how to get free money on cash app

How Can You Get Free Money with Cash App? (14 Ways You Should Know In 2023)

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Cash App is a handy tool that makes it painless to make and receive payments, invest money, and get significant discounts from selected vendors. But what if you could get free money on Cash App?

14 Ways to get free money on Cash App:

14 Effective Ways To Get Free Money On Cash App

There are many Cash App scams out there that promise you free money, but there are also legit ways to get free money on Cash App, so let’s see what they are.

1. Get An Invitation Bonus With A Referral Code

Cash App has an excellent and convenient referral system. This allows you to receive $5 for free when you join Cash App and enter someone else’s referral code. Though $5 isn’t much, it’s free and effortless, so you have nothing to lose in the process. Unfortunately, it’s only available for new Cash App accounts.

To get your $5, simply follow these steps:

  1. Install Cash App on your iPhone or Android device. Note: do not download any of the “alternative” Cash Apps (like “Cash App ++”) that you often see on YouTube and other social platforms. These are modified versions, and they could contain malware or other privacy and security risks.
  2. After installing, open Cash App and create an account. To do so, enter your phone number or email address and the confirmation code that Cash App will send you.
  3. Now Cash App will ask you to enter more information, like your Zip code. You can also enter a $Cashtag, a unique name people can use to send you money.
  4. You will be asked to enter a referral code, so enter a referral code in the space provided (you have to do this to get your free $5 bonus).
  5. Now link your bank account by entering your card details. If it doesn’t ask you for this directly, simply tap the Bank icon in the bottom left of the screen.
  6. Now you have to activate your account by loading cash. You can load any amount into Cash App, but load at least $5 to qualify for your reward.
  7. Now, pay at least $5 to someone else. You can pay this amount to someone who can pay it straight back to you, like a friend or someone in your family. These payments won’t cost anything as Cash App won’t charge a fee.
  8. After you’ve done this, your account will be fully activated, and you will receive your $5 bonus reward.
how to get free money on cash app

2. Spread The Word Among Friends And Family

Cash App wants more people to use the platform, and one great way they do this is by rewarding their happy users for referring others. You can immediately start referring anyone if you have an active Cash App account, and you just have to give them your referral code.

To get your Cash App referral code, open the app and go to the tab labeled “Activity.” There will be a list of things you can do; among other things, you will see “Invite Friends.” Select that, and you will see your referral code.

You can share your referral code with anyone; there’s no cap on how many people you can refer. They can be friends or family, even customers or work colleagues.

For you to get rewarded, the people you refer have to complete the exact steps you did to get your $5 reward (they will also each get $5 free):

  1. They have to download Cash App.
  2. Next, they should go through the entire registration process.
  3. After registering and linking their card, they can enter your referral code.
  4. Then they can link a card and load money on Cash App.
  5. Lastly, they can make a $5 payment. If it’s a friend or family member, you can even send them the $5 and let them pay it back, which will be their first transaction, and activate their account.
  6. Voila! They receive $5, and you get $30.
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You have to keep a few crucial things in mind, though:

  • After entering your referral code, the person you referred will have 14 days to make the $5 payment. If they don’t do it within 14 days, the referral bonuses will expire (both your $30 and their $5). That’s why it’s a good idea to help them do it immediately.
  • They don’t have to pay $5 once-off. The payments can be incremental. For example, some users who didn’t have $5 in their Cash App accounts paid $1 back and forth five times to get the same result. It still didn’t cost anything (no fees), but it required a bit more effort.

Using this strategy cleverly, you’ll be surprised how many people will join Cash App using your referral code. It’s not impossible to earn $2,000 or more this way, and it’s one of the easiest (legal) ways to get free money on Cash App quickly.

3. Put Your Referral Code Everywhere

No rule says you can only refer people you know personally. Many social media influencers and online personalities, like YouTubers, leave their Cash App referral code in their profiles and various social media posts.

Some even go as far as posting about the benefits of Cash App with their referral code listed in there. When people see the post, some will likely try Cash App, and many will be willing to put your referral code in there (they will get $5 free, after all). Every time they complete the process, you get $30.

The fantastic thing about this is how easy it is. You could wake up one morning with a few referral bonuses in your account. What a start to the day! If you have a sizeable following on social media, and if it’s not a conflict of interest in any way, this might be a good idea for you, too.

