john alite net worth

John Alite Net Worth 2023: Income Source, Family, And Properties

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john alite net worth

John Alite [pronounced AY-lite] is a fascinating character. It might scare some, but he is a real motivation and role model for most. A rough diamond that made it out of the most bottomless hole and still has a net worth people want to know.

John Alite is a millionaire with a net worth of $3 million. Although he is an ex-mobster for one of the five mob families in America, the Gambino family, he turned his life around. He is a motivational speaker, author, actor, and business owner. His yearly income is approximately $1 million.

There is much around John Alite’s story to know and understand before comprehending his net worth and being astounded about how he got where he is today.

John Alite: Net Worth

John Alite’s net worth in 2023 is around $3 million, with the potential to increase. He is a motivational speaker, book author, actor, and business owner. He was a hitman for one of the top gangster families in America. He did his time in jail and used violence and aggression to get about.

His net worth would have been sky-high if it weren’t for his liabilities and criminal activities in the past. But, on the other hand, his growing up years on the streets and experience in gangster life led to him building his empire and net worth, but in a good way.

John Alite’s monthly and yearly salary is challenging to determine. With his Youtube channel, he generates an average income of around $40 000 per month. These digits do not include any affiliate link or ambassador program income.

His yearly income is around $1 million from various revenues such as books, movies, music, motivational talks, interviews, and businesses.

John Alite Bio

With John Alite turning 61 in 2023, he has a lengthy biography, even longer than your average 60-year-old male. He had more downs than ups, but the good news is that he is on the right track now and can motivate others not to follow in his footsteps.

Full NameJohn Edward Alite
NicknameJohnny Alleto
Birthplace and dateQueens, New York, on the 30th of September 1962
ParentsUnknown, but from Albania, and dad was a boxer
SiblingsOlder brother, Jimmy Alite
SchoolingThe University of Tampa with a scholarship for baseball
WifeFirst wife- Carol Alite (1988)Second wife – Claudia DiPippa (1990)
CareerHe started as a mobster, did jail time, and turned his life around
Current lifeMotivational SpeakerActorAuthor

John Alite’s Family Background

John Alite had a rough childhood which played a massive part in where he ended up and why he is still alive. John was born and raised in Queens, New York, in a neighborhood called Woodhaven. Later, this neighborhood got a new name from the inhabitants – Deathhaven.

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His grandparents immigrated from Gjirokastër, Albania, to give their children a better life in the big city. John has an older brother Jimmy who was athletic and strong as a child, whereas John was clumsy. Their dad was a boxer, and he raised them tough.

He married his first wife in 1988, Carol Alite, but he confessed that he cheated on her the entire time. They had two kids named Jimmy and Chelsea. He divorced Carol after a short-lived marriage and married Claudia DiPippa in 1990. She and their two kids, now adults, have secret lives, and no one knows their whereabouts.

Keeping their family life secret was a clever move from Claudia. However, she was also part of the Gambino family once. John was in and out of prison and missed his children growing up. Thus, he wanted to improve for them and to be part of their lives and his grandchildren’s.

However, John has a target on his back because he testified against the great Gotti. Although there is an unwritten rule in the gangster world that you don’t go for someone’s family, you never know when this rule could turn to ash.

John Alite recently lost his only daughter. She celebrated her 30th birthday and, the morning after, felt she needed a painkiller. So, she took Percocet – something John knew about, and he disapproved.

She wasn’t addicted but took it recreationally and was scared of Fentanyl, which took so many of her friends’ lives. She felt sleepy and never thought that she would never wake up from that nap. The recreational drug had a lace of Fentanyl, one of the most potent synthetic opioids.

She passed away on the 18th of August 2022, and John Alite is waging war against the dealing of these dangerous drugs and the weak security at the borders getting them into America.

John Alite’s Past Endeavors

Some might say it was a harsh and cruel way to raise kids, but John feels that how his dad raised him helped him survive on the streets. Unfortunately, this also led to him becoming a killer, as his upbringing twisted his thoughts about beating and hurting. It did not align with the beliefs and morals of regular household kids.

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The neighborhood was also a place for illegal activities. The people he looked up to, such as his baseball coach and the coach’s father, were high in the murder ranks. The role models he had weren’t gangsters that struggled to come by and live; they were the wealthiest people on the block.

After years of being part of this community, he became part of the Gambino crime family. He dropped out of college in his third year to fully pursue the mobster life. He became one of their hitmen and confessed to killing six people, shooting 40 people, and abusing almost 100 people with a baseball bat.

He is a great businessman and made great successes as a mobster, even though there were illegal twists. As a mobster, his net worth was $15 million with all the businesses like clubs and car valets, loan sharking, and drug trafficking.

After a few years, he got ratted out and caught and was in and out of prison for ten years. Finally, in 2008, he agreed to testify against the family he worked for and felt a part of, including his childhood friend, John Gutti Jr. The FBI agent, Gentile, and other federal and law agents helped John reassess his worth, life, and what he could bring to society.

Watch this video where he talks about his past, growing up, and getting into the mob if you are interested in an in-depth story from the author himself.

What Are John Alite’s Properties And Income Sources

The properties of John Alite are quite a mystery. We have much information regarding his businesses and how he attains his income, but not on what he spends it other than investing in new projects or expanding businesses.

Today, he is involved in a few other dealings and careers that might shock some people. For example, he is building houses to sell in Pennsylvania for a profit. He is also a co-owner of an auto repair and sales shop, which suggests that he likes cars and owns a few. In addition, he was an owner of a Pizzeria until 2019.

He became an actor and starred in a few mob movies. The Netflix original, “The Perfect Gangster,” gets him much exposure, a high income, and more acting deal around the corner. In addition, he starred in documentaries like Mob Tales with Nick Christophers, The Viking: Downfall of a Drug Lord, and Fear City: New York vs. the Mafia.

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He is a successful author of four books, writing about his days in the mafia, how it works, and the rules it entails. He even has two songs released with an album on the way.

In addition, he has great success with his podcast with Gene, a former younger mobster. They get mobsters and interview them on the show. He also has a website where he sells merchandise and his books.

He started a business, Alite Sports, which is a gambling business but with no illegal or money laundering motives. He has many income sources, making it quite difficult to pinpoint his exact net worth.

Although he hangs out with the popular crowds, like Donald Trump, he doesn’t flaunt his assets and is more about awareness of the cause he fights for than flashing his dollars.

Lessons From John Alite’s Life

John had it tough growing up, but his dad did not mean to raise him as a killer, only to protect him from the streets. But unfortunately, he became involved with the wrong crowds, looked up to the bad people for guidance, and paid the price by serving in jail.

In the end, it could have been much worse. John still could have been in and out of prison and working in the dark. But luckily, the right people came over his path at the right time, and with his strong morals and intelligence, he could see why this path would be better.

The mob life might bring you millions of dollars and a rush when you need to kill or be part of illegal activities, but even gangsters have PTSD. John couldn’t sleep more than two hours at a time because of all the bad things he had done.

Now he is an asset in the community, talking to potential victims who might turn to a gang for support or dealing in illegal activities. In addition, he is on social media sharing his story and trying to show what he went through and that what he did is not the way to go.

The aim of all this exposure and telling his story is to motivate and encourage young kids on the streets to be better, live better, and make better choices.


John Alite might not be the wealthiest and most famous person, but he has a story. Although he is an ex-gangster, his net worth is $3 million with honest income sources. He is an example of someone deciding to turn and still be a financial success.


john alite net worth


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