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Les Brown Net Worth 2023 + Facts And Bio

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You may have seen an advertisement inviting you to become a ‘Les Brown prodigy’ and wondered what it is all about. How exactly did a young, adopted boy from Miami become a world-renowned motivational speaker who has inspired people everywhere to ‘seize the power within’? Not only has Les Brown encouraged millions, but he has also made millions.

Les Brown has a net worth of $12 million. His income comes mainly from public speaking events. He also has published numerous bestselling books and offers online training courses. Les Brown has won many accolades for his achievements and is also a cancer survivor.

One of the reasons that Les Brown has become so famous is that he speaks from a place of deep understanding. He has walked the walk from poverty to celebrity status and continues making deep tracks as one of the world’s most sought-after speakers.

Les Brown’s Net Worth

It is estimated that Les Brown’s net worth is around $12 million. According to the American Speakers Booking agent, he charges a speaker’s fee of between $30 000 – $50 000 per booking.

In addition to appearing at live events, Les Brown’s books remain popular. He also offers online training for students to become Les Brown prodigies.

In addition to his career as a speaker and motivator, Les Brown is also an author of several bestsellers. Goodreads lists 30 distinct works where he is either the author or a contributor.

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These include:

  • Live Your Dreams
  • It’s Not Over Till You Win
  • The Power Of Purpose
  • It’s Possible
  • You’ve Got To Be HUNGRY: The GREATNESS Within To Win

Les Brown Bio

The rags-to-riches life of Les Brown is an inspirational story on its own. His convoluted personal life and career have not always been smooth sailing. Despite the setbacks, he has persisted and managed to triumph over adversity.

Let’s take a snapshot at Les Brown’s life:

Full NameLeslie Calvin Brown
Date of birth17 February 1945
Current age78
Place of birthMiami, Florida
Twin siblingWesley Brown
High SchoolBooker T. Washington High School
Career pathRadio Jockey, Politician, Author, Motivational Speaker
Marital StatusDivorced – He was briefly married to soul singer Gladys Knight from 1995-1997 
ChildrenNine children: Calvin, Patrick, Ayanna, Ona, Tad, Talia, Sumaya, Serena, and John-Leslie
NicknameThe Motivator

Les Brown and his twin brother were born in an abandoned building and put up for adoption at the age of 3 weeks. They were adopted by a single waitress, Mamie Brown, who nurtured the boys and provided them with a stable, loving home life.

Despite struggling academically, Les grabbed opportunities as they presented themselves. It was by chance that he went on air as a DJ in his early years when the regular DJ was too intoxicated to present. The rest was history, and he eventually moved from radio to excelling in politics and finally to public speaking and writing motivational books.

What Is Les Brown Known For? 

Les Brown continues to retain his position as one of the top 10 most sought-after motivational speakers in the United States. His catchphrase ‘It’s possible!’ has inspired millions across the globe to dream big and never give up.

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It is not just his oratory skills that have made Les Brown famous. In fact, his illustrious career as a motivational speaker and author only began later in his career.

Les Brown is remembered as a charismatic radio DJ in Ohio. While working in Columbus, Brown became active in the community. His commitment to the people in his area and continued activism led to him winning a seat in the 29th House District of the Ohio State Legislature, where he served three terms.

There is no doubt that Les Brown is best known as a sought-after motivational speaker. His seminars attract thousands of people, and he has presented to audiences as large as 80 000.

Les Brown’s Achievements

From his humble beginnings at public school in Miami, Les Brown has created waves wherever he went. Before he launched himself as an author and speaker, he was a member of the Ohio House of Representatives from 1977 to 1981.

In the early 1980s, Les Brown left Ohio to care for his elderly mother in Florida. He continued to focus on community issues and established a youth center training program during this time.

In 1986, Les Brown entered the formal world of public speaking and established Les Brown Enterprises Inc. Since then, he has earned many accolades, most notably:

  • 1989 – He was the first African American to win the Council Of Peers Award for Excellence from the National Speakers Association
  • 1990 – Recorded ‘You Deserve’ – Emmy Award-winning series of speeches for PBS
  • 1991 – Elected as one of the world’s best speakers by Toastmasters
  • 2021 – After a heroic fight against Stage 4 prostate cancer, Les Brown was honored with a Cancer Fighters Perseverance Award.
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Les Brown continues to be a popular motivational speaker in the United States. His stats speak for themselves. Currently, his audience on social media platforms are as follows:

Twitter131K Followers
Facebook1.4M Likes
Searches per month60K

Lesson We Can Learn From Les Brown’s Life

Les Brown’s life is a powerful message to everyone never to define yourself by anyone else’s opinion and never to give up on your dreams. Although he struggled academically at school, he refused to be limited by the labels he was given.

One thing that differentiates Les Brown from other speakers is that he speaks from real-life experience. The themes of his talks that we can learn from include the focus points around believing in yourself and the importance of hard work and commitment to achieve your goals.

Many of Les Brown’s lessons can be summed up in his most famous quotes.

  • Shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you will still be among stars.
  • Other people’s opinion does not have to become your reality.
  • If you don’t program yourself, life will program you!
  • Do what is easy, and your life will be hard.
  • You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

Wrap Up

Les Brown has an estimated net worth of $12 million. The income comes from multiple avenues, most notably his live appearances as a motivational speaker. He continues to generate additional income from his books and offers online training courses.


les brown net worth


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