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Appen Reviews – Is It Legit Or Just A Big Scam?

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If you’ve been stuck with a few extra bills to pay or have been looking for a couple of work-from-home job opportunities, you’ve probably come across Appen. It’s one of the first results you’ll likely see when searching job sites or LinkedIn for work-from-home opportunities.

And while their ads promise flexibility and numerous opportunities, you may wonder if Appen is legit or just a big scam.

Appen is not a scam but a legitimate company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Many people who have worked for Appen claim that it’s not an actual company, and this is possibly due to numerous phishing scams run by people pretending to be employees of Appen.

Appen advertises many different types of jobs where you can work from home. At first glance, it seems legitimate to earn some extra income. But when delving deeper into this company, there are mixed reviews and unanswered questions.

As a result, many people avoid using them since they don’t want to risk being scammed, even if it is a legitimate way to make money.

Is Appen A Scam?

Appen Reviews

Simply put, Appen is a legitimate company and not technically a scam. This being said, not all registered companies operate with good business practices, and this can make them seem untrustworthy.

There have been many mixed reviews on the legitimacy of this company. Many who have worked with them have complained about a lack of communication, tedious tasks for minimal pay, and difficulty in acquiring tasks. Some even reported not getting paid for completed tasks.

There are a few phishing scams going around. People pretend to work for Appen and approach job seekers offering them large sums of money and free devices like cell phones and laptops. But they’re only out to get your personal information.

So, if you apply to join, just be wary about sharing your personal information and verify that it’s actually Appen that you are in contact with. The best way to determine if Appen has contacted you is to verify their email address which will have in it. You can also read more about scams on their website.

What Is Appen?

Appen Reviews

Appen is a data-sourcing company that hires people to complete various tasks to help machine-learning programs act and think more human.

Most tasks they offer are AI training or evaluation-based tasks required from search engines and social media platforms.

Many of their clients are well-known and leaders in technological innovation. Some of these include Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Appen is globally recognized and has offices in Australia, the United Kingdom, the U.S., and the Philippines. This publicly traded company has physical employees and over a million independent contractors.

How Does Appen Work?

appen reviews

Appen collects data in the form of images, text, audio, and video and uses this to improve artificial intelligence systems. You can pick the projects you want to apply for, work when you want, and choose how much you want to work.

They hire people from all over the world to work on mainly survey-type projects that last anywhere from less than an hour to longer projects that last a few months or more. They describe their ideal candidates as reliant, self-motivated, and internet savvy.

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Once you pick your projects with Appen, your application will be reviewed. f you’re selected, you complete the task and then get paid. It’s a simple platform that is relatively easy to use, even if you’re not tech-savvy.

Working With Appen

Working with Appen provides many tasks for those looking for online or work-from-home opportunities. Those who succeed and can find projects offer excellent proposals when applying for projects and take the initiative to apply for numerous projects to help increase their chances of qualifying.

To start looking for work on Appen, you can sign up for an account and complete the registration form. You may be asked to complete an exam to qualify for some projects. Once you’ve completed the registration and the exam, you’ll be able to access projects.

You can browse projects and apply for projects where you meet the application requirements. Each project will come with a project brief that outlines what you’ll need to do for the project, and you may have to motivate why you qualify for a project.

Appen connect is the platform contractors will use to manage their projects. Tasks are completed on web platforms. The projects and hours you work are recorded and then invoiced.

Payment is made monthly to your PayPal or Payoneer account. Appen also has a mobile app that you can also use to look for new projects.

Appen Work At Home Jobs

Appen has a range of jobs for independent contractors, usually categorized into three groups. These jobs are open to anyone worldwide, and some require very minimal qualifications.

  1. Language jobs. There are many linguistics and language jobs available for professionals in this field. This varies from long to short-term projects and often includes transcription tasks as well.
  2. Micro tasks. Micro tasks are small tasks that are simple and don’t take too long to complete. These tasks may include content moderation, transcription, and social media evaluation.
  3. Internet analyst jobs. Internet analyst jobs include social media evaluators and search engine evaluators. These are some of the most well-paid jobs on Appen.

Some of the more specific jobs that may be available include the following:

  • Sensor data annotation
  • Image and transcription annotation
  • Video tasks
  • Speech evaluation
  • Linguistic tasks
  • Translation projects
  • Transcription projects
  • Search media evaluation
  • Social media evaluation

Minimum Qualifications Needed

To work for Appen, there aren’t many qualifications needed providing you apply for projects where you meet the basic requirements.

They have a list of general requirements, including being 18 years of age to apply, web research skills, excellent written communication skills, a computer with the chrome browser installed, and high-speed internet.

For more technical projects, they may request that only qualified professionals in that field should apply, but for most projects or tasks, anyone can apply.

Work Schedule For Appen Projects

Your work schedule will vary greatly when you work for Appen. Some projects are long-term and require 1-3 hours per day.

Other jobs are short-term. Depending on how many projects you are working on per week, you may only need to work an hour or two during the week.

The main takeaway is that Appen projects fit your schedule because you choose the tasks you want to work on and determine how long you need to work on them daily.

Some jobs require you to work a specific number of hours per week. A social media evaluator, for example, will work an hour a day weekly, while a search engine evaluator will work roughly 20 hours per week. It doesn’t matter what time you work as long as the required hours of work are met.

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How Much Does Appen Pay?

