10. InstaGC

download apps for money

InstaGC app allows users to earn gift cards by completing tasks and activities. The app allows you to download and test apps, watch videos, take surveys, etc. Completing these tasks allows you to accumulate and redeem points for gift cards from retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and Target.

InstaGC is easy to navigate and user-friendly. The interface is clear, displaying available tasks and rewards intuitively and interestingly. Added to this, users can track earnings progress to see how far off earning enough to get gift cards they are. Redeeming the gift cards is quick and easy once the required point threshold has been reached.

InstaGC is convenient, and users find using the app enjoyable. It is a great way to earn rewards online.

11. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

download apps for money

The Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is an app that users can download to participate in market research. The app collects digital behavior data, including internet usage and mobile device activity.

The app monitors things like app usage, search queries, websites visited, etc., which companies use to understand and respond to consumer behavior. App users receive a gift card or sweepstake entries for using their participation.

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Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel have been in the market research area for many years. They are trusted by thousands of app users. The program is non-invasive and open to all.

This app is a great way to make extra income by downloading and allowing it to see what you are already doing on your mobile device.

12. Swagbucks

Tips to Spark Creativity and Motivation at Home | download apps for money

Since 2008 Swagbucks has been one of the most well-known online rewards programs. The app allows users to earn rewards and cash for online activities.

By downloading the app and taking surveys, searching the internet, watching videos, and shopping online. Users earn ‘Swagbucks’, which can be redeemed for cash through PayPal or gift cards from well-known retailers.

Known and used in many countries worldwide, Swagbucks has a positive and good reputation in the rewards programs market and is trusted by millions of users.

Swagbucks also allows users to earn points by inviting them to participate in special offers and daily polls. Users can also refer friends and family to join up as referrals for a reward.

One unique feature is Swagbucks’ Swagstakes’ offering which allows users to participate in their sweepstakes program in which users can win prizes.

Five Steps To Download Your First App For Money

Follow these five steps to download your first app for money:

  1. Research which apps pay the most for downloading their app,
  2. Go to your app store and search for the app,
  3. Complete the download process,
  4. Use the app to qualify for the payment,
  5. Claim your money!

Step One: Research Which Apps Pay You The Most To Download

There are many apps on your app store that will pay you to download and use their app. Some pay more than others as a download reward, so it literally pays to research which apps pay the most to download them.

You might think getting money for downloading apps is too good to be true. Still, there are good reasons why a developer or company would want to give you the incentive to download their app:

  • Some developers pay marketing companies to get their app ‘out there’ and incentivize downloads.
  • Some companies market other products or services on their app and get a commission if a user buys something from that link or downloads other apps.
  • Some apps promote other websites and apps for a fee, knowing that the app has many people who have downloaded it. When another app is downloaded from theirs, they will share a portion of the profit with you.
  • Some apps sell advertising space and give you a percentage of the profit.

The amount each of these companies or developers will pay depends on their model and budget. Look at website reviews and pay attention to what each one asks of you for the money: some may pay more, but you also have to do more, e.g. complete a certain level of a game before getting paid.

Some apps pay you to download the app as a signup bonus, and some apps allow you to download the app for free, and then you earn money, points, or vouchers when you use the app.

Step Two: Go To Your App Sore And Download The App

Depending on your device, go to Apple App Store or Google Play Store and look for the apps you have identified that pay well and would like to download.

Be sure to check each app’s information and disclaimers to ensure it is an app you want to download and use. Read the conditions for downloading and any other information the app developer may have put in the description.

Check in the description what payment methods they offer and if these align with your needs and expectations.

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Check the app developer requirements for paying out, whether it is a signup incentive to complete tasks, watch videos, or download other apps. Be sure you are comfortable with the requirements.

Step Three: Complete The Download Process

Download the app to your phone and install it, following all the prompts on your smartphone. Then open the app, wait for it to load, and fill in any necessary details if required.

Remember that if an app says that you must pay to download the app and only after that can you start making money, this may be a scam to get money from you without paying anything. Check out reviews online before paying anything to an app, no matter the promise of future payment.

Step Four: Use The App To Qualify For The Payment

Most apps that pay you to download it will require you to at least open the app and register. In some cases, you will need to download a certain number of other apps or play a game or watch videos for a certain amount of time before they will pay you out. Whatever the requirement is, do your best to fulfill it.

Step Five: Collect Your Money For Downloading The App

Collect, redeem, or cash out your earnings from the app. Sometimes, this will be in the form of discounts or vouchers. If these discounts or vouchers are for products or services you already use, the money you get will be saved. Some apps pay directly to PayPal or other payment services, translating to direct cash in your pocket.

Apps that pay cash directly are the ones you ideally aim for, as you can then use the money for anything you want rather than waiting to use a voucher or only receiving a discount on something.


How Does Making Money Downloading Apps Work?

GPT (Get-Paid-To) apps allow users to complete micro-tasks, for example, downloading mobile games, other GPT apps, etc. When these micro-tasks are completed, the app pays you a small fee or a voucher or discount.

Can I Get Rich By Getting Money For Downloading Apps?

Unfortunately, the amount you can make from downloading apps, even using multiple sites, is insufficient to quit your day job and do this full-time. You can make a good amount of money on the side, though.

The key is to set your expectations so that you know how much effort you need to put in to get what you think is worth it.

Is Getting Money For Downloading Apps Legit?

In most cases, getting paid for downloading apps is legitimate. This is because you are performing a task for payment. The tasks are micro-tasks and the payments are usually small, but the more of them you do the more you will make. Be aware of scams, though. Research all apps you download before downloading them.

Wrap Up

Making money by downloading apps is not only legit. It is easy and can be a lot of fun. After all, who doesn’t want to make money to do something you already do for free? The five steps to downloading your first app for money are easy and will only take a few minutes. Still, the time you put into downloading and using the apps will ultimately pay off.

Use the list above to help you decide which apps will get you money to download the app. Your ticket to making money online is here.


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