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14 Simple Steps How to Get Paid To Watch Netflix In 2023

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Let’s face it, the mere prospect of binge-watching an entire Netflix series is one of life’s greatest (indulgent) pleasures – until the guilt of doing absolutely nothing sets in. But what if you could turn your “guilty pleasure” into a lucrative side hustle, and get paid to watch Netflix?

Even though turning your favorite pastime into a lucrative part-time activity may sound straightforward, it can sometimes feel like a waste of time and hardly worth the effort.

If you want to know your best options, including reviews from Netflix viewers who have used these awesome side hustles, read on!

Step-by-Step Guide to Get Paid To Watch Netflix

With so many ways to make money from watching your favorite Netflix shows and movies, distinguishing scams from legit companies is often challenging. Mainly because many of these money-making apps are frustrating, and let’s be honest, dodgy.

With that said, here are some simple steps to hustle like a boss and make a steady part-time income doing what you love most, kicking back and watching a binge-worthy show.

Become A Netflix Tagger

Becoming a Netflix tagger, or a metadata analyst is one of the most sought-after jobs as watching Netflix for a living and earning thick wads of cash is a dream job for most folks.

Unlike other side hustles, taggers work directly for Netflix to classify movies and shows with descriptive tags.

These tags are essential for Netflix viewers as they provide the following critical information regarding all their programs:

  • Language
  • Genre
  • Level of violence
  • Age restriction
  • Cast list and crew.

But the best part is that most Netflix tagging jobs are predominantly part-time jobs, so it’s a great way to supplement your income.

It is essential to note though that Netflix only selects suitably qualified candidates. So, you would need a library or data science qualification and experience in a relevant field.

And it is a fiercely competitive field, so bookmark the Netflix website jobs page, and keep an eye out for any tagger vacancies that may arise.

Download The Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel App

The Nielsen Group is a leading television data ratings company that pays $50 yearly for watching Netflix and other shows.

All you must do is install the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel app on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. And you will be compensated by letting the company track your viewing data.

And to sweeten the deal, you will automatically stand a chance to win $10,000 in the Nielsen Groups’ monthly sweepstakes draw.

While it is true that using this app is an indirect way of making some extra money for watching Netflix, it can quickly add up, mainly if you use other side hustles to supplement your income.

Join Swagbucks

Signing up with Swagbucks is yet another excellent way to make some extra cash for sitting back in the comfort of your home watching Netflix.

The great thing about using Swagbucks is that they don’t have any joining fees. All you need to do is open a user account, watch a bunch of videos, and exchange your points for PayPal funds or gift cards.

And you can earn some extra cash by playing games, completing other surveys, or even online shopping.

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If you are a regular TV watcher, you will quickly start racking up an impressive amount of Swagbucks. Unlike some other dubious survey companies, they have built an excellent reputation.

Start Your Own Netflix Reviews YouTube Channel 

If you feel comfortable being in the spotlight and love “chilling with Netflix,” embrace your entrepreneurial spirit by starting your very own Netflix new releases YouTube channel.

With titles like “Ten Must-See Netflix Shows In 2023”, or “the Best Netflix 2023 Romcoms,” you can quickly build a steady following by providing helpful, valued reviews.

And if you have enough subscribers, advertisers will start clambering to be on your site so you can start earning revenue by hosting commercials on your channel over time.

Even though starting your YouTube channel is not the quickest way to earn money through Netflix reviews, it can provide a steady income. And who knows – it could lead to more incredible things!

Get Paid To Watch Netflix With InboxDollars

If you want a quicker way to get paid to watch Netflix sign up with InboxDollars.

Like Swagbucks, you can open an account with InboxDollars for free and instantly start making cash by watching Netflix shows and movie previews.

You only need to download the InboxDollars app and earn extra cash by watching ads, completing surveys, and playing games.

Once you have earned at least $30, the funds are paid into a PayPal account. The best part of using an app like InboxDollars is that, unlike work, it is not tied to any deadlines and is something you can do as a fun side hustle.

