chantel jeffries net worth

Chantel Jeffries Net Worth: Income Source, Personal Life, And Properties

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Chantel Jeffries started as a YouTuber, which led to a successful modeling and DJ career. She was born in California in 1992 and made headlines when Justin Bieber was pulled over for speeding with her in the passenger seat. Chantel gets much attention from social media, especially with the many celebrities she has dated in the past decade.

American model, DJ, and YouTube personality Chantel Jeffries have a net worth between $1 million and $4 million. Ceejay, The DJ, as Chantel is famously known, has four singles, and her first “Wait” reached the number 10 spot on the Dance/Electronic Digital Song Sales chart.

Social media has exploded recently, and Chantel uses the opportunity to expand her following and wealth. Various large brands and companies use her as a model, but she also has her product line. Her first love is music, and she performs worldwide, bringing joy to her millions of fans.

chantel jeffries net worth

Chantel Jeffries’s Net Worth

Chantel Jeffries is a young American music producer and DJ who became famous as one of Justin Bieber’s friends, whom many thought at some point was his girlfriend. Her active dating life and a famous friend have placed her in the limelight, and many fans buzz over her love life.

Chantel has a large social media following that provides her the opportunity to excel and advance her career.

She earns an estimated $100,000 annually from her music production and DJ career, but her YouTube channel, modeling agency, and commercials add to her monthly income. Chantel entertains over a million fans with beauty tips on her YouTube channel.

There are some debates as to what Chantel Jeffries’s net worth is, and most sources estimate it to be more than $1 million, with some placing it as high as $4 million. She has proven to be fierce and a powerhouse within the social media industry and intends to grow her career and fortune.

Chantel Jeffries’ Bio

Famous model, DJ, songwriter, and YouTube personality Chantel Taleen Jeffries was born in California on 30 September 1992. She lives in the spotlight, and her dating history with Celebrities, famous musicians, and movie stars has made her famous on YouTube and social media. Life is good for the young model who was an Army Bratt in her younger days.

Early Life And Education

Chantel Jeffries, born on 30 September 1992, is the oldest of three children. Her father, Edward Jeffries, is African American, and her mother, Kathleen, is White American. She was born in Coronado, California, where her father was a colonel in the Marine Corps. As a military training officer, Chantel’s father often moved the family to a different state.

Chantel, her brother, and younger sister spent most of their youth in Jacksonville, North Carolina, and she graduated high school at Massaponax in Virginia. After high school, Chantel studied Fine Arts and Communication Arts at Florida International University.

Music Career

Chantel Jeffries struggled with thick eyebrows and, from a young age, found innovative ways to improve her appearance. She started posting beauty tip videos on YouTube and quickly found a large following that led to her success.

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According to various sources, her career and fame leaped in 2014 after being found in the passenger seat with famous singer Justin Bieber in his Lamborghini. Justin was pulled over for speeding, and the media spread the news of him and Chantel possibly being a couple.

She started dating various celebrities, and all the fame and attention finally led to her large following and first music hit.

Chantel released “Wait” as her first single in early 2018, and after great success, she released her second hit, “Both Sides,” and later that same year, a third hit called “Better.” She was on a roll, and in 2019 she released her fourth single called “Facts.”

How Did Chantel Jeffries Make Her Wealth?

Chantel Jeffries has various sources of revenue, and as a renowned influencer, model, and businesswoman, she flourishes in the media and social industry.

Chantel has millions of social media followers, making her an ideal candidate to sponsor, and many big companies take advantage of her large following. Her love for music is one of her biggest incomes, and she capitalizes on her gift as a DJ. Much of her income is generated through ads on her YouTube channel.

Chantel Jeffries YouTube Channel

YouTuber Chantel Jeffries has over a million subscribers that follow her every move and love all her ideas, stories, and videos. Her YouTube content varies; she provides anything from tips on your hair and eyebrows to interviews with her celebrity friends.

Chantel’s fanbase is a good source for companies to advertise their products and pay her handsomely to place an ad on her YouTube channel.

Ceejay The Dj

Chantel Jeffries travels around the globe as a DJ and uses her widespread curiosity and knowledge of different music genres like Dancehall and Euro-house to create a unique tone.

She creates her music and has had great success with hits like “Wait,” which reached nr10 on Dance/Electronic Digital Song Sales chart. DJ Chantel Jeffries’ music contributes largely to her wealth.

Modeling Career

Chantel Jeffries has beauty and a body that turns everyone’s head, and with millions of followers, she is one of the top choices for big companies to use as a model. Big names like Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS collection use Jeffries as a model and have shown great success.

Other brands like Rihanna’s Fenty line, Fashion Nova, and PrettyLittleThing love using Chantel as a model.

Her modeling career constantly keeps her in the limelight, which is good for business. She earns a lot from modeling, and the exposure boosts sales of her products and keeps her fans wanting more.

Investments And Business Opportunities

Jeffries has a good eye for new business opportunities and knows a good deal when she sees one. She has invested in a beauty brand called “Curology,” the gaming company ” Super Gaming” and various other startups. Many of her investments show great promise and prove a good return on investment.

Chantel Jeffries Product Lines

Chantel Jeffries is known for her beautiful eyebrows and has an eyebrow beauty brand called ChantelleXO. Her eyebrow grooming products include powder, pencils, and brushes for light and dark brows. She also owns Jeffries X Revolve sunglasses sold on her website and generates a large income that adds to her wealth.

