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Facts About Sean Lennon: Yoko Ono’s Son Net Worth 2023

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Sean Lennon may be best known for being the son of legendary Beatle John Lennon with his second wife, Yoko Ono. Still, his ongoing work in the music, film, and humanitarian spheres have earned him accolades and worth independent of his parents. Sean Lennon’s net worth is substantial, earning him a spot in the “Richest Celebrities” category.

Sean Lennon is the son of Beatle John Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono. Born in New York, he works as a musician, composer, actor, songwriter, record producer, and writer. He is also an environmental activist. Sean Lennon’s net worth is $200 million. He is in a relationship with Charlotte Kemp Muhl.

As an activist and artist, Sean Lennon is able to use his work to shed light on issues close to his heart to make a difference. His collaborations with big names have proven that he is not simply the son of a legend but a musician, producer, and writer worthy of note. Read on as we uncover the life of Sean Lennon, Yoko Ono’s son, his net worth, and other juicy facts.

Who Is Sean Lennon?

Sean Tarō Ono Lennon was born on 9 October 1975, his father’s 35th birthday. Sean’s parents are celebrities Yoko Ono and John Lennon. His godfather is the esteemed musician and singer Elton John. After Sean was born, John Lennon took a break from his music career to care for his son.

In 1981, Sean Lennon debuted his musical career when he read a story on Yoko Ono’s album, “Season of Glass .” He was 5 years old at the time. Sadly, it was also around then that John Lennon was murdered, and Sean had lost his father only six months before the recording.

He attended kindergarten in Tokyo. He then attended the Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland, Ethical Culture Fieldston School, and Dalton School in New York for high school. After school, he studied anthropology at Columbia University for three semesters before deciding to join his mother on tour and dedicate himself to his music instead.

Sean Lennon appeared on numerous albums with Yoko Ono. When he was 16, he teamed up with Lenny Kravitz to co-write the song “All I Ever Wanted.” The song was featured on Kravitz’s 1991 album “Mama Said.”

Sean has been continuously involved in solo and collaborative projects over the years. Some of his work has included the following:

  • He appeared in Michael Jackson’s “Moonwalker” film.
  • He was the temporary and then permanent bass player for the band Cibo Matto.
  • He has released several solo albums and EPs.
  • He took part in John Lennon’s tributes.
  • He released albums with the band Mystical Weapons
  • He released albums with the band Claypool Lennon Delirium
  • He worked as a producer on various albums
  • He directed, wrote, and starred in the film, “Friendly Fire.”

Sean does not belong to any religion or spiritual group. Instead, he practices transcendental meditation. He believes this helps him achieve the use of 10% more of his brain. He has helped organize and participated in fundraisers for the David Lynch Foundation. The Foundation works to spread knowledge about transcendental meditation.

Sean Lennon’s Net Worth And Salary

Sean Lennon has a net worth of $200 million. This worth places him firmly in the “Richest Celebrities” category, though he still falls short of the Beatles’ net worth.

As a comparison, here is the net worth of the Beatles in order from highest to lowest:

  1. Paul McCartney: $1.2 billion
  2. John Lennon: $800 million
  3. George Harrison: $400 million
  4. Ringo Starr: $350 million
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Being the son of legendary Beatle John Lennon, Sean inherited a large sum from his father, who passed away in 1981. From age 5, Sean has contributed to works of music in various ways, from narrating a story to helping produce and supplying vocals, bass guitar, and guitar.

His ongoing hard work in the music and film industry has paid off, allowing him to build a solid net worth of his own accord. When his father, John Lennon, passed away in 1981, most of his estate was left to Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon. The estate of John Lennon that passed to Sean has added to Sean’s net worth.

Sean Lennon is estimated to have a net worth of $160 million more than Julian Lennon, John Lennon’s firstborn son. This is because, in his will, John Lennon left Yoko Ono as the executor and the majority of his estate. Being Sean’s mother, she gave him the most significant share of John’s belongings and only a tiny portion to Julian.

