best paying jobs in real estate

30 Best And Highest-Paying Jobs In Real Estate In 2023

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best paying jobs in real estate

The real estate industry is vast. It encompasses developing, managing, owning, and selling physical land and all associated assets. Considering this, it’s clear that earning lots of money within the real estate industry is possible, but deciding which job is best isn’t always easy.

The industry is full of ups and downs and changing trends, affecting your future happiness and earning potential in any job you choose within real estate.

Currently, many aspects of the real estate industry are normalizing, which means they are gradually returning to their pre-Covid status as businesses are opting again for an office-based approach instead of working from home. This is good news and a reason for careful optimism for anyone wanting to find a real estate job, but it carries some essential points to consider.

Let’s look at the 30 best jobs in real estate in 2023.

Best And Highest Paying Jobs In Residential Real Estate

best paying jobs in real estate

1. Real Estate Developer

Real Estate Developer

Real estate developers are always looking for opportunities to develop existing properties, like empty land or old buildings, so they can be more practical and profitable, especially in areas that experience rapid growth.

People who work as real estate developers usually have bachelor’s degrees in a field like business management or engineering. A real estate license is also essential, and networking is crucial to the job.

Developers’ income will depend on many factors, but $77,000 is a safe estimate. That could easily go up to approximately $179,000 per year.

2. Luxury Property Agent

Luxury Property Agent

Luxury properties are priced in the upper 10% of the local market value and have amenities that other properties in the area don’t have. It is always in demand regardless of market conditions. Furthermore, such expensive properties come with sizeable commissions for the agents.

That’s why agents for luxury real estate properties can do very well regardless of the economic climate.

The average annual pay for luxury property agents is around $86,000, and it goes up to approximately $144,000. To become a luxury property agent, you need the same qualifications and licenses as any real estate agent. Still, you should brand yourself with an image of exclusivity and luxury to attract the right clients.

3. Real Estate Attorney

best paying jobs in real estate

Real estate attorneys are always in demand. They are people who attained their law degrees and went through the bar exam process like any other attorneys, but they also have a real estate license.

It is not an easy job, and the workload can be intense, but the earning potential is significant. Real estate attorneys earn an average of $98,000 annually, but it can go up to approximately $143,000.

4. Property Manager for High-End Rentals

best paying jobs in real estate

Property managers play a crucial role in advertising rental properties and acquiring good tenants. But you must focus on high-end rental properties to get the best possible income from the job.

There are no strict qualification requirements to becoming a high-end rental property manager, but you need to have a real estate license of your own or partner with someone who does. You can also complete optional Property Management certifications.

The earnings will depend on many factors, like the value of the properties you manage, but high-end rental property managers can earn around $89,000 per year.

5. Custom Home Builder

best paying jobs in real estate

Homes are also subject to mass production these days, as many people are building their homes using the plans and schematics of other houses to save money. That’s where custom home builders are different – they usually build only one home at a time based on unique customizations and requirements.

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Custom home builders’ earnings are unpredictable since it depends on the area, their expertise, and the specific home they need to build. However, they can earn more than other builders because they build on a per-order basis.

Best & Highest Paying Jobs In Commercial Real Estate

6. Commercial Real Estate Broker

Commercial real estate brokers are the middlemen between sellers and buyers of commercial properties. Despite a slump in demand for commercial property since the pandemic, it is steadily picking up again as more businesses seek commercial properties.

These brokers can earn an average of $91,000 annually in the United States. You don’t need a degree to become one, though it is helpful. However, you must be licensed before you can work as a commercial real estate broker.

7. Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Manager

best paying jobs in real estate

Real Estate Investment Trusts employ REIT managers to manage the trust’s properties and assets and make investment decisions. These managers can earn approximately $100,000 or more per annum, depending on the trust and the properties they are managing.

To become a REIT manager, you will need a bachelor’s degree in a related field (business management, accounting, or something similar) and plenty of experience in management and client relations. Marketing experience is also beneficial.

8. Real Estate Investment Analyst

Real Estate Investment Analyst

Real estate investment analysts use all available data to make predictions about the future of real estate investments, both existing ones and potential new ventures. They fulfill a crucial role in determining if a property will be a good investment or not.

On average, investment analysts earn approximately $72,000 per year, though there can be bonuses and commissions. You will need a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or marketing, a real estate license, and preferably many years of real estate experience.

9. Commercial Property Manager

Commercial Property Manager

Commercial property managers are responsible for marketing commercial properties and identifying high-quality tenants. They negotiate lease agreements with these tenants and ensure that the property is taken care of.

You generally don’t need a bachelor’s degree to become a commercial property manager, though most in the field have such qualifications. A diploma and real estate license will usually be enough, but it could limit your future possibilities and earning potential.

The base salary is approximately $72,000 per year, but it can go as high as $107,000.