Host Live Netflix Podcasts

Let’s face it, podcasts are incredibly trendy, so why not host live podcasts where you discuss current Netflix shows, and movies and give your audience a chance to also voice their opinions?

Once the podcast starts gaining traction, you can invite celebrities like Netflix actors to promote their shows or entertain guests who are as passionate as you are.

With a substantive number of subscribers, you can earn revenue through ad revenue and sponsorship agreements.

While you will not initially generate a lot of money by hosting Netflix related podcasts, it can be highly lucrative in the long term.

Participate In A Netflix Survey Panel

With over 2 million users, well-established market research companies like  Opinion Outpost will pay you to provide your input on current Netflix programs, TV shows, and so much more.

There are various other ways to make money by signing up for free with Opinion Outpost.

Once you have signed up, you will be invited to join bespoke survey panels on various topics that are aligned with your interests, and lifestyle.

While the surveys are time-consuming and range between 10-50 minutes on average, you can make up to $5 per completed survey and earn a few dollars for each friend referral.

Unlike some other market research companies, Opinion Outpost may also reward you if you are screened out, or disqualified on any given survey, as you will automatically be added to their quarterly $10,000 competition draw.

And you can redeem your accumulated Opinion Outpost survey points with Amazon gift cards or a PayPal cash amount. So, it’s a relatively easy way to get paid to watch Netflix shows.

Review Netflix Shows On The Slice The Pie App

Another great option is downloading the Slice the Pie app and signing up by creating an account with your username and password.

Navigate to the Slice the Pie homepage, select the Netflix movies, and shows you love, and anything else that piques your interest then kick back and relax, or enjoy listening to your favorite tracks.

In stark contrast to the previously mentioned companies who require completed surveys, you only need to leave high-quality reviews about the movies, shows, and commercials you have watched, including fashion trends and musical artists.

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But the best part of writing reviews on Slice the Pie is that you get paid whenever someone clicks on your great comments. And, once your account balance reaches $10 you can redeem the funds via PayPal.

While apps like Slice the Pie will only make you a little cash, it’s a fun, easy, and effortless way to make some extra money by doing what you love most. Besides, we could all use some extra bucks!

Apply For The EduBirdie Smart Watchers Program

EduBirdie is a renowned academic online platform that predominantly specializes in providing essay writing skills.

Although they rarely launch, they’re a highly sought after Smart Watcher’s program that provides successful applicants with a free 1 Month of Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video subscription, including a potential reward of up to $1000.

Smart Watcher participants must view at least three Netflix shows, and certain movies, then complete the EduBirdie questionnaires.

And considering the stellar lineup of 2021 shows like The Witcher, Ozark, and Stranger Things, participating in this rewards program is a fun way to pass your time and get handsomely compensated for your efforts!

So, if that fun prospect sounds appealing – bookmark the EduBirdie website and watch it like a Hawke to spot their next hiring campaign as it is a lucrative side hustle.

Download Media Rewards

Media Rewards is another great option to make hassle-free cash while watching Netflix, TV content, and YouTube shows, or even just listening to the radio.

Like some previously mentioned marketing analysts, this company provides information for advertisers to finetune their marketing campaigns.

So, just sign up, and install the Media Rewards app, and complete surveys occasionally. It’s that simple.

You will be compensated for your efforts with cash payments and gift cards. The company has pledged to protect your privacy as the app does not record or store audio files.

Even though your daily rewards will not be enough to retire, you will stand a chance of winning up to $1000 as a signed-up member.

Other Ways to Get Paid While Watching Netflix

Believe it or not, there are numerous other easy ways to get paid while watching Netflix, especially if you are looking for smart and efficient methods to boost your income. So, without any further ado, here are some great worthy contenders.

Start a Netflix Movie Review Blog

There is nothing worse than spending countless hours looking for great shows to watch, without finding anything that ticks all the boxes, and let’s face it – who’s got time for that!

