Crowdology: A Comprehensive Review Of The Paid Survey Platform

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With so many struggling to find a sustainable income has led to more and more people joining survey platforms to boost their financial situation. One such survey site is Crowdology, which lets you earn extra money on the side or is a permanent option for those without employment.

If you are considering joining Crowdology, then this platform overview will assist you in your decision.

Crowdology is a survey platform owned by a consultant company, Savanta, established in 2003. Crowdology provides surveys to members in the UK and the US. Crowdology reward members to do surveys and have a cash payout option through PayPal and a gift card option through Amazon and GCode.

When considering joining a survey platform like Crowdology, you must familiarize yourself with the site. Crowdology competes well with other survey sites and provides many additional features and benefits to make it more attractive.

Crowdology comes with its share of problems, but this review will help you get a better understanding before you decide.

User Experience And Ease Of Use

Crowdology works with a webpage; it is easy to join and set up a profile and offers a $10 joining fee. The survey platform is user-friendly, but the frequency of survey invitations depends on various factors, including how far completed your profile setup is.

User Interface And Design

Crowdology has simple signing-up proses that only take a few minutes to get you going, starting with your first survey. Compared to other survey platforms, Crowdology is user-friendly, and you need little technical skill to get signed up and complete surveys.

One of Crowdology’s biggest downfalls is that it only works on a web page, making it a bit hard to use. There are options to help users who want to get Crowdology on their mobile devices with OpinionAPP, which has Crowdology on it. For the most part, Crowdology is very user-friendly, and its interface is designed to complete surveys quickly and accurately.

After creating your account, a link will take you to the site’s main dashboard, where you can log in. On the dashboard, you will see rectangular boxes near the top that will display your account information, the total number of surveys accessible, the percentage of your completed profile, and your overall rewards earnings.

Your name, the number of surveys you’ve finished, and the level, which depends on how many surveys you’ve finished, are displayed on the dashboard’s left side. The number of surveys that must be completed before accessing the next level is also displayed on the dashboard.

Registration And Profile Setup Process

Crowdology has a simple registration prosses to get started. Here are seven steps to help you register on Crowdology:

Step 1:  Use your browser and go to Crowdology’s web page to start the registration prosses.

Step 2:  You can do this using your Facebook profile.

Step 3: Provide your first and last name and your email address.

Step 4: Select whether you are male or female.

Step 5: Enter your zip code.

Step 6: Enter a password. Ensure that it is a strong password for the best security.

Step 7: Accept their terms and conditions.

Setting Up Crowdology Profile

Your profile setup is a very important step. Crowdology does not randomly assign surveys to any and everybody. Most surveys assigned by Crowdology are sent with a certain demographic in mind. Your profile will indicate whether you fall within the demographic specifications to get the most accurate feedback for their clients.

Once you register on Crowdology’s platform, you will see the profile tab. This tab will have small profile sections like occupation, education, hobbies, etc. Crowdology relies on the profile setup to assign surveys to individuals within the survey’s parameters.

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Because surveys target a certain demographic, you must fill out as much profile information as possible to improve your chances of getting as many surveys as possible.

These profile sections take a few seconds each to complete, and you are assigned a certain percentage for each completed. Your target should be 100% to maximize your chance of getting as many surveys as possible.

After registering and setting up your profile, you can start completing your first survey. Please write down your login details and store them in a safe place.

Survey Invitations And Frequency

On the Crowdology dashboard, you will find any surveys assigned to you. After logging in, you will automatically go to the dashboard page, where you will find the survey invites. On your dashboard page, in the top left corner is a tab, “Surveys.” The tab will show the number of surveys available for you to complete.

As for the frequency of surveys, it depends on the percentage of your profile completed. The profile and survey tabs on your dashboard page are next to each other. The profile tab will show a percentage from zero to hundred percent.

The higher the percentage of your profile, the more frequently you will get surveys to complete. Completing the profile tab will increase the percentage.

Crowdology relies on your profile information and whether it falls within your expertise to assign you a survey. Crowdology’s clients require accurate information from a certain demographic, for example, female Latinos between ages 25 and 35.

Crowdology provides the most accurate information by sending the survey to those specific users that fit the survey profile.

Survey Quality And Variety

Crowdology knows that it is important to give its members the best possible opportunities to complete surveys quickly and accurately. Crowdology’s surveys take an average of 15 minutes to complete with topics that range from everyday topics like celebrities to higher priority topics like retirement.

Types Of Surveys Offered

Crowdology offers various survey categories to clients on their platform, and they use a target audience to complete a questionnaire based on their profile. Companies who need quick and reliable information from a broad spectrum and large group of people use Crowdology to acquire that information via a survey.

