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27 Under The Table Jobs That Pay Cash Only In 2023

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Payday never comes soon enough, but under the table, jobs get cash in your pocket immediately. They’ve saved many people’s bacon (and bought it) in the past and continue to do so in this post-Covid economy. Thus, we’ve rounded up 27 of the top cash payment jobs in 2023 to help fatten your wallet.

Under the table jobs that pay cash include the following:

What Is Under The Table Jobs?

Working under the table are cash payment jobs without a contract between you and the employer. Nor is the employer reporting the payments to the IRS or taking a chunk out for Uncle Sam and Social Security.

The arrangement is informal, even if the requirements are very specific. For example, teenagers and stay-at-home parents often do babysitting under the table. The job is specific because you must be available at an exact time and place. However, there typically isn’t a contract or invoices involved, and payment is immediate.

Online Under The Table Cash Payment Jobs

Online jobs are convenient and more accessible to people who are disabled or in care positions. But they favor the gig economy rather than working under the table. Money going through PayPal or similar apps do leave an e-trail.

Thus, these cash payment jobs work best for people who are good about reporting their income on tax forms.

1. Freelance Sound Editor

editor cash payment jobs

As the popularity of podcasts has skyrocketed, so has the need for sound editors. Those with a name can make a substantial living from sound editing. But not everyone has the budget to pay these sought-after professionals; thus, there are those looking for people new to the game that can clean up their podcasts.

  1. Freelance Writer

Freelance writers often work on the books, but there are small businesses and self-employed people that look out for writers that can help their website, blog, or local newsletters. Have writing samples ready and a rate card or range in mind. It is also a good idea to be familiar with using platforms and tools such as:

2. Read Books

Audiobooks and stories have risen in popularity. Thus, there are many gig opportunities to read books for various apps and organizations. While these jobs generally don’t pay under the table, some opportunities can be found through Upwork, BunnyStudio, Facebook groups, and other social media platforms such as Reddit that are more flexible with payment options.

3. Taking Online Surveys

cash payment jobs

There is money to be made taking online surveys. While kicking back, watching Netflix, or commuting on local transport, you can use that time to earn a little extra. How you are paid varies, such as cash through PayPal, points, gift cards, and credits.

If interested, check out platforms such as:

4. Teach English

cash payment jobs teach english

Teaching English online is often gig work through various platforms that require a degree in English or an ESL/TEFL certificate. However, there are opportunities to work under the table that pop up through social media platforms and local adverts.

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Some people don’t want all the bells and whistles standard “Learn English” platforms offer. Instead, they are looking to practice their English with a native speaker by having casual conversations via Zoom or WhatsApp.

If interested, it is a good idea to have a sample video ready that tells potential clients a little about yourself and why you enjoy making new friends with people worldwide.

5. Transcription


Ais are gradually taking over transcription work. But there are still people who want an actual human being at the keyboard doing the work. There are organizations where you can sign up for gig work or look for under the table jobs locally, through Facebook groups, and opportunities through UpWork.

6. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are rising in popularity. It is flexible work that can be done remotely. You need an excellent internet connection and typing skills and may require a phone. Duties vary depending on the client’s needs but may include the following:

  • Answering emails
  • Schedule and calendar management
  • Answering calls
  • Sifting through job applications, potential projects
  • Assisting with their social media accounts
  • Updating their blog or website
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Basic bookkeeping

Local Under The Table Cash Payment Jobs

Local jobs are easier to do under the table as you can have cash placed directly in your hands. However, once transactions move online, including to your bank account, you are straying into the gig economy, where it is easier for the tax authorities to track how well you keep track of your self-employed income.

Initially, these jobs are often found within your local network, such as friends, family, and people you know through other channels, like church.

7. Airbnb Property Manager

airbnb property manager

Property managers are often needed for Airbnb or second homes. These opportunities can sometimes be found in your neighborhood or through local adverts and listings. The job responsibilities vary.

Some clients only need you to greet visitors and hand over and collect keys. Others require you to oversee the property maintenance, including keeping the lawn tidy and mowed.