Although Sean inherited more than Julian, he has also been working tirelessly since childhood, which has played a part in solidifying his reputation as a passionate, talented artist. He has won two Grammys, also helping to build his net worth.

Sean Lennon purchased a house valued at $9.5 million in 2008. He was later sued by his neighbors for $10 million. They claimed a tree on his property had caused damage to their property. The result was that Sean was ordered to remove the tree that had caused the damage to his neighbor’s property.

Since Sean continues to record, tour, and perform regularly, his net worth will likely remain solid and grow as he keeps working.

His first solo album release was in 1998. Entitled “Into The Sun,” the album reached number 4 on the Heatseekers Albums Billboard chart in 1998.

Another noteworthy album is the 2014 album released by the Ghost of a Sabre Tooth Tiger. “Midnight Sun” was released in April 2014, and “Rolling Stone” named it one of the top 50 albums of the year.

Successful albums add to the net worth of a musician, and Sean Lennon has worked tirelessly throughout his career to release albums.

What Is Sean Lennon’s Nature Of Work?

Sean Lennon is a multi-talented artist. He is a talented singer-songwriter, guitarist, bass guitarist, score composer, record producer, writer, actor, and musician.

Sean Lennon As An Activist

Sean is a keen activist. From 1996-1999, he assisted in organizing the Tibetan Freedom Concerts, at which he also performed. The Tibetan Freedom Concerts were a series of concerts with a socio-political agenda aimed at promoting the independence of Tibet.

Big bands like Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Beastie Boys, and Smashing Pumpkins were on the concert lineup, raising massive awareness for the Tibetan struggle.

In 2013, Sean participated in an online concert to raise funds for the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace. Sean firmly believes in the benefits of transcendental meditation and helped raise funds to spread knowledge of this wellness method to others.

In 2011, Sean felt moved to join the Occupy Wall Street protests. He contributed to the rally by leading the crowds in singing Madonna’s “Material Girl.” The song ended up being sung on repeat, becoming somewhat of a mantra for the protest.

2012 saw Sean and his mother, Yoko Ono, recruit multiple celebrities for an anti-fracking video entitled, “Don’t Frack My Mother.” The footage has around 230 thousand views on YouTube as of March 2023 and was able to educate countless viewers about the devastating effects of this highly invasive mining technique.

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Sean As A Musician

Sean Lennon’s music career was launched at the tender age of 5, only six months after the passing of his legendary father, John Lennon. His debut was made while narrating a story on an album for his mother, Yoko Ono. Afterward, Sean performed on other albums with Yoko and helped produce her work. He is named as a producer on the record cover.

Sean left his university after studying for three semesters. His reason for the change of heart was to join his mother on tour and to dedicate himself to his music. This is an endeavor he has not forsaken.

Ten years later, in 1991, he wrote the hit song “All I Ever Wanted” with Lenny Kravitz. The song was featured on Kravitz’s 1991 album, “Mama Said,” The two went on to cover John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance.”

In 1996, Sean joined the band Cibo Matto as their bass player. The placement was initially as a replacement bassist. After touring, he became a permanent member, and they released two albums together. During his time with Cibo Matto, his work was noticed, and he signed a record deal with Grand Royal Records.

Sean stayed with Grand Royal Records until 2001, when they closed. During his time with them, he released multiple solo albums and EPs.

His following record deal was with Capitol Records, where his father had been signed. He joined the band, Mystical Weapons during this time. He released two albums with the band until forming the band Claypool Lennon Delirium in 2015. As this iteration, they released two albums and an EP.

In 2018, Sean performed and recorded the cover of “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” with the fabulous Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson and performed it on Saturday Night Live.

Sean and Yoko won the Grammy for Best Album of the Year in 1982. They accepted the centennial award for “Imagine” in 2017.

Sean As A Producer

From as young as six years old, Sean has been credited with production work on his mother, Yoko Ono’s musical works. He received production credits on her records, “It’s Alright,” “Starpeace,” and “Onobox,” all of which were released between 1985 and 1992.

These formative experiences taught him a great deal as he has used his production knowledge throughout his career.