Crowdology offers endless categories for clients who wish to use their platform, and here is a list of some:

  • Everyday topics include celebrities, the environment, fashion, and health.
  • Higher priority topics, for example, retirement, employment, and politics.
  • Product topics include product feedback, product popularity, and product improvements.
  • Company improvements include brand popularity, new product ideas, and service feedback.

Crowdology is used for all surveys for companies, individuals, and research projects you can think of. Whether you need feedback from a large group of users or individuals within a specific demographic or a wide spectrum, Crowdology can facilitate it within its survey base.

Length And Complexity Of Surveys

The accuracy of surveys is affected by how long it takes, especially if you do more than one per day. Surveys that take an hour and more can become monotonous and cause the survey taker to lose interest, concentration, and accuracy. Crowdology provides a survey based on a survey taker’s profile, and that eliminates it from being too complex.

Standard surveys assigned through Crowdology take between 2 and 15 minutes to complete. Crowdology ensures that you have enough time to complete multiple surveys per day if you wish to.

Another reason why Crowdology’s surveys are shorter compared to other survey platforms is to give you enough time in the day to spend on other important things.

Crowdology ensures that their surveys are fun to eliminate inaccuracy, but the longer the survey, the more complex it becomes. Crowdology provides various surveys on various topics that affect the amount paid for its completion.

Topics include products, current events, politics, and health, to name a few, and providing shorter surveys helps Survey takers make money within a few minutes and reduces its complexity.

Payment And Rewards For Completing Surveys

Payment And Rewards

Because you can complete Crowdology surveys in the comfort of your home or anywhere, it is an option for many people as an extra income. In terms of how much you make depends on several factors.

One factor is the percentage on your profile. Your profile percentage plays a significant role in how many surveys invites you will get and, in turn, affects how much you can earn. The higher your percentage, the more invites you get and the more you can earn.

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Another factor is the amount of money you receive to complete a survey. Crowdology’s website states that you can earn up to $10 per survey, but the rewards for each survey completed average between $0.50-$2.50. If you expect to earn $10 for every or most surveys, you will be disappointed because those high-paying surveys rarely come along.

Considering that most surveys only take 15 minutes, even the lower-paying surveys are still worth the time spent. Many survey takers complain, saying the survey invitation frequency is very low. Crowdology is showing growth in providing better earning opportunities for their survey takers, but until then, do not expect to receive survey invitations daily.

Payment And Rewards System

Crowdology provides a cash withdrawal system through PayPal but has a minimum withdrawal limit. If you prefer to avoid the transfer costs, Crowdology allows you to exchange earnings for gift cards at Amazon and GCode.

Minimum Payout Threshold

Crowdology uses PayPal and Amazon to pay their survey takers, and both have minimum payment limits. PayPal’s minimum deposit limit is $8.00, and Amazon’s is $10.00, and these minimum limits prevent you from any payment transfers less than these amounts.

Although Crowdology does not have a minimum threshold, they are subject to PayPal and Amazon’s limits.

To withdraw your rewards from Crowdology, you must reach PayPal and Amazon’s minimum threshold, which does not take too long. Crowdology has three different payment methods to choose from. Two are PayPal and Amazon, and the third is called GCodes, which allows you to only claim $10 at a time.

If you want to spend your Crowdology earnings in cash, you must use the PayPal option, which requires a minimum deposit of $8. Amazon requires a minimum $10 deposit that you use as a gift certificate at Amazon, and GCodes allows a $10 deposit for gift codes at a time.

Payment Options

paypal, amazon logo

The best part of using Crowdology to do surveys is that it shows the amount you earn for the survey on the dashboard, and it does not work with a complicated points system. Another great thing about Crowdology is that you get paid directly after completing the survey. Crowdology has three payment options:

1. Cash Option (Paypal)

Once the amount reaches $8, you can transfer it into PayPal and into your bank account to spend however you want.

2. Gift Card Option (Amazon)

Using Crowdologys Amazon payment option differs from PayPal because its minimum deposit is $10, and you can only exchange it for an Amazon voucher. The Amazon voucher is the best option to spend your Crowdology earnings without a PayPal account.

3. Giftcard Option (Gcode)

Crowdology’s GCode payment option is another way to exchange your earnings for a gift voucher. GCode is the least used between the three but still one of Crowdology’s payment options, and like Amazon, it requires a minimum deposit of $10.

Gift Card Options

Crowdology has two options available to exchange your money earned for gift cards. The first option is through Amazon, and the 2nd is via GCodes. Both gift card options are great for avoiding PayPal charges and transfer fees.