4. Direct Deposit Bonuses

Cash App is quick to mention that it’s not a bank, but it obviously wants its users to treat it like one. As such, you can get direct deposits into your Cash App account from your employers, customers, or anyone else. When you reach $300 or more (per month) as direct deposits into your Cash App account, you will receive a $100 discount on a future purchase.

In some cases, Cash App even gives you $150, but the company is a bit unclear on why and when that would happen. Still, a $100 discount on any purchase is significant!

The only way to activate direct deposits is to get a Cash Card. That’s because it turns your Cash App account into a bank account. Sutton Bank issues the Cash Card, and Lincoln Savings Bank handles the direct deposits.

To get your Cash Card and enable direct deposits, open the app and go to the Cash Card tab. Tap on “Get Cash Card,” then follow the steps to complete the process.

After this, you should be able to go into the Money tab to get your account and routing number for direct payments. You can also tap on the “Get Direct Deposit Form” option to complete a form instructing your employer to deposit a certain amount into your Cash App account on a regular basis.

As soon as you’ve reached $300 of direct deposits in your account, you will get a notification that you will get a $100 or $150 discount on your next purchase using the Cash Card.

cash card

5. ATM Fee Reimbursements

ATM withdrawals can cost quite a lot of money, even with Cash App’s Cash Card. However, Cash App offers up to three reimbursements of ATM fees if you have a Cash Card and at least $300 per month in direct deposits. This may not be a fortune, and nothing like the rewards you get for referring people, but it’s still some extra money in your pocket at the end of the month.

6. Cash App Boosts

Cash App Boosts aren’t direct cash payouts, but any money that you would have spent but don’t is free money, after all.

Cash App Boosts are a way for Cash App to partner with companies to reward its users. If you have a Cash Card, you can go into Cash App, tap on Cash Card, then select “Add Boost.” Read up about the different boosts to see what you have to do to qualify. Some of them are only valid for a limited time or when you purchase certain products.

Once you’ve decided, you can activate the boost and get the discount you requested when paying with your Cash Card. It’s like getting money back in your pocket.

7. Follow Cash App On Social Media

Cash App frequently offers opportunities to earn extra cash and rewards by completing certain tasks. Some are in the form of competitions or draws, where you can enter by commenting on or sharing a post, while others are more complicated.

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However, completing these tasks and including your $cashtag will give you the opportunity to get rewards like discounts and free money paid into your Cash App account.

8. Invest In Stocks

One of the great benefits of Cash App is that you can invest in stocks. Note that these are standard investments, so you have to know what you’re doing in order to get a decent profit, but Cash App also comes with a free book (at the bottom of the Investment screen) that teaches you the basics.

You really should learn more about stock investments and trading and get advice from an investment specialist before you do this, but it’s possible to earn money every day with careful management of your investment portfolio.

Sending stock from the Cash App main payment pad

9. Bitcoin Trading And Investing

People don’t all look at Bitcoin the same these days. Cryptocurrency is still in its infancy, and they tend to rise to incredible heights just to plummet to unimaginable lows almost instantly, so many people regard them as risky investments.

However, if that’s something you feel up to, you can take the leap to trade in Bitcoin using Cash App. Many people earn small fortunes this way, but you have to know what you’re doing.

Get expert advice before trading since crypto tends to be more unpredictable than stocks. Still, with careful investment and trading, you could end up with plenty of “free” money in your Cash App account.

send money from cash app

10. Sell Products And Goods

We can argue about if this is free money or not, but it is arguably the most guaranteed way to get money in your Cash App account.

If you have any products you can sell, or if you can partner with someone who does, you can get your customers to pay money directly into your Cash App account. But what if they don’t have Cash App? Give them your referral code and earn an additional $30 from the sale while they “save” $5 on the transaction.

11. Render Services

Maybe you don’t have physical products you can sell, but we all have skills that we can turn into lucrative services that others may need. Combine this with Cash App, and you will frequently get money in your account. As with selling products, you can even get a $30 bonus if you refer customers who don’t have Cash App.

12. Distribute Your QR Code

Have you ever noticed how many people simply can’t resist scanning a QR code when they see one? Random QR codes printed on signs or posted in car windows can get you Rickrolled as often as not, but people still fall for it time and time again. You can use that to your advantage!

In Cash App, go to the same screen where you can get your referral code. There’s an option to generate a unique QR code as well, and if people scan the QR code, it will take them to the screen where they can send you money on Cash App.