Appen projects usually pay per hour. Most tasks pay between $14 per hour, while other projects can pay up to $30 per hour.

According to Indeed, Appen salaries range from $14,500 per year for independent contractors with an estimated hourly rate of $7.25 for an App Tester to $26.16 per hour for a project supervisor.

As you can see from these stats and the screenshot below, the hourly rate varies significantly, so it’s best to review a project first and how much it will pay before deciding to participate.

Appen Pros And Cons

appen reviews

No review is complete without evaluating the pros and cons. While Appen legitimately offers work-from-home opportunities, they are also known for minimal pay. The work can be inconsistent, so it’s not an ideal side hustle for those looking for a regular additional income stream.

The Pros Of Working For Appen

The most significant advantage of working for Appen is the flexibility and work-from-home opportunities. Some of the other pros of working for them include the following:

  • You can choose the projects you want to work on
  • Deciding your working hours
  • Variety of projects available
  • Easy signup process
  • Those who have no qualifications can work for Appen

The Cons Of Working For Appen

Working for Appen isn’t for everyone and has a few limitations, as well as numerous complaints from those who have worked for them. Some of the biggest cons include the following:

  • Inconsistent projects
  • Low pay
  • Issues with getting paid
  • Lack of communication on projects
  • Some projects may require you to complete an exam
  • The mobile app needs lots of improvement and doesn’t always work

Appen Reviews From Other People

appen reviews

There are numerous good and bad reviews about Appen. Some people report that it’s an excellent place to look for work-from-home opportunities, while others say it’s a scam and you should avoid working for this company at all costs.

Some good reviews state that it’s a good way to earn a bit of extra income. Others say it’s a good work-from-home option, and they worked on projects and received payment.

Unfortunately, most people tend to consider bad reviews over good reviews, and there are plenty of bad reviews. On Trustpilot, Appen is rated a 1.4 based on 204 reviews which is pretty alarming and can be discouraging when you’re considering signing up for an account.

Most of the negative reviews are related to problems signing up, refusal to accept people to join projects even after applying to multiple projects, late payments, low payment for tedious tasks, lack of communication from customer support, and a few other complaints.

FAQs About Appen

appen reviews

Now that we’ve covered how Appen works, if it’s a scam or a legitimate company, and how much you can earn, you may still have a few questions before deciding to work for them or not. These questions are covered in the section below and may help you decide if working for Appen is worth it.

What Experience Do You Need To Work For Appen?

Experience is not a requirement to work for Appen. Almost anyone can sign up for an account and start working on projects. The most minimal requirement is that you need to be comfortable using a computer and understand the basic operating systems on a computer.

You also need to be good at researching and navigating the web and have some knowledge and experience with social media. Past work history and experience are always beneficial. Those with qualifications in specific fields may find it easier to get work on Appen.

They also have many projects that require translators, so if you are fluent in more than one language, you have a few more options for choosing projects. If there is a project that requires an advanced skillset, you may be required to present the relevant qualifications to apply.

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Is It Challenging To Work For Appen?

Appen offers micro-tasks, and these are the easiest to complete. Many tasks offered by them are designed to be simple and quick to complete and shouldn’t take longer than an hour or two. However, some projects are more challenging, require analytical research, and require you to process large amounts of information over an extended time frame.

Each project will vary in difficulty, but you can always have a look at a project first before deciding to apply for it. Many people just starting with Appen find their qualification process tedious. Some of the tests can be difficult to understand, but once past this hurdle, you can choose the projects that fit your schedule and how much you want to work.

How Many Countries Is Appen Available?

Appen is available in more than 130 countries and 180 languages. Project availability can vary depending on your location, which can be a significant downside to signing up. Many people across the globe may find it challenging to find enough projects to generate a sufficient second income if they are in a specific location.

Nonetheless, they allow new users to create an account no matter where they are located.

How Many Hours Of Work Can You Get With Appen?

Most people work anywhere from 1-2 hours per week, but this can increase to 10 or 20 hours per week depending on the number of projects you choose and their duration. There may not always be projects available, and this can influence the amount of time you spend on projects.

Appen is not the best company for those looking for a steady income stream. Some months may be better than others, but there is no way to determine the exact amount you’ll earn weekly or monthly. For those looking for stability, choosing to work solely for Appen will not provide income stability. You may need to look for additional income sources.

Is There A Minimum Amount Of Hours You Can Work Per Week?

There are no minimum or maximum hours set by Appen that you are required to work per week. However, many projects stipulate the number of hours you should work per week and generally have a clause stating you cannot exceed those hours.

Most information regarding the number of hours needed to complete the project is listed in the brief. Therefore, you should have a good idea of how much time is required per project.

Should You Apply To Appen As A Freelancer Or Business Owner?

When signing up to join Appen, you can either sign up to operate in your individual capacity or sign up through your business. They accept both, and whichever way you decide to sign up, it will not affect your application process.

Whether you sign up as a freelancer or business owner is based on personal preference. Consider both options, as there could be tax or other financial implications. You must file taxes in your respective country when working for Appen as an independent contractor. They’re not responsible for taxing independent contractors.

Wrap Up

Appen has a database of more than a million independent contractors. Through the years, they have experienced rapid growth, which has not come without challenges. There is earning potential, but those looking to sign up should also consider the negative reviews, especially regarding payments. If these reviews are accurate, it will affect how much you earn when you join Appen.


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