10. Corporate Real Estate Manager

Corporate Real Estate Manager

Corporate real estate managers work for large corporations. They aim to ensure that the corporation’s real estate needs are met well into the future and that these assets are appropriately managed.

They can earn approximately $114,000 as a base salary, and there are usually incentives and bonuses as well. You will need a bachelor’s degree, additional real estate management diplomas, and a real estate license to become a corporate real estate manager.

Best And Highest Paying Jobs In Real Estate Finance

11. Real Estate Investment Banker

Real Estate Investment Banker

Investment bankers are responsible for evaluating potential real estate investments to see if they are viable, then making money available to investors to purchase that property.

Real estate investment bankers need an undergraduate degree, preferably in business or finance, then proceed to complete a further qualification, such as an MBA, because they need a keen understanding of business and investment. However, they can earn between $83,000 and $160,000 a year.

12. Real Estate Private Equity Fund Manager

Real Estate Private Equity Fund Manager

Real estate private equity fund managers perform functions similar to those of a CEO, planning and executing strategies for the properties under their control. They are highly qualified individuals with plenty of experience in business, finance, and real estate, and they are proficient at networking.

The earning potential is massive, though. These equity fund managers can earn from $99,000 per year, but it can even go to over a million dollars a year at higher levels.

13. Real Estate Portfolio Manager

Real Estate Portfolio Manager

Real estate portfolio managers manage real estate investments on behalf of their clients, either private or corporate. They have to keep a firm hand on their clients’ investments and ensure that there is sufficient growth while mitigating risks.

They usually have business-related qualifications, such as an MBA, and plenty of experience in the real estate industry. They earn an average annual salary of approximately $101,000.

14. Real Estate Loan Underwriter

Real Estate Loan Underwriter

Real estate loan underwriters (mortgage underwriters) evaluate real estate loan applications to determine the amount of risk involved. They usually work for banks or investment bankers to help mitigate the risks when they loan money to potential real estate investors.

Most underwriters have bachelor’s degrees in finance or business. It’s also a good idea to get an Underwriter’s License, though it’s not a requirement in most states. You can also complete many qualifications that deal specifically with real estate loan underwriting and risk assessment.

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They earn an average of around $70,000 per year, though that goes up to approximately $100,000.

15. Real Estate Asset Manager

Real Estate Asset Manager

Real estate asset managers work to enhance the market value of their client’s real estate investments. They have bachelor’s degrees in business or real estate and many years of experience in the real estate industry with a keen eye for market trends.

They earn an average base salary of approximately $99,000 annually, but the industry is full of incentives, commissions, and bonuses that significantly increase their earning potential.

Best & Highest Paying Jobs In Real Estate Technology

16. Real Estate Data Scientist

Real Estate Data Scientist

Real estate data scientists gather data on market conditions, regional elements, and socio-economic factors that could affect real estate values to identify patterns and help predict the future of real estate investments.

To become a real estate data scientist, you need to have good information technology skills, specifically in Python and machine learning, and you can earn approximately $110,000 per annum.

17. Real Estate Technology Consultant

Real Estate Technology Consultant

Real estate technology consultants specialize in finding ways to create new technology to support all fields within the real estate industry. This usually involves developing systems that cater to a particular real estate need.

They are usually highly qualified in a particular field of information technology, often having computer science degrees and good knowledge of the real estate industry.

Earning potential is massive but unpredictable since most of the real estate technology consultant’s work will be custom and based on client needs.

18. Real Estate Software Engineer

Real Estate Software Engineer

Real estate software engineers usually work side-by-side with technology consultants. The consultant will determine what needs to be done, and the software engineer will create the software required to run the new system.

Software development and coding skills are hard requirements, but understanding the real estate industry is also beneficial. Like the technology consultant, the software engineer’s income will differ widely depending on the scope of a project and their level of expertise.

19. Real Estate Blockchain Developer

Real Estate Blockchain Developer

Blockchain technology is changing the face of real estate at a rapid pace. It can significantly affect the time it takes to buy and sell real estate through instant transactions and tokenization with industry-leading encryption and security in place. This means the demand for blockchain developers is increasing in the real estate industry.

A degree in information technology (or, alternatively, computer science) is a good starting point, but you should also have blockchain experience and software development knowledge. Annual salaries range between $119,000 and $175,000.

20. Real Estate AI Specialist

Real Estate AI Specialist

AI is becoming mainstream in all industries, including real estate. These systems can analyze and process vast amounts of data and make educated predictions and suggestions for investors, buyers, and sellers. That’s why AI specialists are in high demand in real estate.

To become a real estate AI specialist, you should have a data analytics, computer science, or information technology degree. Some schools offer AI-specific courses, so you should also focus on taking some of those. Income can vary from $100,000 to over $200,000 per year.

Best & Highest Paying Jobs In Sustainable Real Estate

21. Green Building Architect

Green Building Architect

Green architects design environmentally friendly buildings and identify sustainable building materials. It’s a field that’s growing in popularity and is becoming increasingly important in the modern world.

