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Valued Opinions Review 2023: Is It A Legit Paid Surveys Site?

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Over the last five years, millions of people have shifted their focus upon various online side hustles as many faced the stark financial realities caused by Covid19. While there are numerous legitimate ways to generate additional cash through online ventures in 2023, major survey platforms such as Valued Opinions have proven the most straightforward and reliable.

Valued Opinions, established in 2004, is a legitimate paid survey site owned and operated by an internationally recognized market research firm known as Dynata. Valued Opinions recently exceeded 3 million active members in over 20 countries globally, accurately demonstrating the site’s authenticity.

Being exposed to consistent and sophisticated online scams is an unfortunate reality countless well-intentioned users are exposed to daily, leading to them questioning the legitimacy of paid survey sites such as Valued Opinions.

However, Valued Opinions and its parent company Dynata have been respected and trusted throughout the industry for over 2 decades, as this article will explore.

Is Valued Opinion A Legit Site For Paid Surveys?

Globally, millions of active users and most well-respected industry professionals consider Valued Opinions a legitimate paid survey site where people can effortlessly earn some extra spending money.

It is worth noting that Valued Opinions is among 17 different survey platforms operated and owned by an internationally renowned research marketing company known as Dynata. Dynata was launched in early 2004, with the market research company creating multiple online platforms that users can access in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Throughout Dynata’s almost two-decade-long history, the influential market research company has experienced consistent and exponential industry growth, indirectly enabling millions of low-income people to generate enough cash to cover their most immediate financial shortfalls.

Moreover, Dynata and its 17 paid survey platforms are completely legitimate and legal in each of the 20 countries they are currently operational. The company’s authenticity and trustworthiness are demonstrated throughout its online operational procedures, user experiences, and multiple convenient payment options.

Despite Dynata, which is Valued Opinions’ main holding company, not obtaining a BBB accreditation, the market research firm has maintained an acceptable A+ rating for more than a decade.

It is not essential for companies operating online to achieve a BBB from The Marketing Research Association score, with an A+ rating being well-respected throughout the competitive international industry.

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As of 2023, Valued Opinions has slightly more than three million separate users, with most active accounts utilizing the legitimate paid survey platform weekly. The size of Valued Opinions’ current user base, combined with their noteworthy and consistent engagement, accurately indicates the platform’s indisputable level of global trustworthiness.

Over the last 18 years, Dynata has continued expanding its global reach, product offerings, and user base. The significant online paid platform is available to people in 20 countries including:

  • The United Kingdom
  • The United States
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • Ireland
  • India. 

In addition, global users can access Valued Opinions in more than 15 distinct languages, further demonstrating the paid survey sites’ legitimacy, authenticity, global reach, and influence.

It is worth noting that Valued Opinions has a straightforward and transparent signing-up process, with the paid survey platform instantly banning any user providing inaccurate, misleading, or false information.

What Is Valued Opinions? 

Valued Opinions is a legitimate online paid survey platform, allowing millions of users globally to complete appropriate surveys in exchange for a small amount of cash.

Essentially, Valued Opinions and its various offerings is a virtual platform where users can share some of their personal information, opinions, and thoughts with the market research company.

Once Valued Opinions has determined your answers to be accurate, informative, and appropriate, it will reward you with a few dollars each time you successfully complete a provided survey.

How Does Valued Opinions Work? 

It is vital to note that Valued Opinions is more than a simple paid survey site, with the popular platform allowing users to make some extra cash in a few separate ways.

Paid Surveys

The first option, exclusively based on paid surveys, is the easiest, most reliable, and most accessible for inexperienced first-time users. 

Accessing paid surveys on Valued Opinions online will require users to sign up with their email address, identity, interests, and current location. Once Valued Opinions has authenticated your details, you can immediately access and complete numerous paid surveys in exchange for a few dollars.

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It is important to remember that your access to surveys is finite, as Valued Opinions will only allow you to complete a paying survey if it’s perfectly aligned with your location history, personal information, and interests. Unfortunately, users must accept that they will frequently be denied access to a survey despite already completing multiple questions accurately.

If your Valued Opinions profile does not match a specific survey offered on the platform, you will not have the opportunity to generate cash from it. The major limiting factors of paid online surveys are:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Current location
  • Other key demographic indicators.

It is vital to fill out your Valued Opinions’ virtual profile accurately and completely. This will allow the platform to match you accurately with the most relevant surveys possible. However, if you do not want to answer the most personal and invasive questions, you can still take on several surveys without fully completing your personal profile.

One of the distinguishing features of Valued Opinions is the sheer number of available paid surveys, which results from the revered market research company’s stellar reputation, global reach, size, and industry influence.

However, you can only access surveys applicable to your profile, demographic, and interests, with the volume widely varying throughout the financial year.

Moreover, it is accepted that Valued Opinions pays slightly more per survey than its competitors, with the highest paying options being offered to users through the digital platform or daily email suggestions.