8. Babysitting

cash payment jobs babysitting

Babysitting is one of the most popular under the table jobs. Nannies, daycare centers, and au pairs are for wealthier families or have childcare needs that follow a regular schedule. But many parents only need the odd evening and maybe a weekend afternoon. These jobs typically come up through local networks and personal connections rather than online or in job listings.

9. Dog Walker

dog walker cash payment jobs

Dog walking can be an excellent way to earn cash while staying fit. People love their pets but don’t always have time to give them the regular exercise they need. In addition, a broken leg or dodgy knee can leave people struggling to cope with their best friend.

Neighborhood Facebook groups and spreading the word with local vets are great places to start looking for clients.

10. Famer’s Market Stall Assistant

cash payment jobs

Farmer’s Markets are a bustle of activity where sellers often need somebody with a strong back to help with setup and take down. If you are in good shape and don’t mind an early start, stroll through your local market and see who might need a hand. If you’ve got charm and people skills, all the better.

11. Farm Worker Or Ranch Assistant

ranch assistant

Smaller farms and ranches often need extra hands on a casual basis. Busy times of the year, such as planting, harvesting, sheering, and deworming, are opportunities to earn cash.

It’s physically taxing work, but on the bright side, you won’t need a gym membership as it will keep you in excellent shape.

12. House Sitting

house sitting

House sitting is a fantastic way to make cash while still leaving you time to do other work, such as freelance writing or social media management. You just need to be willing to be flexible about where you sleep at night and respect your client’s needs. You may be required to do other duties, such as feeding pets, watering house plants, and managing the lawn service.

13. Cleaning Or Personal Organizer

personal organizer

Cleaning homes or being willing to organize stuffed garages and overflowing attics are ways to make cash in your local community. Make sure you have your rates ready and be willing to roll up your sleeves. While some clients will provide their own cleaning products, it’s good to have your own kit, gloves, and protective clothing.

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14. Odd Jobs And Handyman/Person

handyman person

High callout charges have left many people trying their own hand at DIY or simply living with minor inconveniences in and around their homes.  Older folks and those with little time just need somebody to come by and fix that dodgy stair, change a lightbulb high up, and hang hooks and towel wracks.

Thus, if you’ve got some DIY skills and a stocked toolbox, start spreading the word.

15. Pet Groomer

pet groomer

Pet grooming has become a fancy business. But some people just want somebody to come by and do a standard wash and clip the nails without all the extra fuss.

If you don’t mind wet fur and sloppy kisses, it could be an excellent way to earn some cash while making some new fur friends along the way. It is also a great way to connect for other under the table jobs such as dog walking, pet sitting, and house sitting.

16. Pet Sitting

pet sitting

Not everyone wants a house sitter to take care of their pets. Instead, they might just want somebody to come by twice a day to feed and check on them or prefer to drop them at your home rather than leave them in the care of a kennel.

If you have a love of animals, this could be a pleasant way to make some cash.

17. Photography

photography cash payment jobs

If you have a knack with a camera, put your skills to use to make some cash. Despite the rise in selfies and smartphones, people still want quality shots of memorable days. It doesn’t have to be weddings. There is also:

  • Prom
  • Business events
  • School sports
  • Baptisms
  • Easter
  • Birthday parties
  • Bar and bat mitzvahs
  • Graduations

18. Plant Sitter

plant sitter

In European cities such as France, plant sitting has risen in popularity. When people go on summer vacation, they want somebody to look after their house plants. But often, they don’t want people coming in and out of their homes, sometimes because they’ve rented them out.

Thus, the offering of plant sitters, who take in plants much like a kennel takes in pets.

Thus, if you have a green thumb along with a greenhouse, a spare sunny room, or a sheltered courtyard, you might be the perfect person to watch people’s plants while they’re away.

19. Pressure Washing

pressure washing

Pressure washing has become the new lawn mowing in under the table services. People often decide last minute that they want the job done and are looking for anyone available with a pressure washer to just come on by. Thus, spreading the word and having local listings could lead to some weekend work.