Green architects need the same qualifications as other architects but should also have a good understanding of the environment and a bit of added creativity. They earn an average annual salary of approximately $130,000.

22. Green Energy Consultant

Green Energy Consultant

Green energy consultants in the real estate industry monitor the energy consumption of a building, then make recommendations on how the owners of the property can improve their power system using green energy to reduce power bills and be better for the environment.

Different countries and regions have varying qualification requirements for green energy consultants. Many don’t require formal education, though qualifications in electrical engineering are valuable. The most crucial part is experience in the field.

Green energy consultants earn an average of $67,000 annually, though depending on their region and qualifications or experience, it can go much higher.

23. Sustainable Real Estate Consultant

Sustainable Real Estate Consultant

Sustainable real estate consultants examine a company or individual’s current real estate portfolio and guide them in ways to attain a net-zero carbon footprint.

Studying for a degree in sustainable energy is a good idea, and subjects like chemistry, geoscience, or engineering can be beneficial. The other crucial aspect is to get involved with sustainability efforts in some way, either commercially or as a community service project.

These consultants can earn between $65,000 and $80,000 per year.

24. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Specialist


These specialists work with architects and construction engineers to ensure that a building can get its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification.

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Engineering or architectural qualifications are helpful, but you must pass a two-hour exam to prove your proficiency in sustainable building practices to get your LEED accreditation. The average salary for a LEED specialist is around $70,000 per annum.

25. Green Real Estate Appraiser

Green Real Estate Appraiser

Green real estate appraisers determine the value of a property based on its use of green energy and sustainable practices. It’s a new movement in the world of real estate appraisers, and those who qualify can earn considerably more than those who are not.

Apart from relevant real estate qualifications and experience, you must also complete your Certified Green Home Appraiser certification. Salaries vary considerably, but you can earn between $70,000 and $95,000 per annum.

Best & Highest Paying Jobs In Real Estate Marketing & Sales

26. Real Estate Marketing Manager

Real Estate Marketing Manager

Real estate marketing managers are responsible for marketing and placing listings for their company’s real estate portfolio to get tenants or potential buyers, depending on their needs.

A marketing qualification is recommended, but some qualification or experience in real estate is beneficial. These marketing managers can earn between $50,000 and $60,000 per annum.

27. Real Estate Sales Director

Real Estate Sales Director

A real estate sales director takes charge of a company’s real estate sales team. They are responsible for training, educating, and mentoring the sales staff as well as developing effective real estate sales strategies.

You will need at least a four-year degree in business management, sales, or real estate and plenty of real estate sales experience. You can earn approximately $100,000 per annum, but there’s usually a commission structure included to increase your earning potential.

28. Real Estate Branding Specialist

Real Estate Branding Specialist

Real estate branding specialists are similar to business branding specialists, but they design brands that are focused on real estate and properties like office complexes.

A qualification in marketing or design is valuable, but a branding specialist should also know and understand real estate and the area in which they will operate. They can earn an average yearly salary of approximately $75,000.

29. Real Estate Social Media Strategist

Real Estate Social Media Strategist

More and more people are buying and renting properties online, so it’s crucial for any real estate business to have a vibrant social media presence, which requires a social media strategist.

There are no hard qualification requirements for the strategist. Still, a background in marketing will be helpful, along with a passion for social media and content creation, even though the central role of the strategist is to determine the strategy rather than designing the actual posts.

They usually earn between $62,000 and $70,000 per annum.

30. Real Estate Digital Marketing Analyst

Real Estate Digital Marketing Analyst

Digital marketing analysts monitor trends in all kinds of Internet marketing, including social media, search ads, video marketing, and email campaigns. They monitor the success of these efforts in real estate businesses to see if the digital marketing attempts are effective and find ways to adjust them for improvement.

Qualifications aren’t extremely important for digital marketing analysts, but knowledge is. You need a solid understanding of all kinds of digital marketing and market trends in real estate. Annual salaries range between $60,000 and $95,000.

Factors Influencing High-Paying Jobs In Real Estate

Various factors can affect how easily you can find a high-paying job in real estate. Much of it depends on market conditions, which we usually have little power over. Location is also crucial since real estate is more lucrative in certain areas than others.

Your skills and expertise also play a role because the demand for specific skills fluctuates from time to time. For example, people with software development skills are more in demand in the real estate industry than ever before due to the emergence of AI, blockchain, and various other factors.

So, if you keep your skillset in line with emerging trends and technologies, you will ensure you are always employable in real estate.


It should come as no surprise that people with backgrounds in law and accounting tend to earn the most in real estate, especially if they climb the corporate ladder. However, there are nearly unlimited opportunities for anyone who’s willing to invest in continuous learning and adapt to changing market conditions.

There’s no reason not to explore career opportunities in real estate in 2023. The market is improving, and the industry is expanding with so many new fields that almost anyone can find a niche that suits them perfectly.


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