In his adult career, he has produced many albums, including the following:

  • “Primitive” by Soulfly in 2000.
  • “Between My Head and the Sky” and “Take Me to the Land of Hell” by Plastic Ono Band in 2009.
  • “Satan’s Graffiti or God’s Art?” by Black Lips in 2017.
  • “Lust for Life” by Lana Del Rey in 2017.

Sean As An Actor And Composer

Sean Lennon made his screen debut in 1988 when he was cast in “Moonwalker,” Michael Jackson’s film.

In 2006, he not only acted in but also wrote and directed the film, “Friendly Fire,” starring Carrie Fisher and Lindsay Lohan.

In 2012, Sean appeared in a superhero movie called “Alter Egos,” for which he also wrote the score. He also composed the score for “Ava’s Possessions,” a 2015 film.

Sean Lennon’s Family And Wife

Sean Lennon was born to Yoko Ono and John Lennon in 1975. Both his parents were celebrities at the time, and being born into a musical family, Sean soon picked up on his parents’ talents.

When he was only five years old, his father was shot and killed outside their home in New York. From then, Sean lived with his mother. Although he attended various schools, Yoko Ono remained in the apartment she had shared with her husband, John Lennon. As a result, Sean was able to return to his childhood home year after year.

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Sean has a half-brother, Julian Lennon. Julian was born during John Lennon’s first marriage to Cynthia Lennon. Although there was bad blood between the two wives, Julian and Sean have consistently been reported to be close.

Sean also has a half-sister, Kyoko Chan Cox. She is about 12 years older than Sean. Yoko Ono had her daughter from her marriage before John Lennon. Kyoko tends to stay out of the public eye, likely because of a tumultuous past with her parents after their split. It is thought that she is currently staying in New York with Yoko.

Whether or not Sean has a relationship with his half-sister is unknown. Perhaps more light will be shed on the matter during 2023.

Sean met his girlfriend, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, in 2005. They met at the Coachella festival. Since Charlotte was only 17 at the time, and Sean, was 29, they remained friends for two years before starting dating.

The two have never married but remain faithful and in love. They play together in a band named the Ghost of a Sabre Tooth Tiger, which receives critical acclaim.

Sean Lennon does not have any children.

Sean Lennon 2023 Update

Sean Lennon is still active and making a name for himself as an artist in 2023.

On the music front, he and his long-term girlfriend, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, are touring with their band, the Ghost of a Sabre Tooth Tiger.

They will be in Stateline, Nevada, in May 2023. See all their concert dates and venues here.

Reviews of the tour are positive so far, proclaiming that although the three-piece first appears reminiscent of a bygone era, their sound is fresh. The band has opened for more prominent, well-known bands like Beck and is gaining popularity in its own right.

There are rumors of a new studio album on the cards for 2023; however, these still need to be confirmed. Fans are also anticipating a possible world tour in 2024. Again, we recommend you await confirmation before buying band T-shirts or getting too excited.

On the personal front, Sean is helping the fans of the world celebrate the birthday of Yoko Ono, his mother, in 2023. Ono, a legend herself, turns 90 this year. In honor of her, Sean has created a virtual Wish Tree. In Japanese culture, Wish Trees are popular ways to celebrate special occasions. Yoko Ono has often mentioned the wish trees of her childhood.

During her adult years, Ono has installed many Wish Trees as artistic pieces, so it seems only fitting that the world can now wish her a happy 90th birthday by contributing to a worldwide Wish Tree. Sean also encourages everyone to plant physical trees in honor of his mother.

Read more about the virtual Wish Tree in honor of Yoko Ono that Sean is working on here.

Wrap Up

Sean Lennon may have been born into musical royalty, but he continues to work his way out of his birthright. His musical talent and relentless work ethic pay off in his growing, dedicated fan base, and what Sean Lennon proves time and again is that he is deserving of acclaim with or without his parents’ names.

His net worth might be thanks to a hefty inheritance, and at $200 million, he ranks up there with the world’s most prosperous. Keep an eye out for concert dates near you, and look out for any new studio albums Sean Lennon may drop in the near future.


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