Real Estate Properties

Jeffries has a large net worth, and at a young age, she has shown that she knows how to spend it wisely. Not only does she invest in startups and her business ventures, but she also knows the value of owning property. She has invested in real estate and owns Miami and Los Angeles properties.

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Facts About Chantel Jeffries You May Not Know

Chantel Jeffries did not come from generational wealth and had to climb the ladder to success on her own. Here are some facts about the famous YouTuber and model you may not know:

  • She grew up in a military home, and her father’s work meant the family often moved to a different state. Chantel lived in seven different states growing up, making it hard to make friends.
  • She has a busy work schedule but always makes time for her two beloved Bengal cats, Marley and Oliver.
  • She loves cooking, and when she gets the time, you will find her in the kitchen whipping up her favorite dish Tajine.
  • She is a skincare fanatic, and her obsession with beautiful skin is one of the things that led to her eyebrow beauty line. Chantel says that if it were not for her career shifting into modeling and music, she would have become a dermatologist.
  • She is a big fan of the Tv show “Through the Worm Hole” and its host, actor Morgan Freeman. Jeffries also draws a lot of inspiration from Jennifer Lawrence.
  • She is a true beauty, although she had some facial plastic surgery done.
chantel jeffries net worth

Chantel Jeffries’ Personal Life in 2023

Famous model and influencer Chantel Jeffries has had her share of relationships over the last decade, and her personal life is a big attraction for her millions of fans. Avoiding gossip and newspapers when your relationships include musicians, celebrities, and actors are difficult.

Chantel has had her share of personal issues, but it has made her as famous as her boyfriends and, in some cases, even more.

Chantel’s Boyfriend

Regarding relationships, Chantel has quit the experience over the past few years. In 2011, she dated Justin Combs until 2012, whereafter she had a short relationship with DeSean Jackson until 2013. She also dated Travis Scott in 2015, although there were rumors that she had a brief relationship with Justin Bieber in 2014.

In 2016 Chantel had a relationship with Jordan Clarkson and Kyrie Irving, whereafter she met Logan Paul. Paul and Chantel shared a love for cryptocurrencies. In November 2017, there was some interaction between the two concerning a Bitcoin investment that drew fans’ attention.

After Paul and Chantel’s relationship ended, she dated Colson Baker in 2019, Diplo in 2020, and Andrew Taggart in 2020 – 2021.

At the time of this article, in 2023, Chantel seemed to prefer the single life, but fans are hopeful that she will find prince charming and set social media buzzing again.

Chantel’s Family Background

Chantel Jeffries is the eldest daughter of African American father, Colonel Edward Jeffries, and a white-American mother, Kathleen Jeffries. Chantel grew up in a military home with her sister Selah and younger brother Joshua, experiencing the army brat life firsthand. Her father was a veteran in the Marine Corps, and the family constantly moved from one state to the next.

Chantel attended middle school in Jacksonville; after the family moved to Virginia, she attended Massaponax High School until graduation. She studied fine arts and communication arts at Florida International University, where it is rumored that she graduated with a GPA of 4.0.

Chantel’s Personal Issues

Being in relationships with celebrities, actors, and musicians makes it hard to avoid the public eye, and Chantel has had her share of misfortunes and interactions with the law.

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When she was 21, she got arrested for a misdemeanor assault. According to records, she stabbed a woman with a knife in her left forearm during an altercation. The woman did not pursue further legal charges, and Chantel settled the costs after the case was dropped.

Chantel makes it no secret that she loves speed and got the cuffs slapped on after she was caught speeding. The Daily Mail reported that law enforcement officers arrested her after she far exceeded the 70mph speed limit.

Chantel Jeffries’ Properties

Jeffries is a self-made millionaire that got her wealth as a DJ, model, and YouTube personality. Shelives a lavish lifestyle but invests much of her wealth in properties. Chantel is the owner of a luxurious apartment in LA, California. The beautiful property in Hollywood Hills is a great example of her taste in luxurious real estate and is one of two properties she owns.

She loves to share her achievements, especially with her YouTube fans, and one of her videos shows her recently bought home that is rumored to be about $600,000. The “NEW HOUSE ALERT” video shows the property she bought, and she takes you through the house to show its glamour and her decorating ideas.

Lesson To Learn From Chantel Jeffries’ Life

Being your authentic self is something Chantel Jeffries knows well, and she strives to show all her adoring fans and others not so adoring that she always stays true to herself. In a Euphoria article, she reveals a little of who she is and says:

“I never feel like I need to change for somebody else, but I have this thing with trying to become the best version of myself. I also feel like I should be real and someone who others can relate to and know that I’m not perfect because none of us are, so I never want to hide my flaws and make people feel like I’m an unattainable version of a human.

If anything, it’s just me being my real, authentic self. It’s the only way I want to be and share things about myself that are my or were my insecurities at one point. I’ve become good at accepting them.”

Chantel is a great example of someone who constantly wants to improve but never at the cost of losing herself. Striving to be a better person is high on her daily list, and she says: 

“My motto in life is just to always put in the effort, be a good person and let life take you where it wants to. That’s something I’ll continue to live by, as well as staying true to myself and continuing to work on becoming a better person. That’s always been my goal, to be a better version of myself.

Being someone who is motivated, disciplined, fair and balanced… Just a better version of what I’ve always been.”

Wrap Up

Chantel Jeffries is a model, DJ, and YouTube sensation with a net worth between $1 million and $4 million. She is renowned for her single “Wait,” which debuted in early 2018, and her relationships with actors, famous musicians, and celebrities. She has 1.5 million followers on YouTube and earns most of her money through her businesses and DJ performances.


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