Most experienced, Valued Opinions agree that constantly maintaining your profile information and regularly searching the site for available surveys is the most reliable method to generate as much additional cash as possible.

Usually, any available and appropriate survey offered by Valued Opinions will indicate the time required to complete each task, the specific topic, and how much users will be reimbursed. It is essential to analyze each survey’s requirements and details before attempting to complete it, as some of them are not worth your valuable time.

After signing up with Valued Opinions, users can expect the platform to offer any user between one and three paying surveys daily, depending on the demand for their demographical details.

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Focus Groups And Diary Studies

At the same time, Valued Opinions has created a platform that specializes in fairly remunerating users for their involvement in valuable focus groups and diary studies. Countless global users prefer participating in various focus groups and diary studies offered by Valued Opinions.

While you can earn more by dedicating a significant amount of time to diary studies and focus groups, it will require considerable and consistent user effort. It should be noted that users can only access this earning method if Valued Opinions extends an invite on their platform or through their personal email address.

Users must contribute any required information daily to generate money through Valued Opinions’ focus groups and diary studies offering. Normally, Valued Opinions will prescribe the topic and all other necessary information before users accept the offer.

At the same time, Valued Opinions’ focus groups are closely related to traditional interviews, meaning users will be requested to join interesting group chats, share valuable information with the group, and take an interest in other people’s points of view.

In exchange for your time, knowledge, and research, Valued Opinions will pay you far more than any individual survey would.

Importantly, Valued Opinions offers its users multiple badges and membership levels, which can be obtained by accurately completing your online profile, providing specific personal information, the length of your membership, and the number of surveys completed.

Membership Levels And Badges

While Valued Opinions’ various badges and membership levels do not directly result in additional income, anyone who has achieved the highest membership level will automatically receive additional tailored surveys weekly.

Currently, Valued Opinions consists of five distinct badge levels, with Bronze being for beginners and Diamond exclusively reserved for the highest achievers on the platform.

While it is widely accepted that you will not generate thousands of dollars per month from Valued Opinions’ various offerings, you can effortlessly and consistently earn additional spending money without sacrificing a substantial portion of your daily free time.

How Much Money Can You Earn From Valued Opinions? 

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Before entering the global online paying survey industry, it is crucial to understand that the likelihood of earning enough money to replace your current full-time job is almost non-existent.

However, the low pay associated with all legitimate paid survey sites should not deter potential users as they can consistently generate a small amount of cash monthly, which can be utilized to cover critical financial shortfalls, increase spending money, and add to retirement savings funds.

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Furthermore, you cannot guarantee or predict how much money you will earn from Valued Opinions weekly, monthly, or yearly as they are numerous uncontrollable limiting factors. As a rough estimate, you can earn between $0.50 and $10.00 for each completed survey, which usually takes 10 or 15 minutes to finalize.

Additionally, Valued Opinions provides an estimate for each offered survey, which includes how much time it will take to complete, how much money you will receive in exchange for completing the task, and the various topics the questions will be based on.

It is vital to dedicate a few minutes to fully analyze the survey’s requirements before attempting to complete it as some of them will not reward users in any way while others are overly complex for the accompanying price tag.

If you are offered a lengthy, involved, or complicated survey, you can expect to receive more cash, which will immediately be credited into your Valued Opinions account.

Unfortunately, it is likely; you will not be offered as many surveys as you expected before signing up for Valued Opinions’ online platform; however, this is the case with all paying survey sites, as the tasks are assigned in direct accordance with your geographical location, various demographics, and current badge ranking.

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What Payment Methods Do Valued Opinions Offer? 

Among the easiest and most reliable ways to ensure an online survey site’s legitimacy is its offered payment options.

Fortunately, Valued Opinions has numerous appropriate, reliable, and diverse payment options, allowing users from diverse backgrounds, geographical locations, and financial means to utilize the enormous global platform.

The ability for Valued Opinions to earn money in their home country’s currency is among the paying survey platform’s biggest competitive industry advantages. Users must build up their virtual credit accounts before requesting payment from Valued Opinions.

It is worth noting that Valued Opinions only offers one payment method, which users can instantly redeem through physical gift cards, virtual gift cards, or e-gift cards. In addition, Valued Opinions users must have an account credited $10 or more before redeeming the cash amount in voucher form.

It is recommended to exclusively request your payment via virtual gift cards as their required waiting time is less than 24 hours. Conversely, physical gift cards take a month to arrive in your postbox.

While Valued Opinions has recently made their intentions of adding PayPal and Cash App payment functionality to their online platform in the coming months abundantly clear, current users are limited to redeeming their gift cards from prevalent selected retailers such as Chillis, Amazon, CVS, iTunes, KFC, Debenhams.

Interestingly, Valued Opinions allows users to donate their current accounts’ balance to various influential charities such as UNICEF, indicating the firm’s willingness to improve the lives of people in need.

Who Can Join Valued Opinions? 

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One of the most positive aspects of modern paying survey sites and the internet is the incredibly low barriers to entry, allowing millions of people, previously unable to access an online side hustle, to generate crucial extra spending money.