Therefore, consider writing helpful blogs about Netflix shows and movies by providing reasons why they are worth watching.

Writing blogs is a great side hustle, particularly if you have always loved writing, and watching Netflix.

Besides helping other Netflix viewers, your blogs can generate extra income by hosting ads and sponsored brand content, so it has the potential to become a lucrative hobby.

Consider writing helpful listicles or other articles with titles like: 

  • “The Top 10 Baking Shows on Netflix”
  • “Ten Spine Chilling Netflix Thrillers”

If launching your own site is not your thing, consider reaching a wider audience by partnering with other recognized websites that are looking for writers.

There are numerous sites that are consistently looking for great writers. You can look for opportunities by searching online for “movie review writers”.

Alternatively, consider writing Netflix movies, and show reviews for any of the following reputable sites:

Other excellent sites like ProBlogger and Upwork regularly have job postings for movie review writers. Alternatively, you can offer your writing skills on Fiverr and attract clients that way.

Use Viggle To Track Your Netflix Sessions

Another super easy way to generate an extra income is with Viggle. This outstanding app awards you with a point for every minute you binge-watch your favorite Netflix shows.

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Viggle is a market research tool that provides valuable viewership data for brands and TV networks to create content that their audiences will like.

By installing the Viggle app, you are improving Netflix content and making some extra money – what’s not to love! And you can redeem your points for gift cards and other rewards.

It is essential to first log in to Viggle and then watch your Netflix show. Then, you will receive a notification that you are being awarded points. And you can earn extra points by watching additional content.

While Watching Netflix, You Can Run Ads

Even though Kashkick is technically not a money earner when you are watching Netflix, you can still use it to make extra money, in addition to all the previously mentioned methods.

It allows you to make some extra cash by playing video clips or commercials while watching your favorite shows.

Kashkick is a new site that rewards you for watching commercials, video clips, and even on mute when you are binge-watching a Netflix series. Alternatively, you can earn more by downloading certain apps and games.

All you need to do to earn extra rewards is to sign up on the Kashkick website (they don’t have an app), and once you have a minimum balance of $10, you can redeem the cash in a PayPal account.

The beauty of using the likes of Kashkick is that earning extra cash takes little effort, so it’s a great way to make extra money, primarily if you use it in combination with all the previously mentioned apps.

Get a Side Hustle Closed Captioning Netflix Movies And Shows

Even though Netflix does not directly hire writers to do closed captioning for their movies or shows, there are several companies that outsource captioning services to Netflix.

There is a wide array of part-time and full-time transcription jobs for television shows, movies, and documentaries to choose from.

Apart from Netflix, there are also numerous other content providers to work for, so you can earn a decent living or additional income from providing this niche service.

Transcribed Netflix programs also make it possible for deaf and hard of hearing viewers to watch their favorite Netflix shows.

While this job can be lucrative, it’s also highly rewarding as you will pay it forward by helping others.

Other People’s Review

Here are some helpful comments from Netflix viewers who are currently using some of the previously mentioned ways to get paid while watching Netflix. You can figure out which side hustle is worth perusing based on their honest feedback.

Online Reviews From Paid Netflix Viewers

It’s no surprise that the following Netflix Tagger provided such a glowing online review. Mainly because they are typically paid between $50,000 to $70,000 per year.

However, Netflix Tagger vacancies are incredibly rare. It is not the easiest way to generate extra funds in your spare time. Using some of the previously mentioned methods will be far more manageable.

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Swagbucks might be a good option, mainly because there are several excellent reviews on Trustpilot, most notably the following commentator, who has been a loyal member since 2015.

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Wrap Up

“Time is money”, so knowing that it is possible to get paid to watch Netflix in 2023, is one less thing to worry about, particularly if you have a long to-do list.

And even though it is true that all the previously mentioned side hustles will generate little money, the fact that you sit back and watch an entire Netflix series – from start to finish and make some money in the process – is simply fabulous!


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