Here is a breakdown of Crowdology’s gift card options:

Gift Card Option (Amazon)

Crowdology’s Amazon gift card option requires a minimum deposit of $10. The Amazon voucher is a great alternative to spend your Crowdology earnings without a PayPal account. One drawback when using the gift card option is receiving it can take up to four weeks.

Waiting for a gift card means earning immediately after completing a survey but waiting before you can spend it.

Giftcard Option (Gcode)

Crowdology’s GCode gift card option is another way to exchange your earnings for a voucher. If you prefer retail gift cards from a global shopping mall or exchange your earnings for travel and experiences, you can exchange them for GCodes. GCode has a minimum exchange rate of $10.

Customer Support And Service


Like any web-based platform, it is essential to have good customer support and service. Crowdology members do not have many options to contact them, often leading to frustration. Here are Crowdology’s contact methods and response time breakdown:

Contact Methods For Customer Support

Crowdology has a contact us page, but it is only accessible to people staying in the UK and the US. Suppose you are anywhere else, whether on holiday or changed residence, there is no way to contact them. An alternative is to contact them via their Facebook page, which has little activity, leaving doubt if you will get any response.

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Response Time And Effectiveness

Customer service is very important, and many of Crowdology’s members complain about their support and say they are slow to respond to queries. When they do reply, it is often superficial.

Crowdology Vs. Other Survey Platforms

Crowdology is one various survey platforms where you can earn money. Although being survey platforms is what they all have in common, there are some differences that we can explore. Here are four survey platforms and how they measure up against Crowdology:

Crowdology Vs. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys are well known and, just like Crowdology, are free to use and sign up for and have a stable flow of surveys. Crowdolgy’s minimal withdrawal is $8, compared to Branded Survey’s $5 minimum withdrawal.

Crowdology is offered to US and UK citizens, while Branded Surveys include Canada, the US, and the UK. Branded Surveys gives a $1 signup bonus compared to Crowdolgy’s $10. Like Crowdology, Branded Surveys provide an average survey length of 15 minutes.

You earn between $0.50-$5 on both platforms, but Crowdology transfers via PayPal and gift cards, and Branded Surveys has a bank transfers option.

Crowdology Vs. Survey Junkie

Crowdology provides surveys compared to Survey Junkie, which includes product testing and focus groups. You can exchange your earnings via PayPal or gift card on Crowdology and Survey Junkie, and both sites use email systems to send new surveys.

Survey Junkie provides higher rewards with additional ways to earn up to $100 compared to Crowdology, which offers a maximum of $10. Survey Junkie is limited to US citizens, whereas Crowdology is available to US and UK residents.

Crowdology Vs. Swagbucks

Swagbucks gives up to $20 as a signup bonus compared to Crowdology’s $10, although both survey platforms have a survey participation restriction of 18 years and above.

Swagbucks is ahead of Crowdology because you can earn up to 10% cashback with online shopping points, search the web, watch videos, and answer survey questions. Swagbucks has a $1 minimum e-gift card withdrawal and a $3 minimum cash withdrawal compared to Crowdology’s $8 PayPal withdrawal.

Crowdology Vs. Bizrate Rewards

Bizrate Rewards is a point system where you exchange points for gift cards, compared to Crowdology, where you earn cash which you can transfer through PayPal or exchange for gift cards. With Bizrate Rewards, you earn between 100 and 200 points per survey, with gift card rewards starting at 5000 points. With Crowdology, you earn between $0.50 and $10 per survey.

Crowdology and Bizrate Rewards exchange earnings for gift cards that you can use at major retail stores like Amazon, but Crowdology have a cash payout option through PayPal. Bizrate Rewards have a minimum gift card withdrawal of $5 compared to Crowdology’s $8.

Crowdology provides survey rewards to residents in the UK and Us compared to Bizrate Rewards, which only works with US residents.


Is There A Referral Program?

Crowdology does not have a referral program.

How Long Does It Take For Crowdology To Pay Out?

Crowdology pays the survey reward almost instantly after completion. However, transferring it to your PayPal account can take up to 48 hours, and Amazon vouchers up to 4 weeks.

How Much Does Crowdology Payout?

Crowdology pays between $0.50 and $10 per survey with a minimum of $8 transfer amount to PayPal and $10 for Amazon and GCode Gift cards.

What If I Encounter Technical Issues Or Need Help With My Account?

Crowdology has a contact us page accessible to UK and US residents to assist with technical and account issues.

Final Thoughts

Crowdology is a well-known survey platform that pays well compared to other survey platforms. Although some members have encountered issues with their response time and effectiveness, Crowdology is constantly improving to better the platform for potential users.




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