Some people print these QR codes out with little or no explanation or perhaps a funny statement. Others post the code randomly on social media. Either way, it’s strange to see how often people will scan the QR code and randomly decide to send you free money.

It might seem like it’s too good to be true, but it seems some people have too much money for their own good. If you’re really in need, you can always explain your need along with the QR code.

QR code

13. Simply Ask

This might seem like a ridiculous option to some people, but if you’re really in dire need of some extra money, have you ever thought of just asking someone to send you some? Contact some of your close friends or some family members. There’s a good chance that some of them will be willing to send a few dollars to your Cash App for free.

And if they don’t have Cash App, you can add an extra $30 to that.

14. Cash App Borrow

This is technically not free money as you have to pay it back, but if you need money urgently and none of your friends or family can help, you can always use Cash App Borrow, a short-term loan option built into Cash App. You have up to four weeks to pay it back at a flat fee of 5%.

You might not see Cash App Borrow in your app immediately. Cash App needs to build up a record of your earning and spending habits. But if you’ve been using Cash App responsibly for a few months, you should see the option on the home screen of your app.

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Free Cash App Money Doesn’t Have To Involve Scams

There are plenty of scams that promise free Cash App money. You can find them all over Google and YouTube. Most of them involve downloading a “modified” version of Cash App (like the infamous “Cash App ++”) or another app that “links with Cash App.” Most of these scams steal your Cash App login details or load malware onto your device.

The important point is to always confirm that you are using the real Cash App, downloaded from the true Apple or Google app store installed on your phone.

But there are legit ways to get free money through Cash App, either through the built-in referral systems and bonus rewards or some creative advertising on your side. There are enough authentic ways to get paid; you don’t have to fall for any scams. If anyone promises you rewards that seem too good to be true, don’t trust them.

Cash App Advantages And Disadvantages

Cash App has many advantages, but it also has some disadvantages.


  • It’s easy to make and receive payments using only your smartphone.
  • You can easily buy and sell Bitcoin.
  • It allows you to do stock trading and investing.
  • You can send and receive money with no bank fees.
  • Many bonuses and rewards make it easy to get some extra money and discounts.
  • It has a competitive fee structure and offers rebates for ATM withdrawals.


  • Your transaction limits are quite low, especially in the beginning.
  • There’s no FDIC insurance on the Cash Card.
  • It’s only available and usable in the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • There are many scams, and they are easy to fall for because of how simple and easy-to-use Cash App is.
  • Cash App’s support is quite slow to respond to queries. When something goes wrong, you want to be able to get help as quickly as possible, but that’s difficult to do with Cash App.

Other People’s Reviews About Getting Free Money On Cash App

The real test of how great an app is lies in how people experience it, and there are many reviews (both positive and negative, though the negatives are often so obviously bots that it’s painful to look at). However, when it comes to the free bonuses, everybody seems to be impressed.

Kelvin Watson says on Trustpilot that their experience with Cash App is so great that the referral bonuses are just the cherry on top.

Jason on GetApp says that referral bonuses are some of the greatest things about Cash App, and free money is always a good thing.

One Reddit user mentioned how happy they were when they discovered the unexpected bonus they received after activating their Cash Card and direct deposits.

Overall, nobody’s complaining about the free money they get for using Cash App.


Is Cash App Safe?

Cash App is a safe and secure platform for making and receiving payments. As with any banking platform, it’s important to keep your login details private and not use them on any unauthentic Cash App platform, so safety is in your hands.

You should also take care because there are many scams, and if you make a payment to the wrong person, you can’t get a refund from Cash App.

Is Cash App Legit?

Cash App is completely legit. The company partners with major banks and other financial institutions that would not partner with a scam company. You have to take care of how you use it, and there are some customer service complaints, but Cash App is a legit business.

Do Cash App Rewards Work?

Cash App’s rewards work. But because there are so many scams out there, you should take care not to believe every claim you see. Only trust the rewards that are mentioned on Cash App’s website or verified social media accounts.

Are Cash App Rewards Paid In Real Money?

Some of the rewards are paid in real money. The referral bonuses are paid in cash into your Cash App account. Others, like the Boosts or the Direct Deposit bonus, offer discounts rather than cash.

Wrap Up

Cash App is a great platform that has seen many people move from competitors like Venmo and PayPal. Part of that move is due to Cash App’s dynamic rewards system. It’s quite easy to get plenty of free money by referring Cash App to others, but you can also save plenty of money simply by using the platform wisely.


how to get free money on cash app


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