20. Sign Spinner

sign spinner

Sign spinning has become an art form that has led to annual competitions. But not every business wants the hassle of booking through an agency.

Thus, if you’ve got the physical stamina and moves to spin a sign, see if there are some local businesses happy to pay in cash for your services.

21. Snow Removal

snow removal

Fit and healthy people are always needed to remove the white stuff from driveways and sidewalks during the snowy season. People with chronic conditions and disabilities often battle to clear their paths when the snow falls.

Plus, busy parents, Gen X-ers, and Boomers are feeling the aches and pains of aging. Many would gladly pay cash for somebody else to shovel.

22. Teach Fitness Classes At Home

teaching fitness class at home

Teaching classes at home in a converted garage or your yard is an excellent way to obtain cash-paying clients. Popular choices are:

  • Dance (Hip hop, belly dance, ballet, modern, Zumba)
  • Personal Training
  • Pilates
  • Tai chi
  • Trampoline
  • Yoga

23. Tutoring

tutoring online

Working parents don’t always have time to help their children with homework. Nor do all caregivers feel confident helping children in weaker areas of study. Thus, if you have a degree and feel confident in tutoring a school subject, you could work as a tutor. Kids need assistance in any subject that is being taught, including:

  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Math
  • Science
  • Spanish
  • French
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24. Yardwork


Not everyone wants a regular garden service. They just want their lawn mowed or some bushes trimmed. So use your local network and spread the word that you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and lend a hand, be it weeding, removing pesky vines, or tackling the brambles.

25. Washing And Detailing Cars

washing and detailing cars

Washing and detailing cars is a job some people would prefer to have done in their driveway and not at some shop. Thus, if you have excellent attention to detail and are can clean and polish without leaving a scratch, there are clients out there looking for people exactly like you.

26. Workshops

workshops cash payment jobs

If you have a talent, consider holding local workshops for cash-paying attendees. Not everyone has the time to take regular weekly classes. In addition, some people who take regular classes enjoy learning from others to gain new techniques and approaches. Possibilities include:

  • Baking
  • Calligraphy
  • Cooking
  • Crafts
  • Meditation
  • Music
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Pottery
  • Stain glass
  • Social Media  
  • Terrarium making
  • Writing
  • Woodwork

What Sites Can You Find Other Under The Table Jobs

Finding under the table jobs on sites is possible but can come with more risks than networking through people you know in your local sphere or online. But the popular sites to look at include the following:


Cash payment jobs inspire many questions. We hear you and have got some answers about working under the table.

Working under the table is legal so long as the job is legal. So selling banned substances on the street corner will get you into trouble, but mowing lawns and babysitting are honest ways of making money. Nor is taking cash for mowing or babysitting wrong.

If you work for a company that pays you under the table, your employer could get into trouble. But that’s on hem, although you’d lose your job if they’re caught.

Do I Have To Pay Taxes For Cash Paying Jobs? 

Technically, cash earned is supposed to be reported to the IRS. Thus, you should speak with a tax adviser and keep track of your income on an Excel sheet or record book.

Does everyone do this? No. You are an adult and are entitled to make your own choices. We’re just letting you know that Uncle Sam would prefer you to report your earnings, and not doing so could potentially lead to problems with the IRS.

Are You Working Under The Table For DoorDash Or Instacart?

Jobs like DoorDash or Instacart are part of the gig economy, which is not working under the table. As a result, the IRS will get a heads up that you are “employed” and expect your earnings from those companies to be reported, even though you are not an employee. (Yes, gig workers fall in a grey zone in employment law.)

However, if you are given cash tips while working a gig job, such as delivering for Door Dash, those tips are technically ” under the table,” and the IRS will only know about them if you report them. Are you supposed to report them? Yes. But again, your own choice.

Wrap Up

Under the table jobs usually start as low-paying side hustles to quickly get cash into your life. But each job is an opportunity to expand your network and possibilities. In addition, if you’ve got the knack and your name spreads, you might end up with a plant sitting or sound editing business on your hands.


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