Valued Opinions is among the most appropriate and suitable online platforms for people of any age, gender, demographic, and geographical location to effortlessly generate a small amount of additional money monthly.

While it is known that Valued Opinions and any other paid survey site will not enable users to quit or replace their full-time jobs, the extra money each month is incredibly valuable, especially in the dire financial times we are experiencing in 2023.

Experienced Valued Opinions users note that the enormous digital platform should allow people to participate in straightforward and non-time-consuming surveys in their free time. Instead of wasting your free time scrolling social media or watching television, you can generate a small yet consistent income stream from appropriate surveys offered by Valued Opinions.

Despite Valued Opinions being a viable earning option for anyone with a reliable internet connection, mobile phone access, or computer access, the paying survey platform is best suited to inexperienced people attempting to start their online business careers.

Are There Any Requirements To Join Valued Opinions?

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Joining Valued Opinions is an effortless process for most modern internet users. However, the site does require the person to be at least 17 years of age, have a stable internet connection, an accessible email address, and a working mobile number.

While there are reliable ways to navigate your way around Valued Opinions minimum requirements, if you cannot satisfy each one, it is not recommended as your account and any generated credits could be permanently frozen at any time.

The official signing-up process associated with Valued Opinions is as straightforward as any comparable modern website, which has significantly increased the global reach and influence of the market research company.

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It is worthwhile noting that users can access Valued Opinions through their mobile phones or household computers, further enhancing the company’s growth in rural and lower-income areas. Once you have accessed Valued Opinions’ official website, click the vividly colored signup button.

After locating and pressing the signup button, the platform will request you to provide your legal name, current working email address, the official date of birth, local address, and geographical location. While these questions and requirements can be deemed incredibly invasive, they are essential pieces of data utilized by Valued Opinions to match you with appropriate paying surveys. 

Upon sufficiently finalizing your data, Valued Opinions will send a confirmation email to the address provided in the signup procedure. Simply click on the link embedded within the email, enter your chosen signup details, and start earning instantly by selecting any survey automatically generated by Valued Opinions digital platform.

Valued Opinions Of Participants’ Reviews

Valued Opinions’ online user reviews are overwhelmingly positive, although there are numerous negative claims by disgruntled or previously disillusioned users.

As with most paying survey sites, numerous inexperienced users claim to be exposed to continuous scams and other nefarious activities. However, Valued Opinions is not responsible for third-party access and offerings, with the market research company being exclusively responsible for user safety and security on their website.

Unfortunately, many online users automatically assume that paying survey websites are illegitimate. While their fears are validated and appropriate as countless similar websites cannot be considered trustworthy, Valued Opinions has operated in the legitimate realm of online business for under two decades.

Despite the few negative reviews gaining the most attention, it is worth noting that the overwhelming majority of online comments are positive. Valued Opinions and its enormous legitimate platform has enabled millions of people to generate easy spending money, which they could not previously attain no matter how hard they worked.


Is It Free To Join? 

Anyone can join Valued Opinions for free if they are 17 or older, have a working mobile number, and an accessible email address. Moreover, users will never be required to pay Valued Opinions a cent as the internationally renowned paying survey platform aims to be as accessible to as many people as possible, including people facing significant financial challenges.

What Other Ways Can You Earn Money Through Valued Opinions?

The most reliable and straightforward way to generate extra cash from Valued Opinions is by completing as many matching surveys as possible. However, the number of weekly surveys remains limited due to varying geographical locations, demographics, and other applicable metrics.

However, Valued Opinions users can earn money by participating in focus groups and diary studies. If Valued Opinions allows you to participate in one of their focus groups or diary studies, you should grab it with both hands.

While focus groups and diary studies require more effort, attention, research, and time, you will receive significantly more money than you would for a traditional survey. Furthermore, experienced, valuable, and committed Valued Opinions users can obtain different badges and membership levels, allowing them to obtain additional weekly surveys tailored to their interests.

Should I Join Valued Opinions? 

If you haven’t already signup up with Valued Opinions, it is highly recommended to do so before the global market becomes too saturated and competitive.

The best time to enter the paying survey industry was five years ago, with the second most reasonable time today. Signup, participate, become involved, make connections, and slowly build your way to permanent financial freedom.

Other Sites Offering Paid Surveys

Countless reliable, authentic, and legitimate paid survey sites are available online. However, sifting through each one to locate the website best suited to your needs is impossible and incredibly time-consuming.

It is recommended to immediately sign up with Valued Opinions and a few other similar websites simultaneously, as this will allow you to access the biggest variety and largest number of surveys possible. While Valued Opinions should remain your reliable starting point and home base, additional legitimate sites with a similar operating approach will be listed below.

Wrap Up

After extensive research and analysis, Valued Opinions is among the most legitimate, straightforward, trustworthy, and internationally recognized paying survey platforms. While it will not entirely replace your full-time jobs income, Valued Opinions allow millions globally to generate a small yet consistent stream of extra cash.


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